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How to Defend Yourself From Psychic Attacks?

When most people hear "psychic self-defense" they think of exorcisms, banishing, or cleansing. These are done to fix existing problems. However, the goal should be to prevent negative energy and entities from being attracted to you and your possessions. It's easier to deflect negativity than it is to remove it.

Many of the people who have experienced hauntings, angry entities or negative living persons frequently blame themselves. They believe that they being attacked, because they have done something wrong or they are paying back a karma debt. More often than not, this is not the case. The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows. Those who have chosen to be positive influences in life, such as healers, teachers, or life guides are frequently targeted by negativity energies specifically because they do empower others. By attacking and creating doubt in the light bringers, the negative forces give themselves a two-for. Not only do they lower the energy level of the light bringers, but the effect cascades through all those who depend on them for guidance. The negative energies' goal is to create self-doubt, fear, and guilt. In doing so, they lower the person's energy vibration level, leaving her or him open to attack.

Haunted locations and angry entities, whether they are ghosts or something more powerful, can be found together, but not always. Residual hauntings are the most common of all hauntings. They are created when spiritual energy has been imprinted on places or objects during very strong emotional experiences. Not all residual hauntings were created by negative experiences. Great love can also impress, but in most cases these are seen as a blessing rather than something to be feared. Angry ghosts and entities are less frequent, but they cause more damage to the living. Being able to act independently, they are able to cross the boundaries and interact with people on this side of the veil. In doing so, they can control, manipulate, and do physical harm to those who are vulnerable to them. Residual hauntings can be cleared with a good house cleanse and blessing. Entities and ghosts can be removed in several different ways. All of which must be done with great care and by the person who is being haunted playing an active role.

In the movies and television, vampires are seen as drinking blood. Although that may be a great visual, in reality vampires feed on emotional, spiritual, and physically energy. Nor are they the living dead. Usually, they are living people, who drain the energy of the people around them, leaving them feeling sad, sick, and exhausted. Vampires deliberately create chaos by stirring up unnecessary drama, conflict, and fear around them as a way for them to create negativity for them to feed on. They empower themselves by draining others. However, not all attacks are obvious. Experienced vampires appear friendly and charming, while they manipulate situations and people for their own benefit. When they no longer get what they want through manipulation, they will change tactics to creating guilt, anger, and fear. As long as you play by their rules, she or he will be able to control you and feed on your energy. Adding negative to a negative only creates more negative. However, positive energy is the best defense. It is akin to poisoning to them. Unfortunately, the longer the relationship lasts, the more difficult it will be to break the cords vampires attach. There are very simple ways to deal with them that do not involve a wooden stakes or angry confrontations.

Most people don't realize just how much they influence their present and their future. They allow their past to preordain their future. Words have more power than most people realize. What we say affects what we manifest in our lives. Our word usage and intent as well as the energy vibration we send out will ripple back to us. Of all the psychic self-defense challenges this is the most important to address. It is the core issue for the nearly all the rest. How we feel about ourselves is reflected back to us in the people and energy we draw into our lives. When our life is guided by guilt, fear, and anger, we place a target on ourselves for negative attention. We deplete our own power and leave ourselves open to attack.

When done correctly and properly maintained psychic self-defense heals and protects the spirit, mind, and body from outside negative influences. It protects our energy by deflecting negativity on all levels. The Psychic Self-defense seminar will address all these issues. But more importantly you will learn how to raise your energy level in such a way that you will be a lesser target to the negativity forces. I will also be sharing my practical life experience as a natural born Intuitive and Empath as well as Priestess, Reiki Master, and Guardian. Please join me for this 90 ,minute teleconference on:

Psychic Self-defense

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