Saturday, July 14, 2018

Supernatural Thriller Seek Ethnic Actress for Lead

Michigan had been known for the forests that seemed to be endless as they reached up toward heaven. They made millionaires out of paupers. By the 1950's the virgin forests had become scarce. Those who exploited the bounty learned that their wealth was not perpetual as they were forced to follow the treeline as it rapidly moved northward.

Sara Jane and Randolph met and fell in love. Several years older, Randolph work for her father, James. On a scouting trip, Randolph found the last and greatest track of standing timber. Determined to give Sara Jane the same high standard of life, Randolph did the unthinkable and claimed the large tract of old growth forest for himself, instead of James Enraged, James made him a pariah in the community. Only Sarah Jane and her mother stood by him. James forbid the marriage. Loving each other more than they feared him they eloped. As their happiness grew, so did his hatred, which cascaded into a series of events that caused Sara Jane's death and the murder of his granddaughter, Randi. Before Randolph could exact his revenge, he too was murdered

Death freed them, but not their daughter Trapped alone in the bedroom where Sara Jane died, Randi waits for her parents to return and free her. There is one who knows and protects the house that keeps Randi safe from disappearing into the void forever. But there is one who will not stop until the last remnant of Sara Jane and Randolph's love is destroyed.

Michael arrives in town to rekindle his relationship with Lynne. A series of coincidences leads him to the Bellows House and its history of murder, betrayal, and suicide. He knows it's all lies. He is certain the answers he seeks will only be found behind the wall that hides in the bedroom where Sara Jane died. When Michael meets Randolph Bellow's granddaughter Shane, he thinks he found the love that has haunted his dreams for most of his life. Against the advice of others, Michael and Shane marry. Believing his request will be refused, Shane agrees to move into the Bellows House. Amanda shocks the town by giving her blessing for the couple to move in. Michael is ecstatic. Furious, Shane tries to manipulate Michael into moving out until she realizes that fate has given her the opportunity to finish what she started.

Elizabeth reluctantly agrees to teach a writing course at a small college. Arriving in town, she instantly regrets her decision as she meets people and places that awaken memories that she doesn't understand. By the time she realizes what is happening, it is too late to run as she comes face to face with the murderer of her child and the man, who she believes betrayed her.

Michael finally finds the room and rips off the wall that had concealed it for decades. Opening the door initiates a cascade of events that sends the past and the present on an unavoidable collision course. If they can forgive the past, Randi will be saved and freed to also reincarnate. If they seek the revenge they were denied in the past, they will all be damned and Randi will be lost in the void forever.