Monday, December 04, 2017

Stop feeding the political and spiritual vampires

Time to make positive change. Instead of fearing, hating, and slamming the negative events and people, we need to put our time, energy, and courage into what we want to create. Hating and attacking Trump, his minions, and his followers only supports their poor-me-pity-me-see-how they attack me mentality. By verbally, physically, and spiritually attacking them, you empower and embolden them to become worse as they see it as self defense.

There is a video going around a of a Evangelist in Texas going to a mall to destroy children's Christmas. He preached his church's version of religion,while saying Santa Clause didn't exist and everyone who believed in him was either evil or deluded. I can't imagine how horrible his life must be if he fills it by deliberately hurting others. My spirituality inspires me to help and comfort others. His obviously promotes the opposite. I couldn't imagine any sane, loving person would do what he did. My knee jerk reaction, as well as many others, was to go to his page and say horrible things No doubt he loved everyone of those negative comments. We fed his delusion of martyrdom. If instead, we had treated him as a mentally ill person in need of emotional and spiritual help, it would have been like feeding garlic to a vampire. Positive loving energy dispels negativity in the same way. Standing in your power and for what is right defeats fear, hate, and ignorance.

I am not advocating become a doormat. On the contrary, I'm saying use that time, energy, and courage to empower yourself and others of the same positive mindset. If you can march, march and speak up for each other and positive change. If you can't march support those who can, but also make phone calls, send faxes, send emails and run for office.

The Republican don't feel the need to compromise, because they have gerrymandered security into their seats. Gerrymandering is being addressed in the courts and voting booths. But that takes time. Voting is one thing we can and must all do. Every vote does matter. No candidate is perfect. Litigating 2016 is pointless. Voting in 2018 in a tidal wave numbers will change the balance of power. There are twice as many of us as there of them. When all of us show up, they can't win.