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Paranormal Romance Set in Northern Michigan

Never Can Say Good-bye
Theresa Chaze

Never Can Say Good-bye can be best described as a combination of What Dreams May Come and the Reincarnation of Peter Proud. It is a paranormal romance, which is set in northern Michigan.

At the turn of the century, the logging industry created millionaires and boomtowns; it also created intense rivalries and feuds. When Randolph Bellows scouts and claims a large track of land and the lumber on it for himself instead of his employer, James Ramsdell, he becomes an outcast in the community. Ignoring his status and her father’s disapproval, Sara James Ramsdell marries him; however, their happiness is short lived. Sara Jane dies during childbirth, yet her spirit remains trapped by the love bond she has with Randolph. Distraught, Randolph marries Audrey not out of love, but to have someone to care for his new born son, Randy. Even though he is very honest with her, Audrey falls in love with him and manipulates him into consummating their marriage. After Audrey becomes pregnant, Randolph feels honor bound to try to make the marriage work. They live as man and wife, yet he longs to join his soul mate. When Audrey’s jealous rages boil over onto Randy, he agrees to board up the bedroom, trapping Sara Jane‘s spirit inside. Soon after his Randy mysteriously dies.

Historian and author, Michael Scott follows his friend, Lynne Mason to Coyote Springs. His plan was to teach a term or two while doing research on the logging industry. Yet when he finds the old Bellow’s Mansion, his plans change. There is something about the house that calls to him. When he meets Randolph Bellow’s grand-daughter, he falls in love with her. In spite of her history of jealousy and instability, he marries her and. convinces the current owner of the mansion to allow them to move in. After researching the home, he finds the hidden bedroom. When he unseals it, he releases past that had been trapped for decades.

To help a friend, Elizabeth reluctantly agrees to teach a writing course at the Bellow‘s University. Although she finds Coyote Springs quaint, she immediately regrets her decision. She finds the town both haunting and alluring at the same time. However, it isn’t until after that she meets Michael that she becomes more determined than ever to find a reason to leave. Before she can find an excuse, she finds herself caught up in a lovers’ triangle that could very well mean her death.

Never Can Say Good-bye proves that when love turns to hate, it is best to say good-bye.

To read an excerpt of the script go to The full script available by request

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Operation Home Base: A Military Drama

New Military Drama: Operation Home Base
Theresa Chaze

Acting as a representative for the branches of the military and the federal government, Walter Hummel approaches the founders of Operation Home Base with an offer of economic and logistic support as well as political influence. Although Martin Flying Crow doesn’t trust Hummel, he is unwilling to deprive the armed service personnel and their families of the badly needed support. However, once the paperwork has been signed, the committee realizes that they may have gotten more than they bargained for. Immediately they are called to service. Dishonorably discharged and accused of raping a local teenager, ex marine, Ken Thompson, is found dead in his parents home. The deputy sheriff in charge suspects the Gunnery Sergeant and his wife are responsible for the murder of their son The OHB’s new legal advisor and the government advocate with the help of the NCIS team not only exposes the ulterior motives of the deputy, but also truth behind the death of the much hated man.

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Until You Walk the Path: Lillian Cauldwell

Until You Walk the Path, You Don’t Know Where it Goes is pleased to host author, and President of Passionate Internet Voices Radio, Lillian Cauldwell on June 28 at 5 pm eastern.

Lillian Cauldwell had her first nonfiction book published in 1996, 'Teenagers! A Bewildered Parent's Guide' by Silvercat Publishing. Between 1996 and 2003, Ms. Cauldwell wrote short stories and had them published by for their Do A Good Deed Charitable Section. In 2003, Lillian wrote a historical science fiction book, 'Sacred Honor. Ms. Cauldwell spends her time writing, doing Book Reviews, Mentoring high school students in learning how to write, and owns and operates an Internet talk radio station, Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio, Inc. Currently, Lillian Cauldwell is working on three plays, 'Betty, Death By Starvation,''A Camp David Christmas,' and 'Faithless Angels,' ‘The Anna Mae Mystereis - King Solomon's Ark, and Camazotz’, a vampire story set in South America.

Tune at on June 28 at 5 pm eastern to learn more Passionate Internet Radio as well as Cauldwell‘s amazing writing career.. Those who wish to speak to Lillian Cauldwell may call in at (347) 324-3745. Free phone calls through Skype as well as an interactive chat room will be available on the show’s page.

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D.H. Brown: Honor Defended

Michigan in fight for film jobs

Michigan in fight for film jobs
Infrastructure improvements touted to give state competitive edge
Nathan Hurst / The Detroit News

Manhattan Beach, Calif. -- If there ever were an exemplary home of Tinseltown magic, it's here at Raleigh Studios' hangar-like sound stages.

In one of these 25,000-square-foot behemoths, special effects masters are working on the futuristic set of "Iron Man 2." Nearby, the phony morgue drawers for the CBS drama "CSI: Miami" await cadavers du jour.

But movie-goers and television watchers wouldn't ever know that the worlds created for big and small screen alike are in the studio just off a traffic-jammed freeway southwest of downtown Los Angeles. For all they know, the filming could've been done on location.

Or in Louisiana. Or Missouri. Or New Mexico. And soon, maybe even in Michigan.

While the Great Lakes State has the nation's most aggressive tax break for entertainment producers, it's far from the only suitor vying for attention from a sector that's estimated to generate some $60 billion annually. And it's not the first.

"When producers are looking at where to take their projects, they've got a lot of options," said Michael Moore, chief executive of Raleigh Studios, which has locations in Shreveport, La., Budapest and L.A.

Moore's company is also set to run Motown Motion Picture Studios, the massive moviemaking project slated to take the place of a defunct General Motors Corp. facility in Pontiac.

While every state rolls out the red carpet for production crews, a handful -- especially those looking to diversify their economies or kick-start new growth -- are giving the industry a generous helping hand to bring business within their borders. New Mexico was one of the earliest contenders to steal Hollywood's thunder; there, Gov. Bill Richardson spearheaded the creation of a 25 percent rebate program in 2002.

Since then, thousands of film and television jobs moved from the hazy sprawl of Los Angeles to the deserts around Albuquerque and Santa Fe, where studios and production facilities have sprouted up, helping to draw business away from the Golden State.

In Louisiana, where filmmakers can get tax credits worth up to 35 percent of qualifying expenses, sound stages have sprung up quickly, too. Production is up, and many of the mechanisms of a surrounding support industry -- post-production facilities, special-effects outfits and consulting agencies -- are opening and growing, centered around Shreveport.

But tax credits and rebates aren't enough to move a critical mass of Hollywood to Michigan.

"States have to start thinking long-term," said Jimmy Lifton, founder of Unity Studios, the multimillion dollar studio and production facility slated to open this year on the site of a shut-down Visteon plant in Allen Park. "There needs to be an infrastructure to support year-round production."

Lifton is just one proponent -- and investor -- in the strategy of building out the industry here in Michigan, by creating facilities, a talent pool and support industries that will, should everything go as planned, keep as much work as possible here, instead of farming some back to California or other states with a larger infrastructure already in place.

The state's tax credit program gives a 25 percent credit for building out infrastructure, which will help add to limited facilities already in the state.

Both Lifton's project and the one in Pontiac include noncore components such as training programs to build an in-state work force and post-production facilities that will allow functions such as film editing and processing to be performed here.

"The key is getting the state to the point where it's not a drop-in center," said Lifton. "It's about getting as many moving parts of the business to Michigan as possible.

"It's not building a business. It's building an industry."

Tarot Energy Reading for the Week of June 21-27, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for the Week of June 21-27

The combining energies of the Solstice and the New Moon have created chaos in most people’s lives. The feeling of being out of control has brought up old fears and trust issues. It’s is not a lack of faith that has cause us to doubt ourselves, others and our perceptions of both, but the heightening of all our senses, including the ones connected to our spiritual gifts. Even those who have been spiritually and emotionally balanced find that they are reeling from the increasing energy waves. However, it is this influx of energy that will give us the motivation and ability to make the needed changes in our lives. The challenge will be to stay sane, balanced and positive while we are being upgraded from the inside out.

The energy we bring in from the past is the ace of wands. This card represents new business, work or ways of doing both. The economic challenges can be seen as punishments or blessing, depending on your point of view. Those who choose to think outside the box will find new opportunities to change the life by improving their skills or changing their path all together. It is energy of new beginnings and expanding what already exists. It is a time to be open to connecting with others to share information and resources. A blessing shared is a miracle earned.

The four of cups represents the energy of this week. Dissatisfaction or disappointment will make us to want craw back into our caves to wait until it is all over. However, this is the very last thing we should do. Instead of hiding in the dark, we need to seek the sun and the company of others. Running and hiding will only cause us to see what we lack. However, if we have the courage to be open, we can find new possibilities for both ourselves and others.

The energy we take from this week is represented by the three of swords. Sadness and separation will prevail as fear of change will cause clashes within families. Tears could be shed. Angry words could be spoken. True feelings and needs will be revealed as we are forced to face ourselves and our true feelings. No longer will we be able to hide behind polite conversations and half spoken truths. Feelings that we had have buried will continue to dig their way back to the surface. However, this time we will not be able to ignore or dismiss them. The harder we try to run from our inner needs and desires, the more power we will give them to disrupt our lives.

The energy challenge we will all face is the ace of cups. We will be challenged to accept love, joy and happiness from the inside out. Although we can share our happiness with others, we can only find contentment from within. The challenge will be for us to change our focus from being fulfilled through others to that of healing from within. When we build our happiness from the inside out, not only does it make us more stable, but it also gives us something to share with others, thereby being a blessing for all. It is also a time of new beginnings and possibilities for those who are open to them. When we share our love freely with an open hand, we create miracles for ourselves and others.

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Wiccan/Pagan Holiday: Litha or Summer Solstice

Litha also called Summer Solstice--approximately June 21

Litha, also called mid summer, is a Pagan holiday, which is celebrated on the Summer Solstice and is the longest day of the year. It is the first of the harvest festivals as the early fruits and vegetables have begun to ripen. Plants picked on this eve are also thought to contain extra healing powers. Special herbs were harvested and dried to be used for the rest of the year to heal the body and the soul. Water is also collected on this day to be blessed on the next full moon and used through out the year in rituals.

Traditionally the God’s energy is celebrated with his reign being the longest on this day. Bonfires are lit near bodies of water as the positive male aspects are honored. Many men, especially those following the Saxon traditions, used this day to reinforce their faith in the God and to test their courage by performing the Wild Man rite. Festivities also include picnics, bonfires to keep away evil spirits, and competitions to prove an individuals skill with weapons and in battle. However, the goal is more for bragging rights than for a warrior’s ranking.

Litha is also the day to honor the earth spirits with cakes and sweets from the ripening fruits and early vegetables. By offering them gifts, you are more able to enjoy their good humor and learn their wisdom. It is a way to obtain their favor for the rest of the year.

However, this Pagan holiday was Christianized and renamed the Feast of Saint John the Baptist. However, unlike with most saints, it is a celebration of his birthday instead of the anniversary of his death. It was a way of connecting and transferring the Pagan celebrations into the Christian faith.

Ritual to Heal a Broken Heart

Ritual to Heal a Broken Heart

Love is a very powerful emotion; however, it has become more so with the rapidly changing energy patterns. No longer are people willing to settle for what or who is convenient or socially acceptable. Long term relationships are not only being questioned but frequently ending as we seek to find our true soul mates and twin flames. We are more willing to risk pain in order to find true happiness. Although we have many soul mates, we only have one twin flame. More than a soul mate, twin flames is our soul’s perfect equal--our ying to their yang. In generations past, twin flames rarely incarnated at the same time; however, this has changed. Many flames have been given the gift of togetherness at this very important time in the planet’s history. Our soul contracts were written in such a way that we have the opportunity to become whole with our perfect match.

A few months ago, my soul touched and was touched by my twin flame. It was wildly exciting and wonderful. A friend asked me why I loved him. I wrote the following.

Why I do love you? I could say it’s because of your beautiful smile and cute ass. But those are just the fringe benefits. I love you for who you are in your heart and soul--your wit, your wisdom, and your smart ass remarks. You stubbornness to detail and creative view of life. I love how you love me; how you are able to see the good in me even when I can’t. I love how you care for others. When you love someone, truly love them it is the whole package inside and out. You make me smile. You make me think. I love the feel of your hand in mind--your lips on mine. We view the world much the same, yet different enough to learn from each other. I love you nose. I love your smell and your energy. You complete me. You make me whole. You make me feel as if nothing is impossible. I love the fact that the thought of you makes me smile and the sound of your voice fills me with passion. I love the fact that you are someone I can believe in because you are a man of your word. You are a good man with a loving heart and an honorable soul. I miss you when we are parted and long for your warmth next to me. In your eyes I see the miracles that could be. Your independence makes me stronger and wiser because you aren’t afraid to challenge me. You aren’t afraid to love me for me. I love you for you and only you who you are in your heart, soul and mind--for the good, bad, and ugly of your stubborn short term attention span. Most of all I love it when we are together because at no other time in my memory have I feel so whole and complete. I love you because you are you.

Sharing our love can be wonderful, yet it can also be very scary. It takes courage to stand emotionally and spiritually naked in front another, Not all are able. Not all are willing to let go and heal from the past. Love that we share can make us stronger, more able to see the best in ourselves and the world. Shared loved is a blessing for all. However, sometimes the one we love cannot follow their heart. They prefer to stay on the familiar path, instead of risking the unknown. As sad as that may make us, we cannot force or manipulate them to making a different choice. All we can do is seek a new path for ourselves. The following ritual will help the healing process.

Light a two hour white candle and say:

Compassionate Kwan Yin, Goddess of mercy and love
Lend me your strength from above.
Help me to see passed the pain
To find the lessons that I have gained.
The love I offered from my heart
Was not returned, so I ask that we kindly part.
For the highest good for one and all
Use your strength and wisdom to answer my call.
Let both our destinies hence forth be fully blessed
As we part to find new tests and quests.
Heal my pain from within to without
So myself I will no longer doubt.
Show the me the way to begin again
By helping me to heal through the pain.

Let the candle burn out. Be kind to yourself and forgiving of the other person. By releasing and keeping our heart open, we heal ourselves from the inside out. There is an old saying: If you love someone, let them go. If they return, they were yours. If they don’t it wasn’t meant to be.

Loosing a loved one doesn’t mean you aren’t lovable or cannot share love. It just means the time or the person wasn’t right. Keeping your heart open to others, not only helps you find comfort, but speeds the healing process. Sharing love is a blessing, no matter what the out come. Selfish love seeks to own or control the other; it doesn’t care what the other wants or needs. It wants what it wants no matter who it hurts. True love is open and honest. It seeks the highest good for all. It is offered with an open hand, wanting only the best for both. Sometimes that means letting go and moving on.

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Until You Walk the Path: B. Lynn Goodwin

Until You Walk the Path You don’t Know where it goes is proud to host the author of You Want Me to do What?, B. Lynn Goodwin. Over fifty million caregivers spend every spare minute driving to medical appointments, stopping at the pharmacy, cooking, answering questions, paying bills, and helping with matters that used to be private. They feel trapped in an endless loop and need to release the stress of caregiving. B. Lynn Goodwins new book, You Want Me to Do What? Journaling for Caregivers allows users to process their stress and celebrate what is right. It gives readers open-ended instructions on spilling their guts in the safety of a private journal and offers two hundred sentence starts to help them begin writing. Caring for oneself is as essential as breathing, but caregivers lose sight of that fact. Think of the flight attendant who says, Put on your own oxygen mask before helping those around you. Journaling is a caregivers oxygen mask, which You Want Me to Do What? provides.

Tune at on June 21 at 5 pm eastern to learn more about be Journaling. Those who wish to speak to B. Lynn Goodwin may call in at (347) 324-3745. Free phone calls through Skype as well as an interactive chat room will be available on the show’s page.

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Guide Meditation To Heal Those Involved in Shooting


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Excerpt from Awakening The Dragon


Exhausted, Rachael pulled up in front of the shop. Between the arguing with secretary at the real estate office to find out what they did with her car and rushing to get it out of the impound before it closed, all she wanted to do is go home, drink tea and play with the kids. But that would have to wait until after she convinced Norman and his crew to work on the cottage next. She had a fairly good idea of what she wanted and they would be stripping the old wallpaper while she decided on the specific paint colors. They could also check for the electrical and plumbing problems everyone had been telling her about. But not if she didn't get it into gear and get out of the car. Today was the last day they'd be working on the store. Tomorrow Rachael and her new staff started stocking the shelves and setting up displays. What a ride, she thought. It's been quite a month.

Looking out the open car window, through the newly stenciled window of Dragon's Den, she felt proud and nervous. So much happened so fast. Inside she watched the carpenters and painters clean up. Several of them were on the path; two were curious. One quit the first day, calling her a heathen bitch. She thought it was a strange way for a Christian to act, but let it go.

Opening the car door, she stepped onto the curb and closed it. For the first time she noticed the long scratch along the side of the car. They couldn't stop themselves from doing damage, having it ticketed and towed wasn't enough. She'd deal with it and them tomorrow. At this moment, she simply didn't trust her temper.

She spun around on her toes and walked to the door. Before opening it, she took a deep breath to center herself. She was angry, but the people inside didn't deserve to hear about it. She brushed back her hair and opened the door, the smile already in place. "Hi, guys. Looks fabulous."

"Thanks." Was the common response as they rush to clean up and remove their tools.

"Where's Norman?"

Meredith, a petite painter, pointed toward the back room. No doubt she was rushing to pick up her kids from day-care before the rate changed to the evening billing. A divorced mother of three girls, with an ex who didn't know when it was over, was how Meredith described herself. He didn't pay child support and refused to acknowledge the divorce or restraining order against him. Meredith still occasionally had her tires slashed and on at least two occasions in the past month she came to work with visible bruises.

Walking past her, Rachael wondered what she would do in that kind of situation. Quickly she banished the question; she didn't need those particular challenges added to her life. Part of her wanted to be able to help, especially the children. She knew what it was like to grow up in a household where love equaled pain and respect was non-existent. Meredith had options, but the children didn’t. Rachael recognized the look of fear and sadness in their young eyes. She saw in the mirror ever day until she moved away to go to college. It was only then did the healing start and she found the beauty of her own soul.

She walked down the hallway, looking in the office and the classrooms. Norman was no where to be seen. He must be in the storeroom or the mediation center, she thought, continuing through the store. The storeroom was empty. She moved to the end of the hall. Knocking on the door, she waited for a response. After a moment, she heard, "come in."

Norman was sitting lotus position on the futon. His hands, supported by his knees, were in the position representing peace. His eyes were closed. He looked like Buddha only with a crew cut.

Rachael never would have thought it of him. But he looked completely comfortable in the position; this wasn’t something new to him. Waiting for him to open his eyes, she walked quietly around the room as not to disturb him. Carol had finished the murals. Each of the four walls had a different motif.

East represented spring with new growth and rainbows with storm clouds in the distance. Rachael couldn't tell if they were coming or going. The flowers were those of spring. In the center, a lilac bush was in full bloom. She wondered if Carol had known about the cottage before she had found it. Birds were building nests. In the stream, a fish jumped after an insect. It all had a sense of movement.

On the Southern wall, it was summer. The colors were more vivid, almost three-dimensional. The sky was a blue Rachael had only seen before in the sky on a hot, summer day. She was impressed. A doe with her twin fawns walked out of the lush forest onto the field. The wheat reached for the sky. Blueberries hung heavy on the bush and a bird, Rachael didn't recognize, sat on a limb posed ready to pluck a berry.

Fall was represented on the Western wall. The colors were darker; the leaves had taken on the yellows and reds. The sky had a gray cast. A flock of geese flew in formation. The harvest had been collected. Nature was preparing to sleep. Yet it felt active and alive. To look at the wholeness of it gave the impression of prosperity and good fortune.

The Northern wall was different. It represented winter, yes, but it also departed from the nature theme. The centerpiece was a castle, a steel, cold gray, but every window held a light burning, waiting to welcome the visitor from the approaching storm. A path wound up from the door she entered and crossed the floor to the drawbridge painted on the wall. It was darker than the others, yet it was the one that seemed more comforting. The motif was that of a safe home where all were welcome. The lights were on and soon the traveler would be protected within it’s walls. It was the philosophy behind the room and the store. Everyone was welcome; everyone was safe.

"Impressive isn't it."

Rachael turned to face him. "You've been holding out."

"Not even my wife knows."


"She'd thump me with her Bible."

"Sorry." She leaned forward against the back of a chair. "How'd you like another job? Starting tomorrow."

"Another store already?"

"A house. I found one."

Norman scratched his thick mustache and waited.

"I need the electrical, plumbing and heating checked. And some God awful wallpaper removed."

He laughed. "For you, we'll juggle. When, where, and how long do we have?"

"Start tomorrow. Four days." She hesitated.

On of his bushy eyebrows arched. "And?"

"It might be difficult. It used to belong to Kevin Mitchelson's Grandmother."

"Sarah." The word was soft, almost like a prayer.

"You don't sound surprised."

"Knowing her and you. I'm not." He uncrossed his legs and stretched. "I helped her design it. A special picked crew built."

"So the energy level won't be a problem?"

Again his eyebrow arched. "Don't worry 'bout me and mine. I know how to take care. Several of the original crew are still available. I’ll call them tonight." He chuckled. “She loved that wallpaper. It nearly blinded me every time we had tea together.

Rachael breathed a sigh of relief. “I didn’t want to spend every day at the cottage watching you work.”

His eye brow arched. “What colors do you want?"

"I haven't decided yet."

"Make it difficult to paint."

She shrugged. "It'll take you at least one day to remove the wallpaper. I'll decide by then."

"You want it done in four days." He planted his hands firmly on his hips. "Paint by three o'clock tomorrow. Got the keys?"


"Let's have'em." He held out his hand. "It’s been a while since I been there. I want to see what I'm getting into. We might have to start tonight."

"It's in good shape."

"That's what you said about this place. It took us a week longer than expected."

She dropped the keys into his palm. "Point."

His fingers curled around the keys, which seemed child size in proportion to his hand. "Besides there's something I need to check out."


"The railing. They say it gave way and that's why she fell."

Rachael's curiosity was sparked. "That's not true. The railing was solid."

"I know. I put it there myself."

"Tell me about her."

He smiled. "She was a true lady. She always had a dignity, even when she was being silly. To describe her in one word--tireless. She loved the fact she had the resources to make a difference. But unlike some,” a tint of anger crept into his voice, “she could help without intruding. Sarah wanted to help others find their best and highest path without forcing her beliefs on them." He paused to enjoy a private memory, but the smile changed to a frown. "When she died,” the tone of his voice again changed, adding subtle unspoken meanings to the word died, “many of us became angry. It wasn’t time for her to cross over and we knew it.”


"Everyone who knew and loved her." He sat in the chair next to his shoes and reached for one. "Almost everyone did."

"Except the members of the House of Christ."

Norman bolted upright. "Don't mention those bigots. I'm a Christian. They're an obscenity! They simply don‘t understand what Jesus tried to teach. The Christian faith is built on wisdom, tolerance, hope and love. People like those in the House of Christ simple don‘t get it. When they promote fear and bigotry, they corrupt the word of the Lord. The best example is the story of creation. God created Adam and Eve. It is a genetic impossibility for a single couple to populate a planet. And if you really think about it, the concept promotes incest. The tale is a parable. The true meaning is that we are all family and all Divinely created. There are no special groups, countries or beliefs In God‘s eyes we are all equally loved and cherished. When we harm each other, for whatever reason, we are actually doing harm to the God who created us all!"

Rachael was taken back by the rage in his voice. He did not leave the chair, but his tone pushed her backward.

"Sorry. Even after all these years it‘s still a sore spot for me" He continued putting on his shoes. ‘It’s just that until justice is served many of us will continue to be ethically challenged. I--and others nearly did things that….” His voice trailed off. “But then I remembered what Sarah tried to teach us.” He fumbled tying his left shoe and snapped the lace to pull out the loose bow. “I prayed for hours on hours over these past years to find an answer. All I found were wonderful memories and the smell of vanilla. It was her favorite.”

She stared at the top of his head, wondering about the man of many contradictions. He looked like an army sergeant. He meditated like a holy man. His voice had been always calm and loving, even when they debated abortion. Where did the nearly uncontrollable rage come from?

He stood and took a deep breathe. The fire still burned in his eyes, but he was able to control his anger.. "I'll go out when I leave here. Will you be here or at home?"

"Home." She didn't want to press the issue. The intensity of his fury was still close surface. She wasn’t afraid of him, yet she knew that she wasn’t to be involved. Norman had issues to work out within himself. No one could help him. After the past few moments, she didn’t think anyone would even be brave enough to try.

"I'll call you there." He turned quickly and exited.

Rachael breathed a sigh of relief. What in the Goddess's name was she doing here? She sat on the edge of the futon. Covering her eyes with the palms of her hands, she rested her elbows on her knees, trying to re-energize her own systems. This was crazy. Even in the occult world, when things weren’t always as they seem, this was beyond strange. She had asked the Goddess for simple and uncomplicated, but instead she got in a multi-dimensional, multi-personality game where everyone else knew the rules and wouldn’t share.


Betty Williams stood in the doorway. The person she needed to see. She was best described as clairvoyant, healer, and all around warm, fuzzy grandmotherly type. The latter is what she needed at the moment. "Come in."

"Are you all right?"

"Just leaping tall buildings at a single bound again. And running into the fifty-second floor."

"Again?" She walked into the room and embraced Rachael. "You promised you'd stop doing that."

"I know." With the older woman so close, Rachael realized her hair actually was red, not just a magic potion. She found that strange; red was usually a recessive trait, but not in this town. She slowly pulled away from her warmth. "Ever feel like you are playing a game where you don’t have a clue, but everyone else does?“

“You are far from clueless.”

Living Spirit, by Lynn Andrews

Living Spirit, by Lynn Andrews

“We were all born wild like a mountain lion. To live in civilization we become sheep at a very young age. We become tame. But we are not house pets. We are fierce and wild by nature.”

Many years ago, very early in my work with the Sisterhood of the Shields, Twin Dreamers, one of my shaman teachers said to me, “Lynn, dream on these words. Consider what is left of your instinctual nature. When you see a horse, you become both happy and sad. That horse represents the wildness within yourself that you have never dared to become.”

I was stunned by her words, for they revealed an essential truth in my search for a higher understanding of life that I had never dared to voice.

I had known since I was a small child that there was something missing from my world, something that I yearned for with every fiber of my being yet could not begin to understand. I have even ridden horses all my life, racing across the landscape of my childhood with my best friend, Beverly, a Native American girl the same age as I. On horseback, we followed the clouds, pretending we were stars in the sky as we chased each other across the universe. During those long, beautiful days, I felt more complete and perfect within myself than at any other time.

As an adult, galloping across the plains on the back of a magnificent Arabian mare, I still get that same sense of perfection. Yet until Twin Dreamers spoke those words to me, I did not equate the feeling of perfect completion within me when I am on horseback as the fulfillment of my wild, instinctual nature. I only knew that when I ride horses, I feel closer to God than at any other time.

How do you experience God in your life, the Great Spirit, the presence of divine harmony in whatever form you know it? For me, I know that I am one with the Great Spirit when I am living my own truth. That happens when I stand in the center of my own being. It happens when I stand in the center of my own personal truth and not what someone else tells me the ‘truth’ of any given situation should be.

How often have you heard someone say, “This is the way it’s supposed to be (whatever ‘it’ is). It’s the way it always has been and the way it always will be?” And every fiber of your being is crying out, “No it isn’t. You’re wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth.” Yet not only do you say nothing, which is sometimes the only thing you can say in the face of such adamance, you decide there must be something wrong with you for disagreeing so completely. The more strongly you disagree, perhaps, the worse you feel about yourself until you walk away feeling wholly defeated, hobbled by some unseen force that obviously wishes you nothing but ill will.

That is the way it feels when we deny the existence of our own personal truth. It feels worse than the worst insult anyone else can hurl, crippling to the point of total personal defeat.

On the other hand, it feels so exhilarating when you say to yourself, “You know what? I couldn’t disagree with you more. Maybe I can’t change the way you think, and maybe now’s not even the time to try. But I couldn’t disagree with you more, and I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to think what you think; I’m not going to believe what you believe. It may be your truth, but it’s not mine and it’s no part of me.” And you walk away feeling so good about yourself, so personally empowered, so completely right with life.

That is the way it feels to stand in the center of your own personal truth. The most wonderful part of it is that your own personal truth resides at the very center of your being, and that is the place where you are one with the Great Spirit and all that is in the universe. What a fabulous place to be!

The truth is within your own heart and within your own soul. Whenever you become lonely or afraid, all the answers you will ever need will be found within yourself. Sometimes we need other people to help us find those answers, and that is good. It’s good to see the light of the Great Spirit reflected in the love and wisdom of others. But you must always measure what you find out in the world with what you find inside yourself. You must first ask yourself, “Am I being faithful to my own truth?”

Your being is like a spirit lodge. Within this spirit lodge dwell the sacredness of your being, your realization and the divine light of your creation. Sometimes your sacredness matches what everyone around you is saying, and sometimes it doesn’t. You find peace and joy in life when you live in your own spirit lodge, the place within you where you are one with the Great Spirit and all of life, the place of your own sacred truth, regardless of the chaos that might be going on around you. This is what I mean by ‘living spirit,’ it is living in your own spirit lodge.

Have you ever wondered why some people can be so serene in the midst of what everyone else sees as impending doom? It is because they are living in their own spirit lodges; they know they are one with the Great Spirit and all of life, and no matter what happens nothing can ever separate them from that Oneness. They have taken care of what is around them to the best of their ability and placed their faith in the Great Spirit.

In the words of Shakespeare, “This above all: To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, Thou cannot then be false to any man.” Outside your lodge is a great wilderness that can often become a battleground stained with ignorance and earthly pain. Many people live without a sacred place within, and those who do not have a sacred place within do not know how to enter the spirit lodges of others. To me, that is the definition of true loneliness, not being able to enter the spirit lodge of another person.

When you live your own truth, you find that it is much easier to allow others the honor of living their own truth, as well. Even where you disagree, it is not important. What becomes important is honoring the divine light within you both. This is the true meaning of freedom, when you are not shackled to an existence that is based on beliefs that are false to you. When you are living spirit, you are living your own sacred truth. Then you are as magnificent horse, wild and free through your oneness with the divine light of the universe, unfettered by beliefs that bring you only discomfort and disharmony with your own existence.

Lynn Andrews is the New York Times and internationally best-selling author of the Medicine Woman. She is the founder of the Lynn Andrews Center for Sacred Arts and Training and is recognized worldwide as a leader in the fields of spiritual healing and personal empowerment. Learn more at

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Linked In: Earth Based Religion group

There is a professional networking site called Linked In. It's a place to make contacts, look for jobs and post services. I have created an Earth Based Religion group; it's at This group is for Earth Based Religions of all sorts to share information, connections and resources. You are welcome to join.

There are also groups for writing, publishing, and many sorts of media. The home site is

Tarot Energy Reading for June 7-13, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for the Week of June 7-13, 2009

The watch word for the week of June 7-13 is one. One kind word. One selfless act. One prayer. One gift from the heart. All new beginnings start with the first step. This week these will be first steps. Giving and sharing from our heart will open the doors that have been previously close to us. They are the keys to unlocking what we have been seeking. They are the passwords to the miracles. When we unselfishly help others, we become both the giver and receiver of great gifts. The big blessings grow from small actions. In most cases, we will never know how our actions have positively influences others’ lives. But it doesn’t matter, for as we have anonymously helped others, so too do others assist us.

As I was shuffling the cards the six of swords popped out of the deck. For those who have had the courage to release their pain and allow the healing, the past is becoming the past as they move forward down new paths. Taking care of ones self is not being selfish. We are only able to heal ourselves; sometimes the best and loving way to help others is to allow them to face themselves. You cannot fix others. You cannot learn their lessons. The best you can do is pray for the best and highest good, while being a cheerleader.

From the past comes the eight of pentacle. It is teaching and learning energy that challenges you to reach higher and further than you thought possible. The more you challenge your old beliefs not only about yourself, but also the world, the more you will see the falsehoods you were taught. By being able to see these old tapes and behaviors, we will be able to free yourself from them and find your true self. It is the time to learn how to put the past at peace by gently closing the doors and evicting the negative people that have made themselves at home in your head--the ones who set the limitations on your self worth and goals. By revisiting them with a clear and object perspective, we are able to see and release them with love.

This week is represented by the Hermit. To find our true selves, we must look inward. It is only by finding our core that we are able to build a solid foundation for our lives. Lives, like homes that are built on sand, will not last. However, if you build a sturdy foundation on stable ground, the home will withstand no matter what storms brew. Many of us grew up with negative messages both from within and without the family. As long was we allow those messages to be our foundation, we cannot survive the life challenges and emotional storms we will encounter. Yet if we revisit the past and heal forward, we turn sand to stone and recreate ourselves from the inside out.

The energy we take out of this week is the seven of wands. We do have the strength and courage we need to keep moving forward; however, as contradictory as it may seem, in order to tap into this healing power, we must let go of how it will be presented. Releasing expectations and being open will unlock the blessing flood gates. The more we fight for control, the longer it will take for us to find what we need. Learn from the past. Plan for the future. Live in the present. Sometimes it takes living moment to moment. Miracles happen in their own time and only when we are truly ready to receive.

The energy challenge we will all face is the knight of wands. A card of sudden ending and new beginnings, it is a card of change. Only this change cannot be sought or hunted down. It must find us. Our actions and prayers we sent out in the past are now returning Like the ripples created by a stone being tossed in a pond will eventually radiate back, so are our deeds, beliefs and words coming home.

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Until You Walk the Path: Charles Ray

Until You Walk the Path You Won’t Know Where It Goes will be hosting Charles Ray on June 14 at 5 pm eastern. He will be talking about leadership, politics and life in general, as well as information about his books, Things I Learned From my Grandmother about Leadership and Life and Taking Charge: Effective Leadership for the Twenty-First Century

Ray joined the army to see the world.  He began as a private, but graduated from OCS in 1965 and was commissioned a second lieutenant.  He served in the U.S., as well as Germany, Korea, and two combat tours in Vietnam. His specialties were artillery, military intelligence, special operations, and public affairs.  In 1982, I retired from the army with the rank of major and joined the U.S. Foreign Service.  I have served as a diplomat in China, Thailand, Sierra Leone, Vietnam, and Cambodia.  He was appointed as the first American Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), Vietnam in 1998, and in 2002, former Secretary of State Colin Powell swore him in as U.S. ambassador to Cambodia.   After Cambodia, he was a diplomat in residence at the University of Houston for the 95-96 school year, and in 2006 was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Affairs.   He earned a BS in Business Administration from Benedictine College, Atchison, KS; an MS in Systems Administration from USC, and an MS in National Security Strategy from the National Defense University

Tune at on June 14 at 5 pm eastern to learn more about Charles Ray’s amazing life and books as well asks him question. Those who wish to speak to Charles Ray may call in at (347) 324-3745. Free phone calls through Skype as well as an interactive chat room will be available on the show’s page.

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Herb Gross and the Invictas Today on Until You Walk the Path

Until You Walk the Path, You Don’t know Where it Goes is proud to announce the appearance of Herb Gross and the Invictas 5 pm eastern on June 7th. In the late 1960’s, Herb Gross & The Invictas had a controversial hit, The Hump. Today they are known as America’s Oldest and Most Successful Garage Band. Herb Gross will be talking about their amazing career and their new projects as well as taking questions on Sunday June 7th at 5 pm eastern at Those who wish to speak to the band may call in at (347) 324-3745. Free phone calls through Skype as well as an interactive chat room will be available on the show’s page.

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Magical Fantasy Novels: Dark Passion and Betrayal

Magical Fantasy Novels: Dark Passion and Betrayal

Awakening the Dragon -- Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy is a story of magic, suspense and karmic justice combined in a tale of horror. Rachael moves to Coyote Springs to find a home and open her bookstore. Instead, she becomes the catalyst in exposing a murder and the target of a violent cult. She is forced to awaken her dragon spirit prematurely to save herself and all she loves. Will she be able to control the power of the dragon as it rises giving her the power to save all she loves or will the flames from within destroy her?

In Dragon Domain -- Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy -- Cheyenne and Celeste came to Coyote Springs to save a child; instead, Cheyenne found a home. With the help of their new friend, Jane, they created a spiritual sanctuary. But when Celeste stopped running, her past caught up with her. Dominic arrived with promises of love and passion. Instead of love, he reawakened Celeste’s dark side, turning her against those she loved the most. With the aid of the dragons, Cheyenne was barely able to ward off their first attack. With each soul they bound to them, Celeste and Dominic’s greed and hatred grew until they would not settle for less than totally destroying Cheyenne and all she loves. How do you protect yourself from someone who knows how to steal your soul?

Nict For Ure Selfe (Not for Ourselves) a paranormal suspense novelette that ties the present with the past as karma awakens an old blood feud. Alyssa attends a local Pagan festival, only become the target of the local deputy's bigotry and hatred. Unable to understand way she was singled out, she performs a ritual asking Bridget for her help. Instead of gaining wisdom, her spirit is transported back to a time before the Celtic Goddesses and Gods gave way to the Christos and when clan traditions could mean life or death.

Theresa Chaze: Video Producer, Editor, Director, Tech

To watch the video click here

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Selena Fox speaks about Pagan civil rights

Lady Liberty League executive director Selena Fox speaks about Pagan civil
rights and religious freedom issues on T. Thorn Coyle's podcast, Elemental
Castings. The interview is now on-line -- Episode #17:

The Lady Liberty League ( holds its
annual meeting each year at the Pagan Spirit Gathering. This year's LLL
annual meeting will be held at 11 am on Friday, June 19. The 2009 Pagan
Spirit Gathering is being held June 14-21 at Camp Zoe near Salem, Missouri.

Want to be part of this year's PSG? Register on-line by June 8:

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And Freedom For All: The Murder of Dr. George Tiller a Foreshadowing of things to come?

And Freedom For All

Daphne closed the drawer and looked around the room. There was so much she wanted to take, but there was so little space. Two suitcases, her cat Sarah and her dog Maxie were all that were coming with her. Her sister had taken custody of her two mares, Star and Moon. They would be safe with her. Later during one of the horse show tours, she would return them. The rest of her belongings she had arranged for trusted friends and family to store; maybe later, it could be safely forward to her. But she wasn’t counting on it. She wiped away the single tear. Backing toward the threshold, she emotionally let go of the little reminders of the past. She would still have the memories--most of them were sweet. Unfortunately, some were not--resting her open palm on her stomach, she knew that the only way to keep her life and freedom was to run and hide. Angrily, she slammed the door and turned her back on it.
“Daphne?” Melanie ran into the hallway from the kitchen. “You ok?”
Slowly she shook her head. “Just feeling stupid.”
“The trunk’s all packed. There is a little more room if you have something small. Maybe your riding trophies?”
“No. Nothing else.”
“You don’t have to do this. We can find another way.”
“I’m already four weeks. A few more I‘ll start to show and they‘ll stop me at the border.” Getting involved with George Hedge was the biggest mistake of her life. He wasn’t the person he pretended to be. She fell in love with a kind, intelligent progressive man. Only George wasn’t that man; he was an illusion.
“You aren’t married. He doesn’t have any proof he’s the father.” Melanie persisted. “Besides, he can’t prove you’re even pregnant.”
“It doesn’t matter. Not any more. With so many women escaping up north, they are stopping every woman.”
“Remind me again...what country is this?”
“I’ve heard of women being jailed for the full term of their pregnancy to prevent them from leaving the state.”
Rolling her eyes, Melanie shook her head, the dark strands swished over her shoulders. “Let’s go pick up Sarah and Maxie from the vet and get on the road. Do you want to say good-by to your Mom on the way out of town?”
“Yes. But it wouldn’t be a good idea.” Through the window, she saw a tan SUV pull into the drive and two strange men got out. One checked his clipboard and said something to the other. He replied and they both walked toward the front door. Daphne didn’t recognized them or hear their words but she knew who they were. “Don’t ask any questions. Go in the bedroom.”
“What for?” Melanie turned toward the window. “Who are they?”
“Pre-born Protectors.”
“What the hell--”
“George must have filed a claim with them.” Angrily, Daphne marched to the door, locking the screen door before they could turn the handle. “This is private property. You are trespassing!”
A knowing look passed between them. The older of the two stepped forward and pulled on the knob. “Daphne Miller?”
“Get off my property!” Daphne hissed back.
“I’m Agent Schub.” He pointed to the other man. “This is Agent--”
“I don’t care who you are!”
“Agent Robertson. George Hedge has filed and been granted custody of his unborn child you are carrying. If you attempt to leave the state you will be arrested for kidnapping--and if you abort the child you will be prosecuted for murder.”
The fury rising, Daphne slammed the interior door.
“He’s kidding--this is just a scare tactic?” Melanie stepped closer. “I knew it was bad, but they couldn’t do it?”
“They can and have.” Daphne shook her head.
“Ms Miller, open this door.” Agent Schub demanded through the screen of the window. “You are only making it worse on yourself.”
“If you aren’t co-operative, we’ll come back with a warrant.” The other man added.
“Gotta hell.” Daphne snapped back. “You are just rent-a-cops! If you don’t get off my property. I’ll call the real ones!’
“The Pre-Born Protection Act already passed the House. It’ll pass the Senate later today.” The voice came from the other side of the door. The screen door rattled. “The President will sign it and there won’t be any place in the United States where you’ll be able to hide.”
“She won’t need to hide.” Melanie chimed in.
“Who’s with you?” Agent Schub demanded.
“A woman with a legal gun who isn’t afraid to use it.” She snapped back.
Amazed, Daphne snapped around.
Melanie pointed a small silver pistol at the door. “You are trying to break in. I can and will kill you both in self-defense.” She smiled and shrugged. “Mom said never go south without it.”
“Your mother hates guns.” Daphne whispered.
“That and a lot of things changed. She shoots marksman.”
Schub backed away from the window. Their voices could be heard, but their words weren’t distinct enough to be understood. After a moment, Schub returned to the window. “We’ll be back with a deputy and a court order preventing you from leaving the state. If you attempt to leave, you will be stopped at the border. If you do leave the state, you will be hunted down and forced to return.”
“Eat shit and die red neck!”
“Melanie,” Daphne whispered, “you are only making it worse.”
“Like you have any power outside Kansas!”
“The Act will make the PBP part of the Federal Justice system. It’ll give us the power to cross state lines to apprehend, detain, and return any woman we deem necessary to protect the life an unborn child.” He leaned in closer to the screen; his facial features distorted by the shadows of the screen, he continued. “And anyone aiding you will face the same charges.”
A smile crossed Melanie’s lips. Quickly tucking the gun in her pocket and stepping forward, she swung, hitting him through the screen. His head snapped back, his body followed, tumbling backward. His comrade caught him before he hit the ground.
“You’ll regret that!” The semi-prone man growled. “We’ll be back with a warrant for your arrest.” Returning to the SUV, they slammed the doors and squealed out of the drive.
“In a little over an hour, we’ll be out of the state and out of their reach.” Melanie returned the gun back in her purse. “Let’s go.
“But nothing. Let’s hit the road! Time’s a wasting.”
Daphne suddenly found it hard to breathe. Melanie was her oldest and dearest friend. She couldn’t allow her own foolishness to endanger her. Grabbing her hand, Daphne stepped in front of her, blocking her path to the door. “I can’t let you do this. They’ll catch us at the border--”

The full short story is available in the ebook Sisters, Mothers Daughters on the author's website at or through Amazon Kindle--click here to go to the page

Herb Gross and the Invictas: America’s Oldest and Most Successful Garage Band

Until You Walk the Path, You Don’t know Where it Goes is proud to announce the appearance of Herb Gross and the Invictas 5 pm eastern on June 7th. In the late 1960’s, Herb Gross & The Invictas had a controversial hit, The Hump. Today they are known as America’s Oldest and Most Successful Garage Band. After the band broke up, the members followed business careers. Herb Gross started an ad agency, the drummer went into printing, the bass player became a scientist and the lead guitarist started a ceramics business. In 2004, the universe intervened into Gross life, when a local band asked him up on stage, reigniting his passion for music. It took nine months of organization and practice to get the band ready to play again. Since reuniting, they have played with the Beach Boys, appeared on National TV, and been featured in newspapers across the country and rocked thousands of boomers.

Gross wrote a book entitled Rock Till Ya Drop, and created a web site with over 50 ideas and ways for boomers to have fun. He is also in the process of developing a reality TV series, which looks for the hottest parties in the country.

Herb Gross will be talking about their amazing career and their new projects as well as taking questions on Sunday June 7th at 5 pm eastern at Those who wish to speak to the band may call in at (347) 324-3745. Free phone calls through Skype as well as an interactive chat room will be available on the show’s page.

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Energy Tarot Reading for the Week of May 31-June 5, 2009

Energy Tarot Reading for May 31-June 6, 2009

With Mercury finally moving forward, many will be able to look back and understand why this time and challenges were so important to the future. As we cleared away the old debris, we made room for healing, hope and new possibilities to enter our lives. It has been a long time since many of us saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The wait and the work have been worth the effort and tears it took to get to the end so the new beginning could be found. The tears have washed away the fears; in doing so, we were able to find the yellow brick road to our personal Emerald City. We faced our wicked fears and found new friends only to learn that the ability to go home had always been within us.

The energy we bring in from the past is the six of swords. It is a card of release and healing. Many of the decisions of the past were at the time were made with the right intentions; however, as time past our heart told us that it longed for another path, yet we chose to remain on the journey. As the energy changes, many will find the strength and courage to choose another path. Instead of fulfilling others’ expectations or needs, we seek our own happiness. Living for others denies happiness for all. By being honest with ourselves and others, we open the doors for love and healing on all levels to enter our lives.

The energy of the week is represented by the six of wands. This six is a card of faith, hope and miracles. Blessings shared are miracles created. As we use our energy, time and wisdom creatively, we find ways to meet our needs and still be able to help others. This card warns us not to get bogged down in the negativity around us. Even in the most challenging times, there are opportunities for those who have the ability to see outside the box. When one part of the life ends, it automatically creates a new beginning, but only if you are able to release your expectations and be fully open to change.

The energy we take out of this week is the Queen of Pentacles. Pentacles represent energy in all its forms. Whether woman or man, this card represents creativity being reborn. Old talents are revisited; new ones are developed. This energy will give those who seek it additional facets to their personality the ability to reawaken karmic memories. Suddenly interests and goals will change as we see our lives through a broader spectrum. Self imposed limits will fall away as our memories of the past energize us from the inside out, giving us the courage to reach for our true heart’s desire.

The energy we will all be challenged with this week is the nine of cups. Also called the wish card, the nine warns us to be careful for what we wish for; we never know when our heart will be heard and which wish granted. This card is a blessing or curse depending on how honest you are with yourself. Many of us dream the dream others expect us to have, while denying ourselves what we truly desire. Still others stubbornly hold on to dreams past their time; they are familiar and comfortable, but no longer bring us happiness. When we wish upon a star, it doesn’t matter who you are as long as you wish from your heart and allow the Divine to make it come true.

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Voice Over Resume Reel

Published Books:
Awakening the Dragon-Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy
Dragon Domain-Book Two of the Dragon Clan Trilogy
Nict For Ure Selfe (Not For Ourselves)
Out of the Shadows and Into the Light
From Blank Page to Book Shelves

Eye of Ra
To read an excerpt click here

Never Can Say Good-bye
To read an excerpt click here

TV Scripts
Days of Our Lives
Examples of plot, character, story and dialogue
The Ghost Story formatted
The unformatted beginning of the Ghost Story

The Gift: the beginning of a murder mystery

The Wedding: The wedding of Tony and Anne

Operation Home Base (This is a work in progress)
Excerpt of the made for TV two hour movie

Treatment for a NCIS episode: Between the Lines

Record Eagle January 2007 to December 2008
Qwando--Clearwater FL March 2007 to November 2007

Digit Video Producer
Writes, Edits, produces and distributes videos for publishers, PR firms, and authors. Voice over and audio mixing.
Pump Up Your Book Promotions
Big River Press
West Wind Communications
Julie Schoerke
Cate Cavanagh

Radio Host: Blog Talk Radio

WGTU/WGTQ TV 29 & 8 May 1986-Feb. 1991
Master Control Switcher Director/Editor/Camera Operator/Producer/Writer
Director of the live morning show/ local promotional material
WXMI-TV 17 Grand Rapids, MI April, 1985-May, 1986
Master Control Switcher, camera operator, editor, crew


Michigan State University
Bachelor of Arts--English
Bachelor of Arts--Video and Audio production
Minored in Theatre