Thursday, July 14, 2011

Love, Romance and Revenge Film Seek Investors

Some dreams are big enough to share. When I was 12 years old and I wrote a poem for my mother as a Mother's Day gift, it was the beginning. When other people daydreamed about being their favorite TV or film character, I would invent my own character and totally change the story. The first short story I wrote was the first time my soul really breathed and I found my place in the world.

Since then there have been many stories. Each had their place. Each taught me something new about myself and the world. In the 1990's I wrote Never Can Say Good-bye. Me being me, I sent it to my favorite actress Katherine Hepburn. I wanted her to star in it as Amanda. I got two very nice notes from her, saying that she though it was wonderful, but she had retired. Life and other challenges changed my life's path for a while.

Three years ago my life changed again. I was a big fan of Days of Our Lives since Dark Shadows ended, but the writing had gotten so bad that the show was unwatchable. Me being me, I knew I could do better. I started writing alternative storylines and posting them on the NBC Days of Our Lives boards. It was just to be snarky. But it actually turned into something. I had people from around the world asking me to finish the story. So I did.

I didn't get the head writer gig, but it did start me writing script again. I created Operation Home Base after talking to a friend who used to work at Red Cross. She was one of the workers who took and received messages for military personnel. Although what she did wouldn't sustain a series, it was a starting point. I combined the concepts behind some of my favorite series like MASH and NCIS, but it wasn't enough. OHB had to be more. When you serve, it is not a single individual who is in harms way; it is everyone who loves them.

Once the pilot and first season Bible were finished, I started looking for a production company to partner with me. Through a series of coincidences and synchronicity I learned that I’m good at producing. I am a natural scrounge and networker. It is what prompt me to create Cosmos Productions.

Never Can Say Good-bye was good script back in the 1990‘s, but after rereading it I realized I could do better. I rewrote it. As a person I’ve grown a great deal, which has made me a better writer. Never Can Say Good-bye has become a story of love, romance, forgiveness and second chances.

We have all these amazing people already attached to Never Can Say Good-bye. What we don't have is the financing. We have joined with Kickstarter to prime the pump for our financing. I am asking for your help to make this happen. The minimum is a dollar. The incentives start at 25.00. If you know of anyone who has the ability and desire to create good entertainment, please share this email and links.

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