Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Message to Rick Snyder

Governor Rick Snyder
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
PHONE: (517) 373-3400
FAX:(517) 335-6863

Greetings Mr. Snyder,

You sent me a nice form letter. No doubt you or your staff thought it would be enough to silence myself and the many others you sent it to. It’s not what you say, but what you do that reveals who you are. You are bad for the people of Michigan.

Your budget doesn’t break bad habits, it lines the pockets of your good old boys club and corporations, who have created the financial crisis in Michigan by outsourcing jobs. The fiscal reality is that you have chased away an industry that was bringing hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of good paying jobs to the state.

In two years, the Film Incentive program had a 6 to 1 profit margin for the state. It was profitable with tax revenue, good paying jobs, it supported local businesses, and made the state look good internationally for both tourism and investment. But it was bad for the good old boys club. They couldn’t just pay minimum wage and withhold benefits and still keep quality workers. They would have been forced to compete by paying a living wage and benefits.

Also new money means diversifying the power base. The broader the base the stronger the structure. But a broad base also means sharing power, wealth and control. All of which you and buddies are fighting to prevent even if it means destroying the state in the process.

If you hadn’t attacked the film incentive program, I would be wrapping up my first feature film. It’s a 7 million dollar project, most of which was going to be spent in the state.. I would be paying business taxes, payroll, and buying locally. Michigan, specifically Traverse City, Manistee, Michigan State University and several business, including the Henderson Castle would have been shown in a very positive light to an international market. Instead, many of the people I would have hired are unemployed or under employed, including myself.

I am still looking for financing. Never Can Say Good-bye will be shot in Michigan, but only because so many people put their faith in me and it. I won’t let them down. However, the TV series, Operation Home Base, along with the tax revenue, jobs, support for local business and the good PR is going to Oklahoma. Once it hits the air waves, I’m going to make sure everyone knows why I took the project out of Michigan and exactly who is responsible.

Your actions have qualified you for a very special honor from the people of Michigan. Seven Governors have been impeach. The people of Michigan are going to add your name to that list. You and your buddies are corruption and selfishness as basest level. You don’t care who your hurt or how many people’s lives you destroy. The only thing you care about is power and money.

The people of Michigan are not complacent. Your actions have mobilized us. We are standing together against you, those who vote with you and all you stand for. We are the people of Michigan and we are not for sale.