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Here is the February issue of Messages From the Universe. As always you may share the ezine, but the individual articles remain the sole property of the authors.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Prevented from Harassing Wiccans and Pagan
Christians Claim Discrimination
Theresa Chaze

On September 23 2006, several friends and myself drove down the Pagan Pride Day in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The sun was playing peak-a-boo with us all the way down. However, by the time we got to the park the clouds had parted somewhat. It was a beautiful day and we were excited about going to the festival. The parking lot was nearly full. We ended up finding parking spots on opposite ends of the lot for our two vehicles. As we walked to meet each other, we were suddenly confronted by men declaring we were evil and going to hell. Some of them quietly handed out flyers with Christian tracts to pedestrians walking by, but they were also putting them on the windshields. Others weren't so benign. They verbally assaulted people going into the festival, sometimes blocking their path and declaring they were in league with the devil. One man was arrested for using a bullhorn without a permit. Others went around the parking lot, writing down license plate numbers of the cars present. The only reason they would want that information is to harass the vehicle owners later. Granted after a certain point, I stopped being nice to them. I’m a fully dedicate Wiccan Priestess, who goes out of her way to help others and make the world a little better. I resented being called evil and being cursed to damnation by people who knew nothing about me.

We paid our admission with cat food for the local animal rescue group and joined in the festivities. With or without garb, people were enjoying each other’s company, the shopping and the positive energy of the group as a whole. We arrived in time to take a scrying class. After which, our group started breaking off to find our own interests. One of the local animal rescue groups had a few cats and dogs that were available for adoption. Angie commented that they had lost me for a while; she and Kayla went on to shop, while the two others found another class. I talked with the rescue volunteers for a while and scratched a few furry heads before moving on. There was some beautiful hand made crafts, intuitive readers and representatives from some Occult shops in Michigan. I stopped to chat and promote my novels. On the far end was a shop that sold inexpensive daggers and swords; none of them would be really considered weapons, being more decorative than being able to hold a true edge. I found one that was really cute and affordable, so I bought it. One of the SCA groups was teaching the younger children how to fence with patted sparing swords and showing off their own skill with their blades. There were also rituals being performed for the healing of the planet and for the equinox. There were other forms of entertainment, including a magician who did magic along the lines of the Mind Freak.

The atmosphere was relaxed with people laughing, chatting and enjoying the festival. Everyone was having a good time, except for the group of “Christians” who continued to screech how evil we were for not believing in their one true God. If harassing the festival goers in the parking lot was not enough, they were given specific areas in the park where they could spout their bigotry and negativity. Law enforcement kept an obvious presence by standing off to side, close enough to keep the two groups from colliding, but far enough so they wouldn‘t interfere with either group.. Most of the festival patrons ignored the Christians. The more they were disregarded, the louder the Christians became. No one from the festival or from law enforcement made any attempt to silence them. A few people did mock them, but they did not interfere with their free speech. They were able to spew their bigotry and ignorance to their hearts content. As the afternoon passed and the coming storm make its presence more apparent, the Christians disbursed.

You would think that would have been the end of the story, but is not. David Ickes and seven other members of the Worldwide Street Preachers’ Fellowship with the help of the Allied Defense Fun have suited the City of Grand Rapids, claiming their First Amendment Rights were violated by police when they attempted to speak in a public park.

“It is truly disturbing when those charged with upholding the law disregard or do not understand the First Amendment rights of citizens,” said ADF-allied attorney Randall Wenger of the Lancaster, Pa., law firm Clymer & Musser, P.C. “The officers in this situation acted in violation of the Constitution when they chose to silence those who were simply exercising their free speech rights.”

I was there for most of the festival. They were not silenced, just mocked and ignored. They were also prevented from harassing the festival goers by being limited to selected areas in the park. They claim that they did not use amplification equipment, but this is not true. It was the reason the person was arrested.

Ickes and the others claimed they merely wanted to address the festival goers. Their group was able to speak out; they were just prevented from harassing others who walk a different spiritual path. They had the right to speak out. We also had the First Amendment right to mock them and ignore them. They claim their First Amendment right of free speech was violated; however, they were violating our First Amendment right of freedom of religion.

“Religious speech is protected under the First Amendment and cannot be silenced because of a city-imposed permit requirement,” Wenger explained.

This is true, but so is our right not to be Christian and to live our lives free of harassment and intimidation. Ickes and his fellow preachers have the right to believe whatever they wish, but they do not have the right to inflict it on others.

A copy of the complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan in World Wide Street Preachers’ Fellowship v. The City of Grand Rapids is available at The motion for preliminary injunction may be viewed at The memorandum in support of the motion for preliminary injunction is available at

Friday, January 26, 2007

Energy Reading for February 2007
Theresa Chaze

In February 2007, the emotional and spiritual spring will be coming early for many as they have gone through their dark night and the dawn has appeared on the horizon. Those who have done the work will find that by mid February their rewards and awards will be larger than they anticipated. But they deserve no less, for they were the pioneers who faced the challenges of the unchartered territory and blazoned the path for others to follow.
The energy we are carrying forward from the past is the knight of wands. It is a card of sudden change, rash decisions, and radical changes of paths. Projects and challenges were completed only to find that the results, although expected, are no longer suitable for the current situation. The believes that many held dear were suddenly exposed as half-truths or out right lies, leaving the faithful disillusioned and angry. Yet the challenge they will carry forward is to see that the core belief wasn’t false, but the interpretation that they were given was a distortion. Those in control sought keep power over others by using fear, manipulation and bullying. As the truth is revealed, their power base has begun to erode. The image that comes to mind is the French Revolution as those in the middle start taking back their power from those with extreme views and goals.
February is represented by the Queen of Pentacles. Creativity, independence, and thinking outside the box will become the norm as individuals break away from the corporate world. No longer working in the best interest of the individual, corporations will find their best and brightest leaving to start their own enterprises. Only they will not only be loosing talent individuals, but they will be gaining competitors who know what their weaknesses are. February will be the month that more individuals will be willing to have the courage to find other options and have the courage to follow through. It is a month of breaking away from the herd. Only they will not be running solo for long. As more find their freedom, they will create a new herd based more on equality, honor and equitable distribution of resources.
The energy we will take with us is the Death card. Although it will be a jumping off point for many, this card talks more about the transformation and the radical changes that will be happening both within and without. Just like the sword, which has been shaped and strengthened by the forge, the trial by fire has tempered those who have walked through it, making them stronger, wiser and more capable of standing up for their rights, beliefs and those who are less capable. The death will come as the power shifts and the old guard finally topples. It will not be an easy, peaceful ending, but one of betrayal, lies, dishonor, and pain for many. But their attempts to retain control will only hasten their exposure and defeat.
The energy we will all be challenged with is the Star. In this case, the Star represents courage in spite of the odds, honor when it would be easy to sink to lower levels and faith when there is no reason to have it. By focusing on our goals and the path we have set before us, we will find the strength, courage and wisdom to follow through to the end. As we continue on our individual path, we will soon find that the paths start to merge; we are not alone. Together we are stronger exponentially. Together we can tear down the darkness that subdued us with fear and manipulation. Together we can rebuild and restore the balance that was taken from us by the empty souls who sought power for power sake and selfish who tried filling the emptiness within by stealing the light of others.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Out of the Shadows and Into the Light
Wiccan Wisdom
Theresa Chaze
Although Wicca is a modern term, it is based on traditions that reach back to when humans toiled the soil and hunted the forests for food. It is a wisdom, which helps Wiccan and Pagans work in harmony with the rhythms of nature to provide and protect the family or tribe. Most of us today do not grow our own food or hunt in the forest; instead, we work jobs and forage in supermarkets. This doesn’t change the essential nature of our goals, which is to provide for our families and ourselves. By working in harmony with the nature's energy, which surrounds us, we can bring balance, peace and prosperity into our lives. This doesn’t mean our lives will be without challenges, but it does mean with faith in ourselves and the Divine we can weather our challenges to reach our best and highest good.
Wiccans also respect other religions. We do not alter their rituals or prayers as an anti-religion. I have heard of covens, which as part of their initiation require the initiate to say the Lord’s Prayer backward. Wicca is based on spiritual traditions, which began long before Christ walked upon the Earth. We are a positive, loving force in the universe. Only by respecting all paths can we honor ourselves, each other and the Divine life force, no matter what is called, which is in all of us.
In my soon to be published Book of Shadows called, Out of the Shadows and Into the Light, I share some of what I have learned. It is a positive healing magic, meant to help you on your path. If you are looking for rituals to control or harm another, you are looking in the wrong book. Anytime you try to control another’s destiny, it is black magic. Which brings me to the Wiccan Creed “do what ye will, but harm none.” and the “rule of three”. The only exception to these rules is in self-defense. Once you are no longer being attacked, you must stop; otherwise, you become the attacker and the rules apply to you. Both the creed and the rule of three have been hotly debated. Whether you call it the rule of three, karma, or what goes around comes around, your actions do have consequences for good or evil. Harm or manipulate another, no matter what your intentions, and you open yourself to the same at another’s hand. However, random acts of kindness bring help and healing back to you when you need it. It is your choice.
There are two categories of protection. The first is a response to an attack that has already begun. Rituals, which reflect back or bind the other’s negative energy, fall into this section. The second set of rituals are preventative measures, which include cleansing, shields, and reinforcing your own energy. Protection rituals or spells, which reflect back or bind, are specifically for self-defense on a spiritual level. Once you are in a safe spot, you can then turn your attention to preventing further aggression. These protection rituals are solely for self-defense. To follow the attacker and to continue, reverse the roles and you become the attacker. These rituals are specifically designed for self-defense, nothing more.
More than protection, justice rituals are for situations, which are bigger than the individual is, when you want to clear your karma, or break karmic ties with another. They are the best way to release the situation to the wisdom of a higher power. However by doing so you also forfeit your control over the end results. By letting go, you allow the best and highest good to determine the outcome. There are many situations both on the personal level and on the grand scale that would benefit from setting aside the ego and allowing Goddess/God to deal with the challenge.
What would a book of Shadows be without prosperity rituals--a book of other wisdom. But if you are looking for rituals to help you win the lottery or to steal others’ belongings, you need to look elsewhere. There aren’t many rich witches out there who didn’t become so without hard work. That doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen, only that is unlikely that you will win millions. Prosperity is more than the sum total of what is in you bank account, but of who you are and what you have accomplished. That doesn't mean you can set aside the mundane needs of life and go meditate on a hill--even then you have to eat. What it does mean that you need to take responsibility for your decisions and your life. Casting spells and doing rituals can help, but I have yet to meet a rich witch. The best way to insure a successful, prosperous life is to remain in school and get a good education. In doing so, you'll find a source of satisfaction as well as being able to live comfortably.
Most love rituals are in fact black magic. If you try to influence another against their will to love you, even for good reason, it is black magic and eventually you will pay. In the movie, The Craft, the one witch discovered how dangerous it can be. She forced a classmate to love her, but instead of a lover she created a dangerous stalker. Besides wouldn't you prefer to have a love match where you were loved you for yourself instead of forcing someone to love you. How could you ever trust the love between you? Created in trickery and deceit, it could never be a strong bond. Also in doing so, you would create very bad karma and destroy any chance you and any of your true soul mates would have of connecting.
As with the protection rituals, the following are not meant to be the only path to take. If you are physically ill or injured for goodness sake seek medical help. I am not a doctor or a medical professional. Healing rituals are designed to heal from the spiritual down to the physical. Many illnesses, both on the physical and emotional level have their sources in the spiritual. By healing etheric body or the soul, the physical body is restored. There isn't a simple explanation of why illness happens--nor are there any cure all. Frequently illnesses are learning experiences, karmic balancing or the result of emotional trauma. The only way to deal with them is to find the root cause. In doing so, the lesson is learn or the trauma is understood so trapped emotions can be released. This is no guarantee that the physical ailment will just disappear, but it will aid with the healing process.
Wiccan and Paganism are multi-dimensional paths whose main purpose is to be able both live well and in harmony with the universe. You won’t find them on street corners trying to convert others, nor do they actively attack others; it would be against their belief system. Instead, they chose a life’s path in the pursuit of wisdom, honor and harmony. They work their jobs, care for their families, and pay their bills, while trying to make this world a little better for everyone.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Garden City--Tales of Magic Throughout Time

Jamieson, I understand you have a new novel out. Could you tell me about it?

I'd be glad to. Garden City is about magic, people and the lives they live..

GARDEN CITY is a book of collected fiction. The stories actually span my entire writing career and, without really know it, I set all the stories in the same place.

Founded by the Goddess of Time, Garden City is a sprawling city metropolis that is home to more than concrete and glass. Roaming it's streets are ghosts, spirits, Goddesses, the Three Fates and, perhaps most importantly, Magic.

There are 20 fictions collected in GARDEN CITY and in each story, we see a little bit of different lives. There's Owen Wolfe who stumbles upon a grisly murder involving magic. There's Kimberlee, who is claimed as a bride by a statue come to life. Or Nancy, a young woman who meets the Goddess of the Fae in a city park.

But there are others who live in Garden City as well. There is Poppy who is able to turn into a Crow after a mysterious dream. There is Alex who prolongs his life by out running the Three Fates; Hillary who disappears while on assignment for a reality TV show. A woman named Miriam disappeared on the thirteenth floor of Edison Tower.

Magic comes in many forms and can effect lives in so many different ways. GARDEN CITY is like a dozen of lives, all happening at the same time. Look at Garden City like a bouquet of flowers: beautiful, but with sharp thorns.

Who is the main character? What is unique about her or him?

Well, if I had to pick a main character, it would have to be Owen Wolfe. Owen, shows up in Crossroads, Bride, Pandora's Box, Magic Man, Boozehound, and Reunion.

I think what makes Owen unique is his ability to believe in the unbelievable and face it head on. He's able to befriend magic and it changes him for the better as opposed to for the worse. Magic can go to a persons head, you know. *grins*.

I don't want to pump Owen's ego too much as there is a lot of me in Owen; in fact, every time I have a story that is loosely based around real life, Owen seems to be my mouthpiece. It's what makes Garden City so autobiographical; Owen's in a lot of the stories.

Every author has a unique niche or genre that crosses genres. Mine is magical fantasy suspense. How would you describe your genre and who would you compare yourself to?

How would I describe mine...well, I'm not too sure. I write a number of different things. My Hope Falls series would be along the lines of noir/fantasy/thrillers where my other books could be described as urban fantasy/fiction. I try to write stories and novels that don't have one particular genre; I find it appeals to more people that way.

What or who is your target market?

Anyone and everyone, it seems. Anyone who enjoys a good story and likes getting involved the plot twists and characters. I also write for children, so my target market is all over the place. Essentially, though, anyone who enjoys the thrill of story.

Besides the blog tour, what kind of promotions are you doing?

Gosh, what am I NOT doing to promote my book? I've created my very first Book Trailer for GARDEN CITY and you can see it here:

GARDEN CITY: A Book Trailer

I run my own blog entitled I AM THE HUNTER where I post about my writing, what I'm working on, what I'm currently reading or whatever tickles my fancy. You can view my blog here:

I AM THE HUNTER: Blog for Jamieson Wolf

I also run my own newsletter called THE WOLF and it's free! I write about what I'm working on and even provide valuable writing tips to readers looking to try their hand at writing. You can view it here:

THE WOLF: The Newsletter for author Jamieson Wolf

Where can readers buy your novel?

You can purchase Garden City at my web site:

What other works have you released and how can they be purchase?

I have a few works available actually: Aside from GARDEN CITY, there are the novels ELECTRIC PINK and ELECTRIC BLUE, the first two novels in my urban fantasy trilogy. I've also written a book called FINDING THE MUSE which teaches others how to write from inspiration.

What is the one thing you would like your readers to take away from your writing? What is the message you are trying to get across?

I don't know that there's any one particular message; There are a few messages that keep popping up in my work, however:

- Good will triumph over Evil
- Be inspired by the life you life
- Magic is all around you. You just have to open your eyes.

Most, if not all, of my stories seem to revolve around those philosophies. But what can writers take away from my work?
A damn good story, I hope!

What author or work inspired you to write and why?

Oddly enough, it's Carol Shields. Carol Shields has always been a favorite author of mine. I had the opportunity to meet her when she came to Ottawa to speak once at the University of Ottawa about the power of narrative. I didn't have the guts to ask her a question after her wonderful talk; all the academics were asking all these big, wordy questions.

At the time, I was working on my poetry and was thinking of writing. So, after the talk, I went up to her with my copy of Swann (a personal fave of mine) and asked her if it was harder writing narrative in poetry or in prose. She asked me why I didn't ask my question at the end of the talk and I said I had been intimidated.

She then told me a few things that have stuck with me for the rest of my life: Never be intimidated by others. There is a writer in all of us, you just have to find him.

She then complimented me on a ring I was wearing, signed my book and sent me on my way. She died shortly after. I always wanted to thank her for what she did; she was responsible for my becoming a writer.

I hope that, where ever she is, she knows the power her words had for me.

How is this person or work reflected in your work?

The impossible exists. :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Words the members of the House of Christ live by, and killed by.

Rachel Franklin knew from the first moment she laid eyes on it that the cottage was hers. She felt its pull, could sense the magic within its walls. She was home.

However, the members of the House of Christ church had different ideas. The cottage was evil, the home of a witch, and all good Christians know that witches are evil beings, consorts of the Devil; their houses are evil and should be destroyed.

But, the cottage’s owner, Kevin Mitchellson would not allow that. He forbids any member of the church to set foot on the property left to him by his grandmother, Sarah, and the conflict rages, as Wicca and Christians team up, prepared to do battle with the bigotry and ignorance of the House of Christ fanatics.

Therese Chaze draws her readers in from the first page and refuses to release them until the last word of this fantastic tale of witches, magic, love and betrayal.

Set in the village of Coyote Springs, Dragon Domain is a book of lessons; lessons on love, forgiveness, and above all truth to oneself.

In the grand traditions of Anne McCaffrey and Marion Zimmer Bradley, Therese Chaze captures the imagination as well as the heart of her readers.

Dragon Domain is an open door to a world of wonder, and from the first page to the last, you will be hard pressed to put it down.

Linda L Rucker
Author of:
Dark Ridge: A Novel
What the Heart Wants: A Novel


Sisters Mother Daughters-
The Complicated Relationships Between Women
A free ebook

Theresa Chaze

Valkyrie Publishing announces the release of the free ebook by Theresa Chaze, Sisters, Mothers, Daughters. Using the fantasy genre, the short stories explore the complicated and ever changing relationships between women. Other worlds, differing religions, and political view points come together as women explore themselves and their life’s path. Sometimes controversial, sometimes frightening this collection of short stories reveals the multi-dimensional spirit of the every changing woman.

Seize of honor is an other worldly tale of how Kelly O’Dell accidentally killed the children of the natives she is attempting to communicate with them to save her people. It was an accident. She never intended to harm anyone, but natives knew she was responsible. They laid the body of one of the children on her door step and pointed their finger at her. Her comrades didn’t understand why. Kelly knew but she lied. Even after the natives attacked, killing most of their party, she kept silent. She couldn’t tell them the truth. At best they would abandon her to the natives’ justice; at worse they would notify command when the rescue team arrived. Either way, she would be as dead; the only question would be is how long and how painful the end would be. To save herself and her people, she must find a way to restore her honor by making the natives understand it was only an accident.

Resa has died, yet her spirit did not move on. Knowing her birth family would attempt to steal her property from those she had gifted it to and inflict their beliefs on her, she refused to cross over. They had tried every legal means available, but this time, she was ready for them. The everything was iron clad. Her wishes would be obeyed; her sisters of spirit would insure her final desires would be followed down to the last detail. In It’s my Funeral, I’ll Disco If I Want, Resa has prearranged her own funeral according to her Wiccan beliefs. Caroline, her spirit guide to the Summerland and long time friend, arrives to escort her to the other side, only find that Resa refuses to leave until after her funeral. Instead she wants to watch as her frustrated birth family is forced to accept in death what they couldn’t accept about her in life.

Politically relevant and controversial, And Freedom For All, projects into the future what life will be like once the religious right has gained power over the United States. Laws are in acted and interpreted according to their Christian doctrine, leading to the over turn of Roe vs. Wade and to a great division between the states. Pregnant by a man who sees her more as possession than a partner, Daphne asks childhood friend, Melanie to help her to escape to a free state. To retain control over her own body, Daphne leaves nearly everything behind and flees for her freedom. Together they must avoid the Pre-born Police, who arrest women they believe are pregnant to prevent them from leaving the Christian controlled states. Three borders and hundreds of miles to cross stretch between them and freedom as they do their best to avoid detection and capture. As they escape, Melanie and Daphne become part of a movement that will once again divide the country.

These are only examples of the tales told in Sisters Mothers Daughters as women strive to understand themselves and each other. Each of these women must look to their own hearts and ask themselves--am I strong enough?

Sisters Mothers Daughters is available at In addition, there are excerpts of Theresa Chaze’s novels, Awakening the Dragon and Dragon Domain, and other short works. Valkyrie Publishing distributes a monthly spiritual ezine, Messages From the Universe and the ebook versions of both Ms Chaze’s novels.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Police Abuse: video of police beating a suspect

Awakening the Dragon--Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy
a review

Kirk Donaldson says:
Awakening the Dragon is a thought provoking, insightful tale. Theresa Chaze gives us a glimpse into worlds most never see. Rachael is a woman with a plan. With her lottery winnings and a the opportunity to make a dream come true, she moves to Coyote Springs to open a new store and start her new life. Brought uncomfortably close to her childhood home by Fate, she settles in to try and make a normal life for her and her feline children. Her plans for normalcy are interrupted when she finds a new house- the scene of the murder of one of the town's most respected women. Rachael is quickly drawn into the middle of what appears to be a religious war that has been simmering in the town for nearly twenty years. It is up to her to overcome her past and muster her growing abilities and try to bring out a truth hidden in the hearts of the townsfolk.

Suspenseful, thrilling, and imaginative, Theresa Chaze spins a web of plots, tying them neatly to give the reader an entertaining look at faith, tradition, and the hearts of followers of paths old and new.
Triple Goddess-Maiden, Mother, Crone

Selena Fox on VA Pentacle Campaign

Wiccans Sue the Veterans Administration (VA)

The announcement of the legal suit to force the Veterans Administration to acknowledge the pentacle as a religious symbol.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Awakening the Dragon--a shameless self promotional video

Rachael moves to Coyote Springs to follow her dream and build a home, instead she becomes a catalyst in exposing a murder and a target of a violent cult. Where Anne McCaffrey and Marion Zimmer Bradley left off and where Harry Potter was afraid to go, Theresa Chaze takes the reader into realms of magic, suspense and horror. Set in Northern Michigan,Awakening the Dragon is a magical novel set in modern times containing working rituals and true magic. (more)

I've updated and cleaned it up a little. If you have a chance please watch it again.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Awakening the Dragon--Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy--a Review

Finally, a book for the average Wiccan reader. I found, Awakening the Dragon, both exciting and thought provoking. You can't help but be drawn into the story as you learn to care about the characters and the trials that they face. I found myself, laughing, crying, and yelling at various parts of the story. I can't wait to read the next two books in the series. I recommend it.

Stephani Hecht

Monday, January 08, 2007

Internet Tarot Readings
Theresa Chaze

The internet has opened another option for those who wish to see a glimpse into their future through the Tarot. For decades, readings were done over the telephone; for centuries beyond that, they were done live and in person. However, with the internet and email, tarot readings have gone high tech. It is now possible to ask questions or receive a general reading through email.

Although the in person readings have the advantage of the personal touch, the results of online readings are easier to keep and refer back to at future dates. In addition, by printing up the results, you can create a timeline that tracks your progress toward your goals as well as help you navigate through possible roadblocks. Although everyone has some level of psychic awareness, it always helpful to get a fresh perspective from an unbiased third person. Gifted readers show you how to find all your options and help you to find the best course of action; in doing so, they help you make decisions that are for your best and highest good. The reader is merely a guide to help you find you own path.

Theresa Chaze is a Wiccan Priestess who has twenty years experience reading Tarot. Using her natural born intuitive and empathic gifts, she helps her clients make informed decisions. Her gifts allow her to go beyond the cards to speak to your soul and your guides to get more detailed information. Through her maternal line, she is able to communicate with those who have crossed over; however, she does not guarantee that the dead will be available or willing to speak to the living. Another gift she received from her mother closeness with animals; she is especially intuitive with cats.

Ms. Chaze is available to do online Tarot Readings. Normally she does a double Celtic cross reading, which consist of eight cards plus an over all message card and a timing card. Any additional information she perceives is added, whether she understands it or not. In addition, any cards that jump out of the deck, wanting attention become part of the reading. This general reading gives the questioner whatever information they need the most at the time. She also does a five-card question spread, which focuses on one specific topic. The spread consists of two cards for the past, one for the present and the remaining two speak of the future. Although limited it is beneficial at times when specific information is required. Ms Chaze can bee contacted through her site at

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Valkyrie Publishing: Opens the epublishing Door for Individuals who want to keep control of their work.

Valkyrie Publishing provides a formatting conversion service, which translates word documents into PDF files and creates unique graphics for those who are time and technically challenged. Not only for Ebooks, PDF files can be useful for newsletters, ezines, or any document that will be needed to be easily opened by many computers.

As many have already realized using the free online service to convert their document into a PDF file doesn't always happen easily. Sometimes the formatting process moves paragraphs and chapters so they no longer properly aligned on the page. Valkyrie Publishing checks the placement before returning it to the author for formatting errors. In addition, the documents are ad free. Since the author is hiring a service, all rights are retained by the author. This service will provide a way for more authors to publish their work while maintaining total control over the distribution and sales.

Graphics will be composed using Photoshop by using of both royalty free components as well as original art. The image will be returned in a jpeg format in the best quality possible. From ebook covers to ezines, Valkyrie Publishing will provide unique art that will make your project look professional.

There are also other uses for PDF files. Newsletters and ezines are becoming more technically advanced as they become more popular. By converting to a PDF file, the publisher has the option of either sending the file out in the body of an email or uploading the file onto their server and sending out the address. By doing the later, it increases readership possibilities as it makes the smaller email and removes the need for an attachment. It's a simple and easy way of distributing newsletters and press releases. However, any documents that are going to shared or read on many different computers will benefit from being converted. For more information and for price quotes on profits, please go to

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Linda Rucker helps with AIDS relief

I'm pretty sure this picture is copyrighted and I'll probably get in a heap of trouble for using it, but these are just two of the faces of AIDS. I got this picture from PCEM which stands for Program Committee on Education for Mission. You can click on this link to go their website and read how they are working to educate people about this deadly disease.
I just wanted everyone out there to see that Gay men are not the only ones affected by this disease. Neither is it limited to adults. The faces of AIDS are many and varied. They could be your son, your daughter, your grandchild, your mother, your father, your sister, your brother. Anyone and everyone can be infected by this and is.

More than twenty years after the first cases of HIV/AIDS was diagnosed in this country, the numbers of infected have skyrocketed to alarming proportions.
From being the so called Gay plague or Gay disease, it has morphed into an equal opportunity infection , knowing no age or gender boundaries.
Now it is infecting our children, our babies, our teens, our adolescents. No one is immune to this disease.

Drugs have been developed that can control AIDS, but there is still, after more than twenty years, no cure, short of a plastic bubble.
No, it's not funny. We can stop the spread of AIDS by making just a couple of smart choices.
We can practice safe sex. Using a condom is an excellent way to prevent the spread of the disease, but it's certainly not foolproof. The surest way is abstinence, but lets face it, how many teenagers are willing to practice abstinence? How many adults? Very few.

So what is the answer? I don't know. I'm no scientist, or doctor.
From what I gather, teens are rapidly becoming the most infected in this country; with young blacks and Hispanics topping the list. But, all teens are at risk, and short of convents and monasteries, is there any way to stop these kids from having sex? No, not really. Remember when you were young?
'Nough said.

The only way to slow the spread of AIDS is through education and example. Practice safe sex, use a condom and try to remember that even condoms are not 100% effective against AIDS.

If you or someone you know even suspects they may have been infected, get tested immediately. Don't wait, go now.
Even if you test negative, further testing is needed at six month intervals to be certain. One can test negative for HIV today and six months later test positive. And in the meantime, how many others have you put at risk? How many other innocent people have you infected by your carelessness?
Don't think that it can't happen to you. I'd be willing to bet you that to a person, everyone in this country infected with HIV said the same thing.
How can you be 100% certain that your partner isn't infected? Because he/she is a doctor, a lawyer, makes no difference. Professional people do have sex, believe me, and for that matter alone they can be infected, and they can spread the disease to you.

Education is the only way to help prevent the spread of AIDS, but even that isn't a magic pill.

You may read up on the disease, know the risks, know how to protect yourself, but does your partner? What if you are in a monogamous relationship for a few years and you are completely comfortable in the knowledge that your partner is HIV free. Okay, so no more condoms, they're awful and time consuming and really not necessary in this relationship. Okay, nine out of ten time, that's perfectly accurate. But, what if your partner strays, just once, a one nighter that meant nothing, and you forgive him/her and resume your condom-less relationship. So what if your significant other's one nighter was infected with HIV and he/she didn't know? Now you both are infected. And who knows how many others?

This disease isn't going to go away by itself. Not without everyone worldwide becoming educated and practicing safe sex. But in reality, we all know that is about as likely as your mother-in-law growing a second head. Okay, bad analogy, but you get the picture.

All you can do is educate yourself and protect yourself and hope and pray that your partner does the same.
For the year 2007, 40% of the sale of every copy of "Dark Ridge" will be donated to AIDS relief. W.H.A.T. is gearing up for a full year of money making events to aid in the treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Look for e-books in the coming months that chronicle the disease and the real people who have lived with not only the disease, but the stigma of it. All proceeds from the sale of these e-books will go to HIV/AIDS relief.
You may purchase your copy of "Dark Ridge" from,,, or order it at any Borders, Hastings or B Dalton Booksellers, or any book retailers nationwide.
You may not think your small purchase will be of any real help in this fight, but believe me, every penny helps to provide medicine for those infected with this deadly disease.

And please remember, babies and small children are dying, and your contribution will help get much needed medicine to these children, and others who can not afford the medicine they need to keep living.
Thank you.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dead Not Gone
Theresa Chaze
The rays of sunset melted into mauves and lavender as it faded into the west beneath the sliver of moon. All around her, Anna could smell the intense sweet of the lilac bushes intertwining with a hint of smoke from a neighbor's bon fire. The first of many, she thought looking across the field. The neighborhood was quiet except for the barking dogs in the distance. Shifting her backpack, she waited hidden among the lilac bushes, watching the burned out remains of house at the top of the hill. She had to be sure. There could be no mistakes. The remaining color paled to gray then darkness; it was time. Saying a prayer of protection to the Goddess, Anna surrounded herself in the Mother Earth's energy to cloak her from what she knew would appear. On the spiritual realm, she would now be as invisible to him as he was to most in the physical world.

It started as a small spark from what was the back of the house, growing intensity as it moved through it and out the front door. On the remains of the porch, it took shape. As in life, he was a large man both in statue and in weight. His hair was dark and well combed. While he was alive, Anna only met him once. He had towered over her; his vacant blue eyes examined her as if she were a piece of meat lying behind a butcher's display case. The encounter had been brief, yet it still had left her drained and ill. It took her several days and a healing from a friend for her to recover. Now looking up at his spirit, her stomach again became queasy. The Writersville police had ended his life when he refused to surrender, choosing instead to shoot at them. A volley of bullets gave cover as the smoke bomb crashed through the front window. The house burst into flames. He refused to leave. Hours later, his chard body was carried out, but Davis was far from being contained.

The night after his remains had been laid to rest, his spirit appeared on the burnt remnants of his porch. His appearance had awakened her from a sound sleep and she watched him wander the neighborhood, search for a vulnerable home. She had quickly thrown up her shields to hide her home from his sight. His passed and found entrance on a ranch further down the street--the home of one of the children he had victimized in life. Moments later, a child’s screams echoed. Lights appeared in the windows. An ambulance arrived soon after. The family never did return to the home. That had been three weeks before. Each night since it had been a different homes and different children screaming. Each time the attacks became more violent. The night before the child nearly died. Anna vowed it would never happen again.

From the porch, his spirit looked down. Most had lights shining behind curtained windows. Families were settling in for the night. Two blocks away, her home also had a light shining as a beacon for her, only it had so much more. Before she left, she set her shields and called her patron dragon to protect her fur-kids. She needed to know they would be protected; it wouldn’t be safe for either if her attention were divided. Now she had to wait. While he was on his home turf, he was to powerful for her to face. He needed to choose his new victim and attack. It was only after he left his power source was he vulnerable. She had no choice but risk another child.

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