Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Twelfth Insight

Until You Walk the Path, You Don’t Know Where it Goes will be hosting author and therapist James Redfield on April 29 at 5 pm eastern. Redfield will be talking about his new novel, Twelfth Insight.

James Redfield self-published his first novel in 1993, the immediate groundswell of enthusiasm from booksellers and readers made The Celestine Prophecy one of the most successful self-published books of all time.

Since 1994, when Warner Books published The Celestine Prophecy in hardcover, this adventure parable about a spiritual journey to Peru became one of modern publishing's greatest success stories. According to Publishing Trends, The Celestine Prophecy was the number one international bestseller of 1996, and spent over three years on The New York Times bestsellers list. In 1996, an eagerly awaited sequel, The Tenth Insight: Holding the Vision, which also became an instant bestseller, joined The Celestine Prophecy. The two books spent a combined seventy-four weeks on The New York Times list, making James Redfield the best-selling hardcover author in the world in 1996, as cited in BP Report (January 1997). The Celestine series of adventure parables continued in 1999 with the publication of The Secret of Shambhala: In Search of the Eleventh Insight (Warner Books).

Redfield's contributions to environmental and humanitarian causes is extensive, and has resulted in Humanitarian of the Year awards from Habitat for Humanity and the International New Thought Alliance, and in Wisdom Media Group's WorldView Award. He has joined Marianne Williamson and Neale Donald Walsch to promote nonviolent principles in the political system in an initiative called the Global Renaissance Alliance. And in 1997 Redfield was awarded the Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Senate at the XXIII Pio Manzu International Conference in Rimini, Italy. Pio Manzu is a nongovernmental arm of the United Nations headed up by Mikhail Gorbachev.

In the spring of 2004, principal photography began on an independent feature film based on The Celestine Prophecy. James Redfield partnered with Barnet Bain in cowriting the screenplay before they teamed up with coproducers Terry Collis and Beverly Camhe to take the international bestseller from page to screen. The movie is slated for a 2005 release.

Tune into on to learn more about The Twelfth Insight from its author James Redfield on April 29 at 5 pm eastern. The phone lines and chat will be available for those who wish to participate. The phone number is (347) 324-3745.

Until You Walk the Path, You Won’t Know Where it Goes is an interactive internet radio show, which takes a broader look at the topic of spirituality. Instead of focusing on the religious aspects of life, it delves into how our spirits inspire us to be our best and highest selves. The goal is to give a venue to those who wish to share their inspiration, their wisdom and their courage. By sharing our experiences, we not only give encouragement others to reach for their dreams, but to also help

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Redistributing Wealth by Stealing Land from Children to create a Golf Course

Benton Harbor just has to follow the money to understand the method behind the Emergency Financial Manager.

Al Pacholka sponsored the EFM bill. He is the representative from Benton Harbor. He is also a former VP of one of the developers of the golf course that they have been trying to put on the Jean Clock Park site. He is also a former staffer for Congressman Fred Upton, who is part of the Whirlpool family.

Whirlpool has been trying since the 1980's to get the $500 million 530 acre public/private land development, which would include Jean Clock Park. It would include a golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus, luxury condos, mansions and a few affordable homes. The local government and the people of Benton Harbor stood in their way.

Benton Harbor is one of the first cities taken over. Suddenly, the local government no longer has any power. Gee, it doesn't take a psychic to see what's coming next. I wonder if Jack knows that he is contributing to the destruction of land that was a gift to the children and families of Benton Harbor from a grieving family as a memorial for their daughter. So is he so hard-hearted that he only cares about money like Snyder, Pacholka, and Upton?

For those outside Michigan who think this isn't your problem, so you don't feel the need to help—think again. Michigan isn't the only state who has a dictatorial governor nor will Snyder be the last if his policies are allowed to stand. You can either help us stop this in our backyard or fight it in your own front yard. The choice is yours.


Al Pacholka
We are located in the:
Anderson House Office Bldg.
N-1098 House Office Building
Lansing, MI 48933

N-1098 House Office Building
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48933

Phone: (517) 373-1403
Toll Free: (888) 656-0079


Fred Upton

Kalamazoo District Office
157 South Kalamazoo Mall
Suite 180
Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Phone: (269) 385-0039
Fax: (269) 385-2888

Benton Harbor/St. Joseph District Office
800 Centre, Suite 106
800 Ship Street
St. Joseph, MI 49085
Phone: (269) 982-1986
Fax: (269) 982-0237

Washington, D.C. Office
2183 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
Phone: (202) 225-3761
Fax: (202) 225-4986

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus
IMG New York
(Sports Management Company)
304 Park Avenue South
Penthouse North
New York, NY 10010-4301
Phone: (212) 489-5400
Fax: (212) 246-1118

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paranormal Romance Film: Never Can Say Good-bye

Never Can Say Good-bye is a paranormal romance reminiscent of the Reincarnation of Peter Proud and Fatal Attraction. Elizabeth arrives in Coyote Springs to help a friend. Instead she learns that love and hate survive death.

To learn more about Never Can Say Good-bye and other projects go to

Benton Harbor, MI Story On The Rachel Maddow Show 4/18/2011

Rick Snyder is attempting to steal land to serve up to the wealthy as another golf course. For the people of Benton Harbor will receive low pay jobs as waiters, caddies, lawn maintenance, etc...No doubt the gingham dress and bandana will be optional.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Michigan: Declare Your Independence-Stand up and Speak out

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security...

The Declaration of Independence changed the destiny of the colonies and the world. By demanding their rights, the colonists took back their power and created not only a new country, but also a new form of government. By standing up and speaking out, they put their lives and families on the line, yet their courage became the backbone that has supported the country both in good times and bad.

Governor Snyder's policies run parallel to those of King George. His policies and actions have already cost the state millions of dollars of income and thousands of jobs by giving preferential treatment to corporations and individuals who support the Republican party. His anti-Robin Hood tactics of increasing taxes on the middle class, poor and the elder in order to give tax breaks to corporations have limited their ability to provide for their families. He has pushed through legislation that usurps the rights of the voters. Elected officials can only be dismissed or impeached at the will of those who elected them. Citizens who have exercised their legal right to of peaceful protest have been arrested.

Citing the study done by the Republican supported group, The Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Snyder declared the program was a drain on the state's economy. He caped the fund to the point of destroying its ability to attract projects to Michigan, thereby effectively sending the millions of dollars of new money and jobs other states.
However, an independent research study conducted by respected international accounting firm Ernst & Young proves that Snyder's claims are false. Commissioned by the Convention & Visitors Bureaus for metro Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and Traverse City, this independent study proves that the film incentive program has already shown a positive return on the states investment. The final report showed that the industry had already created 3,860 full time equivalent jobs for Michigan residents in 2010, at an average salary of $53,700- per year, and generated an estimated impact on statewide sales of $503 million in 2010 with a net return $5.94 per dollar of net credit cost. Not only did it reduce the number of people receiving unemployment benefits, but it also brought in new taxes, fees and diversified Michigan's economy. The Mackinac Center's position can be read at : The Ernest & Young study can be read at:
Instead expanding Michigan's economic pool with new money and jobs, Snyder has chosen to give his corporate buddies an additional $1.5 billion dollars of tax incentives and breaks to Republican supporting corporations. These corporate welfare will be paid by additional taxes for the middle-class, working poor and seniors. In addition, school budgets and aid to local governments will be slashed. This taxation policy will not only economically sabotage the middle-class, the working poor and the elderly, but it will also force more people to leave the state simply because they cannot afford to live her. This policy of corporate welfare also financially weakens small businesses. With the increasing tax burden they will be asked to assume along with the diminishing customer base, it will be nearly impossible for small businesses to pay a living wage to its workers and still make a profit,.
Snyder has pushed through legislation, which allows him take over any area he declares to be in an economic emergency. This new piece of legislation, allows Snyder to appointed emergency financial manager, who the right to dismiss the publicly elected officials and cancel existing legal contracts, while seizing all decision-making powers. The people in Benton Harbor have just learned that this legislation is not a fantasy, but a nightmare they are just beginning to live. Snyder appointed Joseph Harris as the Benton Harbor's emergency financial manager. As of Friday, Benton Harbor officials can only call meetings to order, adjourn them and approve minutes of meetings. Harris is now the sole authority in the Benton Harbor area. He can do as he will, answering only to Snyder.

Elected officials serve at the will of the voters. They are public servants, not public masters. The people of the United States are the highest authority in the land. This applies from the President on down to the county officials. If a person is elected, they work for the people who gave them the job. Politicians only have as much power as the citizens grant them. It is by their will, not the corporations, that politicians have the power to make changes.

However, it seems that both politicians and the citizens have forgotten their roles. Politicians see themselves above the laws, answering only to their selfish best interests. Citizens, either though apathy or ignorance have been allowing their servants to rule their lives.

It is not too late to balance the scales and hold our servants responsible for their actions. As the employers of all public servants, constituents have the right to complain and make demands. They also have the right to ask questions and expect answers. In addition, only citizens have the right to terminate a public servant's employment. Whether it be through impeachment or voter sanction dismissal, citizens have the right to end the employment of any public servant, who does not meet their needs, expectations, or who violates the publics trust.

Like a candle in the dark, individuals can do little. But if enough people combined the lights, they can make the darkest night as bright as noon on a cloudless summer day. It is time to stand up and speak out for our rights as citizens of Michigan. We have the right to demand that the people we elected to represent us, not just their selfish interests and those of large corporations.

I am asking for the citizens of Michigan and those outside our borders to combine their energy and voices to organized a letter, email and fax campaign that I'm calling Snail Mail Fridays and Electronic Wednesdays. By taking a few moments out of these two days to jointly voice our displeasure to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, our legislator and senator, we will be able to make ourselves be heard over the corporate greed and manipulations. It would be four letters once a week plus any extras you have the time and will to send. Snail mail letters sent from within Michigan on Friday would reach offices on Monday. Faxes and emails would be sent throughout the day on Wednesdays.

Below is the contact information for the Governor Snyder, Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, the legislators, and the state senators.

For those outside Michigan who think this isn't your problem, so you don't feel the need to help—think again. Michigan isn't the only state who has a dictatorial governor nor will Snyder be the last if his policies are allowed to stand. You can either help us stop this in our backyard or fight it in your own front yard. The choice is yours.

Rick Snyder R
Governor Rick Snyder
P.O. Box 30013
Lansing, Michigan 48909
PHONE: (517) 373-3400
PHONE: (517) 335-7858 - Constituent Services
FAX:(517) 335-6863

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley
215 Capitol Bldg215 Capitol,
Michigan 48909
Phone: (517) 373-6800
Fax: (517) 241-3956

Mailing address for the Representatives
S585 House Office Building
Anderson House Office Building
124 North Capitol Avenue
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514

District Representatives

Timothy Bledsoe-D
Phone: (517) 373-0154
Fax: (517) 373-6094
(888) 254-5291

Lisa Howze-D
Phone: (517) 373-0106
Fax: (517) 373-7271
(855) 547-2402

Alberta Talabi-D
Phone: (517) 373-1776
Fax: (517) 373-8502
(855) 347-8003

Maureen Stapleton-D
Phone: (517) 373-1008
Fax: (517) 373-5995
(855) 782-7304

John Olumba-D
Phone: (517) 373-0144
Fax: (517) 373-8929
(855) 564-4673

Frederick Durhal Jr.-D
Phone: (517) 373-0844
Fax: (517) 373-5711
(877) 877-9007

James Womack-D
Phone: (517) 373-0589
Fax: (517) 373-6404
(888) 596-6225

Thomas Stallworth III-D
Phone: (517) 373-2276
Fax: (517) 373-7186
(888) 347-8008

Shannell Jackson-D
Phone: (517) 373-1705
Fax: (517) 373-5968
(888) 474-2635

Havey Santana-D
Phone: (517) 373-6990
Fax: (517) 373-5985
(855) 347-8010

David Nathan-D
Phone: (517) 373-3815
Fax: (517) 373-5986
(888) 697-3711

Rashida Tlaib-D
Phone: (517) 373-0823
Fax: (517) 373-5993
(877) 852-4212

Andrew Kandrevas-D
Phone: (517) 373-0845
Fax: (517) 373-5926
(866) 737-1313

Paul Clemente-D
Phone: (517) 373-0140
Fax: (517) 373-5924

George Darany-D
Phone: (517) 373-0847
Fax: (517) 373-7538
(855) 775-1515

Bob Constan-D
Phone: (517) 373-0849
Fax: (517) 373-5967
(888) 345-8017

Phil Cavanagh-D
Phone: (517) 373-0857
Fax: (517) 373-5976
(888) 737-1784

Richard LeBlanc-D
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 30014
Lansing, MI 48909-7514
Phone: (517) 373-2576
Fax: (517) 373-5962
(888) 737-5325

John Walsh-R
Phone: (517) 373-3920

Kurt Heise-R
Phone: (517) 373-3816
Toll Free: (855) 737-5878 [855-REP-KURT]

Dian Slavens-D
Phone: (517) 373-2575
Fax: (517) 373-5939
(888) 347-8021

Douglas Geiss-D
Phone: (517) 373-0852
Fax: (517) 373-5934
(888) 737-4347

Pat Somerville-R
Phone: (517) 373-0855
Toll Free: (866) 725-2929

Anthony Forlini R
Phone: (517) 373-0113
Toll Free: (888) 347-8024 [888 DIST024]

Jon Switalski-D
Phone: (517) 373-1772
Fax: (517) 373-5906
(877) 566-7025

Jim Townsend-D
Phone: (517) 373-3818
Fax: (517) 373-5888
(866) 585-2471

Ellen Lipton-D
Phone: (517) 373-0478
Fax: (517) 373-5884
(888) 347-8027

Lesia Liss-D
Phone: (517) 373-2275
Fax: (517) 373-5910
(888) 547-7028

Tim Melton-D
Phone: (517) 373-0475
Fax: (517) 373-5061
(888) 635-8664

Jim Farrington-R
Phone: (517) 373-7768
Toll Free: (855) 347-8030 [855 DIST030]

Marilyn Lane-D
Phone: (517) 373-0159
Fax: (517) 373-5893
(877) 347-8031

Andrea LaFontaine-R
Phone: (517) 373-8931
Toll Free: 1-866-DIST-032 (1-866-347-8032)

Ken Goike-R
Phone: (517) 373-0820
Toll Free: (800) 209-3330

Woodrow Stanley-D
Phone: (517) 373-8808
Fax: (517) 373-5997
(888) 966-3034

Rudy Hobbs-D
Phone: (517) 373-1788
Fax: (517) 373-5880
(855) 737-7839

Peter Lund-R
Phone: (517) 373-0843
Toll Free: (888) 642-4737

Vicki Barnett-D
Phone: (517) 373-1793
Fax: (517) 373-8501
(888) 642-4037

Hugh Crawford-R
Phone: (517) 373-0827
FAX: (517) 373-5873

Lisa Brown-D
Phone: (517) 373-1799
Fax: (517) 373-8361
(877) 822-5472

Charles Moss-R
Phone: (517) 373-8670
Toll Free: (877) 707-MOSS

Martin Knollenberg-R
Phone: (517) 373-1783
Toll Free: (877) 248-0001

Harold Haugh-D
Phone: (517) 373-0854
Fax: (517) 373-5911
(866) 994-2844

Gail Haines-R
Phone: (517) 373-0615
Toll Free: (888) 737-4043

Eileen Kowall-R
Phone: (517) 373-2616
Toll Free: (866) 334-0010

Tom McMillin-R
Phone: (517) 373-1773
Toll Free: (866) 969-0450

Bradford Jacobsen-R
Phone: 517-373-1798
Toll Free: (855) 737-2723 [855 REPBRAD]

Cynthia Denby-R
Phone: (517) 373-8835
Toll Free: (866) 828-4863

Richard Hammel-D
Phone: (517) 373-7557
Fax: (517) 373-5953
(888) 347-8048

Jim Ananich-D
Phone: (517) 373-7515
Fax: (517) 373-5817
(800) 354-6849

Charles Smiley-D
Phone: (517) 373-3906
Fax: (517) 373-5812
(855) 276-4539

Paul Scott-R
Phone: (517) 373-1780
Toll Free: (866) 989-5151
FAX: (866) 989-5810

Mark Ouimet-R
Phone: (517) 373-0828
Toll Free: 855-627-5052 (855 MARK052)

Jeff Irwin-D
Phone: (517) 373-2577
Fax: (517) 373-5808

David Rutledge-D
Phone: (517) 373-1771
Fax: (517) 373-5797
855-DIST054 (855-347-8054)

Rick Olson-R
Phone: (517) 373-1792
Toll Free: (888) 345-2849

Dale Zorn-R
Phone: (517) 373-2617
Toll Free: (877) 967-6056 [877 ZORN056]

Nancy Jenkins-R
Phone: (517) 373-1706
Toll Free: (855) 292-0002

Kenneth Kurtz-R
Phone: (517) 373-1794
Toll Free: (866) 362-8812

Mattnew Lori-R
Phone: (517) 373-0832
Toll Free: (877) 262-5959

Sean McCann-D
Phone: (517) 373-1785
Fax: (517) 373-5762
(888) 833-6636

Margaret O'Brien-R
Phone: (517) 373-1774
Toll Free: 877-347-8061

Kate Segal-D
Phone: (517) 373-0555
Fax: (517) 373-5761
(888) 347-8062

Jase Bolger-R
Phone: (517) 373-1787
Toll Free: 877-BOLGER-1

Earl Poleski-R
Phone: (517) 373-1795
Toll Free: 1-888-643-4786
FAX: (517) 373-5760

Michael Shirkey-R
Phone: (517) 373-1775
Toll Free: (888) 347-8065 [888 DIST065]

Willliam Rogers-R
Phone: (517) 373-1784
Toll Free: (800) 295-0066
FAX: (517) 373-8957

Barb Byrum-D
Phone: (517) 373-0587
Fax: (517) 373-9430

Joan Bauer-D
hone: (517) 373-0826
Fax: (517) 373-5698

Mark Meadows-D
Phone: (517) 373-1786
Fax: (517) 373-5717

Rick Outman-R
Phone: (517) 373-0834
Toll Free: (855) 688-6267
FAX: 517-373-9622

Deb Shaughnessy-R
Phone: (517) 373-0853
Toll Free: (855) 328-6671 [855 EATON71]

Ken Yonker-R
Phone: (517) 373-0840
Toll Free: (888) 347-8072

Peter MacGregor-R
Phone: (517) 373-0218
Toll Free: (855) 347-8073

David Agema-R
Phone: (517) 373-8900
Toll Free: (800) 968-2320

Brandon Dillon-D
Phone: (517) 373-2668
Fax: (517) 373-5696
(888) 750-3326

Roy Schmidt-D
Phone: (517) 373-0822
Fax: (517) 373-5276
(877) 976-4769

Thomas Hooker-R
Phone: (517) 373-2277
Toll Free: (855) 866-4077

Sharon Tyler-R
Phone: (517) 373-1796
Toll Free: (888) 373-0078

Al Pscholka-R
Phone: (517) 373-1403
Toll Free: (888) 656-0079

Aric Nesbitt-R
Phone: (517) 373-0839
Toll Free: (800) 577- 6212

Judson Gilbert II-R
Phone: (517) 373-1790
Toll Free: (877) 445-2378 [877 GILBERT

Kevin Daley-R
Phone: (517) 373-1800

Paul Muxlow-R
Phone: (517) 373-0835

Kurt Damrow-R
Phone: (517) 373-0476
Toll Free: (888) 254-5284

Bem Glardon-R
Phone: (517) 373-0841
Toll Free: (877) 558-5426

Lisa Lyons-R
Phone: (517) 373-0846
Toll Free: (855) 596-6786

Mike Callton-R
Phone: (517) 373-0842
Toll Free: (855) 373-0842
FAX: (517) 373-6979

Rober Genetski II-R
Phone: (517) 373-0836
Toll Free: (888) MICH-088 [888-642-4088]

Amanda Price-R
Phone: (517) 373-0838
Toll Free: (888) 238-1008

Joseph Haveman-R
Phone: (517) 373-0830
Toll Free: (866) 908-4347

Holly Hughes-R
Phone: (517) 373-3436
Toll Free: (877) 633-0331

Marcia Hovey-Wright-D
Phone: (517) 373-2646
Fax: (517) 373-9646
(877) 411-3684

Paul Opsommer-R
Phone: (517) 373-1778
Toll Free: (877) 859-8086

Kenneth Horn-R
Phone: (517) 373-0837
Toll Free: (866) HORN-094

Stacy Oakes-D
Phone: (517) 373-0152
Fax: (517) 373-8738
(855) 347-8095

Charles Brunner-D
Phone: (517) 373-0158
Fax: (517) 373-8881
(866) 737-0096

Joel Johnson-R

Phone: (517) 373-8962
Toll Free: (855) 563-5597 [855 JOELJ97]
Toll Free: (877) 999-0995

Jim Stamas-R
Phone: (517) 373-1791
Toll Free: (800) 626-8887

Kevin Cotter-R
Phone: (517) 373-1789

Jon Bumstead-R
Phone: (517) 373-7317
Toll Free: (877) 999-0995

Ray Franz-R
Phone: (517) 373-0825

Phil Potvin-R
Phone: (517) 373-1747

Bruce Rendon-R
Phone: (517) 373-3817
Toll Free: (888) 347-8103 [888 DIST103]
FAX: 517-373-5495

Wayne Schmidt-R
Phone: (517) 373-1766
Toll Free: (800) REP-1046

Greg MacMaster-R
Phone: (517) 373-0829
Toll Free: (855) DIST-105

Peter Pettalia-R
Phone: (517) 373-0833
Toll Free: (877) 737-4106 [877 REP4106]

Frank Foster-R
Phone: (517) 373-2629

Ed McBroom-R
Phone: (517) 373-0156
Toll Free: (855) 347-8108 [855 DIST108]

Steven Lindberg-D
Phone: (517) 373-0498
Fax: (517) 373-9366
(888) 429-1377

Matt Huuki-R
Phone: (517) 373-0850
Toll Free: (888) 663-4031

Mail for all Senators can be
addressed as follows:

Post Office Box 30036
Lansing, MI 48909-7536

Party Dist. Member OfficePhone No. OfficeFax No. Office

D 6 Anderson, Glenn 517-373-1707 517-373-3935 610 Farnum Bldg
D 9 Bieda, Steven M 517-373-8360 517-373-9230 310 Farnum Bldg
R 35 Booher, Darwin L 517-373-1725 517-373-0741 520 Farnum Bldg
R 11 Brandenburg, Jack 517-373-7670 517-373-5958 605 Farnum Bldg
R 38 Casperson, Tom 517-373-7840 517-373-3932 705 Farnum Bldg
R 16 Caswell, Bruce 517-373-5932 517-373-5944 720 Farnum Bldg
R 7 Colbeck, Patrick 517-373-7350 517-373-9228 1020 Farnum Bldg
R 33 Emmons, Judy K 517-373-3760 517-373-8661 1005 Farnum Bldg
D 27 Gleason, John 517-373-0142 517-373-3938 315 Farnum Bldg
R 31 Green, Mike 517-373-1777 517-373-5871 805 Farnum Bldg
D 14 Gregory, Vincent 517-373-7888 517-373-2983 1015 Farnum Bldg
R 34 Hansen, Goeff 517-373-1635 517-373-3300 420 Farnum Bldg
R 29 Hildenbrand, Dave 517-373-1801 517-373-5801 920 Farnum Bldg
D 3 Hood, Morris W III 517-373-0990 517-373-5338 710 Farnum Bldg
D 8 Hopgood, Hoon-Yung 517-373-7800 517-373-9310 515 Farnum Bldg
R 22 Hune, Joe 517-373-2420 517-373-2764 505 Farnum Bldg
D 5 Hunter, Tupac A. 517-373-0994 517-373-5981 S-9 Capitol Bldg
R 28 Jansen, Mark 517-373-0797 517-373-5236 S-310 Capitol Bldg
D 2 Johnson, Bert 517-373-7748 517-373-1387 220 Farnum Bldg
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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Truth About the Michigan Film Incentives

Governor Snyder’s and the other politicians attack on the Michigan’s Film Incentive Program has already cost the state millions of dollars and uncountable number of jobs. They claim the incentive program drains money from the state, while giving very little back. Not only do the independent studies prove this wrong, but so does common sense.

The Incentive Program returns 36-42% of what the Production Company spends within Michigan. . Independent accounting firms proved that the film industry spent over 600 million dollars of new money in the state of Michigan. The incentive program for the same period of time paid out a 100 million. However, the key phase is “new money.” Money that would have been spent in another state came to Michigan. Taxes that would have been paid to another state were paid to Michigan. The same could be said for jobs, fees, and positive promotions, which gave the state international exposure not only to film fans, but also to foreign investors who were looking for a new market.

The film and television industry is very fluid. Unlike manufacturing, retail, or most businesses, it doesn’t need to build a large infrastructure to in order to do business. It is capable of using existing structures as locations by temporary modifying them to meet their needs or by using larger spaces to create short-term sets. In doing so it pays location fees to cities, businesses, and individuals. It hires locally for services and products. In addition, to the union staff, it hires local people to play extras and to work non-union positions, thereby opening the door to new careers both in front of and behind the cameras.

If however, a production company decides to set down roots by establishing a studio, they bring with them not only the gypsy jobs of cast and crew, but also hundreds of support jobs. Whether it be in the office, transportation, promotions, catering, maintenance, or security, nearly every studio hires its support staff locally.

Studios not only bring in film work, but it opens the door for other projects such as commercials, music videos, video games, and television series. All of which increases the demand for local services and staff, while increasing the individual and business tax base. Whether the income is local, national, or international, studios also pays taxes on their profits to their home state.

When people have good paying jobs the demand on pubic social service lessons. Instead of being a drain on the state, they not only pay taxes, but they also have the money to pay for goods and services, which in turn creates new jobs and tax revenue. This positive financial cycle financially benefits the state.

With this win-win financial scenario why would Snyder and other politicians attack a program that is bringing new money and jobs into the state. It is very simple. New money and good jobs challenges the status quo. Established businesses do not want to compete for good employees by having to pay a living wage and benefits. In addition, Snyder and his old boys club are out to break the back of the unions. Unions fight for workers to have safe working conditions, a living wage and benefits. They take away greedy CEO’s power to use, abuse and lose employees at will. Collective bargaining strengthens the work force, which in turn strengthens the state’s economy.

If Snyder’s changes to the Film Incentive program are allowed to stand, not only will it cost Michigan hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs, but its reputation as well. The industry was given five years to become self sustaining and profitable. Snyder is trying to change the terms after two. The bait and switch has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the country and the world. No Corporation or individual will invest long term in a state, which is not as good as its word.

It is time to tell Governor Snyder and those who stand with him keep their hands off the Film Incentive Program. In order for Michigan to regain prosperity, it needs new jobs that come from new money. It also needs to reestablish its reputation as a state, which stands behind its word. As citizens, it is time to remind the elected politicians that they work for us, not the Corporate CEOs by calling and demanding that the film incentives be preserved.