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Make Your Publishing Dream A Reality: paperback and ebooks

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Awakening the Halloween Magic with suspense and Horror

Awakening the Dragon--Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy(9780979840609) is a story of magic, suspense and karmic justice combine in a tale of horror. Rachael moves to Coyote Springs to find a home and open her bookstore. Instead, she becomes the catalyst in exposing a murder and the target of a violent cult. She is forced to awaken her dragon spirit prematurely to save herself and all she loves. Will she be able to control the power of the dragon as it rises giving her the power to save all she loves or will the flames from within destroy her?

An excerpt:

But first she needed to insure the safety of her children and herself. She closed the door. Walking to the Eastern corner of the room, she raised her hands. "This room represents the entire house, the entire property. The powers of the East-beings of light, air, rain, thunder, lightening, wind. I ask you to attend to witness and protect my circle." Her hands came together in front of her forehead. She lowered them to her heart level. Moving to the Southern corner, she again lifted her arms. "The powers of the South-beings of fire, heat, the sun, the heavens above which shelters and protect us, keeping us warm and growing our food. I ask you to attend to witness and protect my circle." Her hands came together and she lowered them to her heart. She moved to the Western corner and raised her hands. "Powers of the West-thou who provides our water, our fish, the cleansing element of our bodies and our souls, you satisfy our thirst and calm our souls. I ask you to attend my circle to witness and protect." Her skin began to tingle with the energy she brought into the room.
The temperature dropped, them warmed as the electrical and gravitational levels fluctuated. Rachael walked to the Northern corner and raised her arms. "The beings of the North, I ask you to attend to witness and protect my circle. Like the Earth Mother be the grounding force that provides protection and comfort. You who gives us our homes, our food, and the love we all need to survive." Bringing her hands down, she turned and walked to the center of the room. "I have asked you here to witness my new home. I call it mine for me and my children-Tara, Merlin, and Ralph. We alone are residents here. All others are visitors. To be protected, yet we alone call this place home. From above and below and from all four directions, I encircle this house-my home, my yard, my car, myself and my children in the silver and golden healing lights so that we may be safe, secure and know we are well loved. I authorize whatever force necessary to protect the residents of this home, starting at first with minimal to deadly if necessary. I ask all deities present to insure the safety of me and mine."
The air charged. Heat radiated off the walls, like the hot waves off black top. The energy circulated from within and around her expanding to fill the room. She continued without knowing why. "I combine my energy and tradition with all those of light who have gone before. May we be joined, making each stronger exponentially. Where there was one, may there be two. Where there is two may there be the power and wisdom of four. Where there be four, may the power of sixteen do what must be done. And so it goes until all the beings of light work together as the whole." Through her mind's eye, she saw the energy in the room expand, filling the room, spilling out to fill the house and yard to the borders of the property. A column of light shot both upward, as a beacon, and downward, connecting them to the source. "Thank you for your blessings."
Up from the ground, another energy surged. For a moment, Rachael was frightened. It withdrew, returning more softly. It filled her heart with love. She saw an older woman. She was from the dream. Smiling, she walked to Rachael and placed a ring of iridescent flowers around her neck. She spread her arms wide. Bubbles of the same shiny energy floated down from the heavens, filling the house and the yard, building a solid fence around the property.
Rachael knew the bubbles pile high and energized the ground beneath them. She breathed it in and it filled her being with love and strength. The woman stepped away, fading into the energy around them. She opened her eyes. Knowing she had been blessed by the Earth Mother, herself; she bowed her head in gratitude. "Thank you, Mother."
You're welcome, daughter, whispered the wind. Call you new protectors. Spirits of the centuries of times long past, yet still now live on, I call you to be special protectors of this guardian and those she loves. Eyes that see all of the night I charge your claws and fangs to defend with all that is necessary to keep evil at bay.
Rachael heard them before her she saw them in her mind’s eye. Large and aware, she could see them manifest in the trees, shrubs and shadows around the cottage. Multi-shades of gold and green, their luminescent eyes rivaling the sunlight.
A single tiger leaped and landed before the woman. She reached out and stroked its head. He purred. Pointing to Rachael, she continued. “She is the guardian of this holy place.” She pointed at the suddenly quiet carrier. “These are her children. Let no harm come to them. Both day and night watch and defend. As it was before, you and the others have free reign. Do not wait for her to call. As you sense so shall you react.”
The golden eyes fixated on Rachael, sending shivers through her. Sensed his powerful spirit gently embracing her, getting to know her. He turned his head toward the carrier for a moment; then he vanished.
“As you are the guardian of this place, so they are to you. No harm shall come to you. Whether here or out in the world, one will always be close. Take care how you direct them.” As in the field, she reached out and cupped Rachael’s chin in her palm. “You have the strength, wisdom, and the honor for the tasks at hand. Do not doubt yourself.” Smiling, she tweaked the end of Rachael’s nose. “Now call the Mother Dragon. So we can continue.”
Rachael took a deep breath and tried to remember the correct wording.
“Speak from you heart and she will hear.”
“Mother of all the clans. The source of all our wisdom and strength I ask you to come to this my new home and bless it with your protection. It has been a source of love and wisdom, but now it is under attack by ignorance and bigotry. I ask you to bless it in such away that all the clans watch over and protect us. Let this beautiful place of light and love shine as a beacon for those who need comfort.”
Suddenly the room glowed with incandescent silver light that came from everywhere, yet nowhere. It filled the room. Again, Rachael knew it went far beyond to radiate though the cottage and out into the yard. The hair on her arms stood on end as the room charged with the energy of the Mother Dragon. Only once before did she feel as close to the Mother Dragon--when she dedicated herself to the dragon clan. Only this time it was stronger, deeper reaching. She felt it lift her spirit above the cottage until she could see and feel it all. Carmen was not far down the road and should arrive in minutes. Norman and Meredith argued about the living arrangements in the kitchen. The children watched from the living room. Lisa looked up at her and smiled. Beside her and all around, she felt the infinite love of the Mother.
Child, your awakening is at hand. The Mother‘s whispered to her. Soon you will know what it truly meant to walk the path of the dragon.
Rachael smiled within herself, knowing without consciously knowing what the statement meant. It was the unconditional love she responded to as if she was a young child being given the courage to start something new.
“As our energies intertwine so we meet together in the spirit of the new guardian. We become part of her as she becomes one with us.” The woman unfurled her arms shoulder high; her palms facing outward. “Let the ripples of our actions let it be known, the new guardian has been chosen.” Slowly she lowered her arms. “Be blessed Child of Light. Welcome home.” Suddenly she vanished.

Buy this book! I found myself smiling when I finished the last page of Awakening The Dragon--Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy (formally Dragon's New Home), by Theresa Chaze. I've read a pretty good number of books in my life, but none have given me quite the mix of emotions that this books has.
Joe Murphy, The Dragon Page

“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Words the members of the House of Christ live by, and killed by.
Rachel Franklin knew from the first moment she laid eyes on it that the cottage was hers. She felt its pull, could sense the magic within its walls. She was home.
However, the members of the House of Christ church had different ideas. The cottage was evil, the home of a witch, and all good Christians know that witches are evil beings, consorts of the Devil; their houses are evil and should be destroyed.
But, the cottage’s owner, Kevin Mitchellson would not allow that. He forbids any member of the church to set foot on the property left to him by his grandmother, Sarah, and the conflict rages, as Wicca and Christians team up, prepared to do battle with the bigotry and ignorance of the House of Christ fanatics.
Therese Chaze draws her readers in from the first page and refuses to release them until the last word of this fantastic tale of witches, magic, love and betrayal.
Set in the village of Coyote Springs, Dragon Domain is a book of lessons; lessons on love, forgiveness, and above all truth to oneself.
In the grand traditions of Anne McCaffrey and Marion Zimmer Bradley, Therese Chaze captures the imagination as well as the heart of her readers.
Dragon Domain is an open door to a world of wonder, and from the first page to the last, you will be hard pressed to put it down.

Linda Rucker

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The Truth About Wicca And Paganism

The Truth About Wicca and Paganism.

Although the term Wicca is a relatively recent term, the religious practices along with Paganism have been around long before Jesus walked on the face of the earth. It is a religion and a way of living that is based on the life cycles of the planet as a way of protecting and providing for the family. The holidays focus on the growing seasons and on the phases of the moon. Their rituals use the natural energy of the earth in all its forms to heal, feed and cloth.

Whether a person identifies themselves as Wiccan, Witch or Pagan, their religion is based on traditions that reach back to a time when humans toiled the soil and hunted for food. Their survival depended on the kindness of the elements, the fertility of the soil, and the luck of the hunt. Through family traditions and experimentation, they learned how to use natural means to provide for and to protect the family. Most people today, do not grow their own food or hunt in the forest, instead they work jobs and forage in supermarkets. This doesn’t change the essential nature of their goals, which is to live well and in balance with nature. By working in harmony with the natural energy, which surrounds them, they can bring balance, peace and prosperity into their lives.

Through experimentation, they have learned how to heal with plants, healing touches and with other resources the planet provides. Through trial and error, they learned which plants heal and which ones do harm. This knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation, each one adding a little more to the total information base. They also have discovered that some gemstones have influence the over all physical and emotional health. By placing them in specific combinations on different parts of the body, they can strengthen the immune system and help release emotional or physical traumas. These healing methods help the person direct the universal energy to not only cleanse but also restore balance on the physical and spiritual levels. In addition, by taping into the planetary electrical system, which is typically called ley lines, they are able to increase their access to higher energy levels and older wisdom.

It was this knowledge that made them targets of people who feared their “power”. Generally, they are a positive, loving force in the universe, who only wish to live in peace and leave the earth a little better place. However, there remains the misconception of who or what they worship. Devils or Satan are a not part of their religion, nor are they an anti-force to other religions. Yet they remain targets for violence and discrimination. Whether it be a hanged witch Chicopee, Mass being called a Halloween decoration or the Veteran’s Administration having to be sued to honor a legally recognized religious symbol, Wiccans and Pagans still have to fight for their civil liberties. Whereas as an empty hanging noose caused national outcry and outrage, the representation of a witch being hanged has received only mockery and snide remarks. Although Wicca is a legally recognized religion, the VA had to be forced to approve the pentacle even they had approved over 30 symbols, including many Christian sects, Tenrikyo Church, United Moravian Church and Sikhs. The atheists even have their own approved symbol.

The simple facts are that even with more legitimate information being available in books, movies and on TV, negative propaganda continues to spread lies, fanaticism, and religious intolerance. Without knowing who or what Wiccans and Pagans truly believe and do, religious fanatics label them as evil and do deliberate harm by trying to take away their children, homes and jobs. However, like every religion there are good and bad members. The key is to get accurate information before attaching labels and making judgments.

Out of the Shadows And Into the Light is an ebook of shadows with accurate information about the belief systems and rituals for the modern day life. Not only does it give details about holidays, but how to set up an altar and make holy water. The rituals that are included are not only the traditional ones for prosperity, protection and love, but also ones for healing and justice. This Wiccan book of wisdom can only be bought at the authors website at

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Hypocritical Christians Hijack Halloween to Make it Less Wiccan and Pagan

Hypocritical Christians Hijack Halloween to Make it Less Wiccan and Pagan

Originally called Samhain, Christians usurped the holiday, replacing it with All Saints Day. Pope Boniface IV was attempting to attract and covert Pagans. Over the decades, the celebrations became more child oriented than spiritual. Halloween became a time to dress up, trick or treat and party. A day of pretending, fantasy and community, Halloween allowed both children and adults an excuse to step out of their mundane lives and simply play. Halloween parties at school, at home or in the community are fun ways for neighbors to get to know each other a little better. Whether cowboy, astronaut, or a scary creature of the night, the costume choice is a safe, healthy venue to have an alter ego for a day.

Traditionally, Samhain is the ending of the Pagan and Wiccan year. The final harvests have been brought in and the finally preparations for winter have been made. Animals are slaughtered and their meat preserved. The death of a few insures life for others through the coming winter months. It is the day when the veils between the realms are the thinnest. The dead and earth spirits are able to walk freely among the living. Whether dead loved ones or earth spirits, this time of year communication with them is the easiest. It is the time for honoring your ancestors and making amends with those who have crossed over. Spiritually, what we have sent out comes back for good or ill. Just as the harvest has been collected, so does the karmic debt come due. The thinning curtain only makes the Deities of Justice more active and powerful. Whether it is said as "What goes around, comes around" or "So share ye sow, so shall ye reap", what we have created shall manifest as a blessing or a challenge.

A few years ago, fundamental Christians once again started attacking Halloween. Calling it Satanic, they attempted to block it from public schools and interfered with trick or treating. Last year, this sweet little girl came up to my door, but instead of seeking candy, she handed out Christian tracts, telling me how evil I am for not being Christian and for celebrating a Pagan holiday. The girl was only about six or seven; it was very cowardly for her parents to use her to do her dirty work. I calmly asked her where her parents were. She took me to her mother. I wasn’t nice so to the mother. In no uncertain terms, I called her a bigot and told her to mind her own business. If she didn’t want to participate that was fine, but she needed stop trying to ruin it for others. She then proceeded to try to covert me. She didn’t get far. I’m Wiccan and proud. She went away in a huff. To bad, so sad. But she has no right to force her believes on others.

Which brings me to my rant. I was talking to some of the neighborhood girls. I asked them how they were going to dress as for Halloween. One told me that she was going to dress as a belly dancer and was go to a Hallelujah Party. I bite my tongue and smiled. I just find it amazing how hypocritical the parents are. They change the name and think it will suddenly stop making it Pagan. A duck is a duck whether or not you call it a swan. October 31 is the Pagan holiday Samhain, not matter what you call it.

Out of the Shadows and Into the Light is an ebook of shadows that gives accurate information about the Wiccan and Pagan religions. Containing rituals and definitions of the their religious practice, Out of the Shadows and Into the Light gives information that will benefit both the beginner and the experienced magical worker, while giving accurate information to counteract the misconceptions. Out of the Shadows and Into the Light can only be bought at

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Virtual Book Tour: Nadia Ailan Brings Erotic Passion to Modern Romance

Nadia Aidan Brings Erotic Passion to Modern Romance

Romance novels are not innocent stories our mothers and grandmothers remember so fondly. Instead, they are passionate tales of strong women who face life squarely and passionately. No longer do they run from love but fully embrace it on all levels. The passions motivate them to succeed Where porn remains character and plot free, erotic romances burst through stereotypes to create multi-dimensional characters that ignite your passion and excite your imagination.

In an interview, Nadia Aidan talked about her writing and what motivates her to create her worlds, her characters, and their adventures. “I write erotic romance and within that genre my themes fall under multicultural/interracial, contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi and historical. Now I got into this genre because I wanted to see more interracial and multicultural erotic romance novels so I figured if that is what I wanted then I needed to write them myself!” Although she still blushes when her work is compared to Danielle Steel and wishes she could wrote like her, she knows that her voice is still uniquely her own. “I have always been told that my voice in my writing is very vivid and emotional. I love details and so I try to describe things using every sense. People seem to respond to this and many of the compliments that I receive on my writing(especially in the earlier stages of writing when I didn't have the mechanics as tight as I needed to have them) have always been that I have a strong and unique voice that is very distinct in each of my novels. In all seriousness, whoever anyone wants to compare me to, good or bad, is fine. I personally don't compare myself to any other writer because I view writing as an art and like any art, the style is as unique and varied as the individual who created it.”

Her newest novel, Enthralled (ISBN: 0-595-46267-7) was released September 2007 through IUniverse. It is available both in paperback and as an ebook. Strong willed and beautiful, Candace, Queen of the Amazonian planet Kush is used to fighting battles, giving orders and subservient men. From birth, she is taught the art of war and that men are the enemy. What she hates more than a man is a domineering man! With a body as powerful as a god's, the heir to the Akkadian throne is far from subservient. A man of honor, Ares is all masculine dominance! When war tears their planets apart, the two are faced with entering into a marriage contract in order to save their kingdoms and their people. Forced into a marriage neither wants, at every turn the two warriors clash as they battle for dominance.

But what begins as a marriage of convenience quickly turns into something more as they fight their growing passion and hunger for each other. The ultimate challenge comes when they are forced to forsake their old beliefs for a chance at a future together. Can two fighting spirits learn the ultimate lesson of surrendering to their hearts?

Of all her characters, Candace is her favorite. Aidan describes her as, “She is strong and courageous, yet at the same time there is a vulnerability about her. Mainly she is motivated by a desire to be a good ruler. To do what is right. Many people say that as a writer you should stay away from developing characters that are loosely based upon your own personality, which I will say in this case I did! However, I would like to think that a few of my own personality traits ended up in Candace, which of course endears her to me. When you read Enthralled, I think you will find that you can't help but cheer for Candace. She has so much to deal with and yet she remains poised through everything. She compromises but not at the expense of who she is. I love that about her and I hope the readers do too! “Aidan has created her match in Aries. A passionate character that would make the legendary God proud, Aries represents the best qualities of strong men. “The two dominant leaders clash a lot which makes their relationship difficult at times, but what endears you to Ares is that he genuinely cares for Candace and you can tell that he wants to make her happy. He is passionate about her and his love for her. You want to see him win Candace's heart because he is a good man who, like everyone, makes mistakes but he admits them. How can you NOT love a man willing to admit when he is wrong?”

Although some criticize the genre a for being to explicit, Aidan’s work is based that passion is a natural part of a healthy life. She does more than create cheap sexual thrills. Her novels are character and plot driven; the passion between the characters gives them added dimension and furthers the plot line. There is nothing gratuitous about the sexuality.

Aidan said of her critics, “To be honest, everyone is entitled to their opinion and I say that is fine. Most criticize erotic romance because they consider the erotic side of it to be too dirty or vulgar. My take on it is that that is their opinion. However, at the same time every woman is different. I personally don't like reading inspirational or Christian romance because there is no sex and I feel that sex is an integral part of a romance. But then again that is my opinion. Erotic romance is a relatively new genre within romance and it arose because obviously more women wanted more vivid and graphic depictions of sex. Again, every woman is different and there should be something for everyone out there and I think that is wonderful.”

Nadia Aidan lives, works and writes on the East Coast in the United States. Under her real name, Nadia holds a PhD in Political Science and Public Policy and by day she works as an Assistant Professor. In addition to writing erotic romances Nadia enjoys reading other authors, playing flag football, studying muay thai, working out, listening to music, scuba diving, and target shooting. Her other interests include collecting Top Cow comics, especially Witchblade and Tomb Raider. She loves professional football and soccer. Her favorite teams are the Washington Redskins and Manchester United, respectively. Nadia loves watching, reading about, and writing about strong, assertive heroines, which is why she is an enduring fan of Fight Girls, Xena, Buffy, and La Femme Nikita! Nadia also loves interacting with people so feel free to email her! Her site address is: Currently she has doing a virtual book tour with Pump up your Book Promotion; the site address is

An excerpt of ENTHRALLED:

At last inside their private chambers, Ares released her. He’d barely closed the door before she spun on him, whipping her open palm across his right cheek.

“How dare you!” she fumed as she shot him a look of fury.

Ares wasn’t angry before but he was getting there. She wasn’t some weak little female. His face tingled from the force of her strike. Rubbing his cheek he edged into her personal space, letting his full size overwhelm her, as he knew it would. Unconsciously she stumbled back, before his free hand shot out to grasp her arm, steadying her.

His eyes narrowed in anger. “I thought I was doing us both a favor. You have been there all day and you would have been there all night! You are tired and apparently a little frustrated if my cheek is any evidence,” he bit out angrily.

“Seeing that we are newly joined, I was hoping to spend some time with you, but maybe that is too much to ask!” He had not meant to raise his voice, but he concluded that all of the troubles of the day must have finally caught up with him.

“You cannot do that ever again! You cannot just usurp my power in front of my people.”

“Our people—”

Her eyes narrowed. “You risk much with your high handed ways, Ares. You must understand that the women of Kush do not take well to male authority—”

“I’ve noticed,” Ares snorted.

Shooting him a chilly glare, Candace continued. “If you over rule my power in front of my women, they will not follow me. They will see me as weak and question the extent of your influence over me. If for one moment they think that you are controlling me they will rebel and everything that we have worked so hard for will be for naught.”

Ares knew she spoke the truth which is why he brought his temper back under control to reason with her.

“I understand that Candace, but I am a king used to giving orders and having them followed. I am also a man who believes in protecting his wife, his woman. I will not, I cannot rule along side you as some consort. I must be respected as your equal or else my people will question my ability to lead as well.”

Sighing, Candace pushed her thick hair behind her shoulder, her eyes defeated. “Why didn’t we think of this before?”

Ares wanted to say because they were too busy trying to get each others clothes off, but he wisely remained silent on that point.

“How could we not see what it would mean to try to bring two rulers together? How are we going to make this work?” Candace frowned.

Ares reached out to stroke her cheek, his eyes gentle, “It will be hard I'm sure, but I know we can work through this."

Pausing for a moment, his eyes turned serious, "I was wrong today. I should have spoken to you in private. That will not happen again. In the future, we cannot challenge the other’s authority in public. Before others we must be seen as a single entity.”

Smiling, Candace met his blue gaze. So you admit you were wrong?”

Was she teasing him? When he saw the little glint of mischief in her eyes he knew she was. Smiling back he muttered, “Yes, my queen I was wrong.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t hear you.” Her eyes twinkled with laughter.

Grabbing her by the waist, Ares pulled Candace into his arms so that she was pressed against his body. Nuzzling his lips against her neck he whispered into her ear. “Can you hear me now? I was wrong.”

Laughing, Candace snaked her arms behind his neck.

“Thank you for that,” she said before adding, “I am sorry for hitting you as well. I was wrong too. It will not happen again,” she frowned as she looked towards the floor.

Lifting her chin with his finger he held her gaze. “Apology accepted,” he said gently, his eyes filled with understanding. He paused for several moments as if considering his next words. “You are right. We both have to get used to sharing power, but if we agree to keep our arguments private and support each other in public, well that is a start.”

Candace smiled at his words before adding. “Thank you for dragging me away. I truly was exhausted.” She then glanced up at him, “And I missed you,” she whispered softly.

Leaning back slightly, Ares gazed into her eyes. “Hmmm. You did? How much?”

She grinned then. Molding her body to his, she could feel Ares’ erection growing harder as the seconds ticked by.

“Let me show you,” she whispered.

His breath lodged in his chest as Candace slid down the length of his body, before dropping to her knees before him.......

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Magical Suspense Fantasy With Working Wiccan Rituals

Magic and Suspense combine in a
tale of horror as as Rachael
prematurely awakens her dragon
spirit to protect herself, those
she loves, and to expose
a murderer.
Awakening the Dragon--
Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy
Theresa Chaze
Published by Valkyrie Publishing

Messages From the Universe October 2007-A Free Ezine

Here is the October issue of Messages From the Universe. Sorry it was late. As always you are welcome to share the ezine as a whole, but the articles remain the property of the authors.

In this Issue, we have articles by:

Cate Cavanagh

Roberta Shaler

Phoenix Roseflame

Laurie Cabot

Reverend Marci Drewry

as well as many others.

The link is below. You may have to cut and paste it into your browser.

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Magical Fantasy Novel: An Adult Version Of Harry Potter

Magic, suspense and Karmic Justice combine in a tale of horror in Awakening the Dragon as Rachael awakens her dragon spirit prematurely to protect herself and all she loves from a cult intent on killing the new witch. To read an excerpt go to:

Valkyrie Publishing presents Awakening the Dragon--Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy. ISBN-978-9798406-0-9. The ebook available at

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Print on Demand Opens Options for Writers

Print on Demand Opens Options for Writers


Theresa Chaze

The Print on Demand technology has given writers the freedom to take total control of their work. No long bound to publishers’ demands and limited expectations, writers can affordably publish their own work, circumventing both traditional and POD publishers all together. With the willingness of distributors to widen their standards, smaller publishers now have access to brick and mortar stores as well as the online shops. The internet not only makes marketing and promotion accessible and affordable, but it gives authors and readers greater access to each other.

Print on Demand or POD is the printing process that is capable of producing one book at a time for a relatively reasonable price. The printing process opens alternative options for authors to not only get their work into print, but to control the business end. By becoming their own publisher, the writer is able to manage the pricing and discounts of their work as well as maintain creative discretion. No longer do the private tastes of an editor stand between the author and the reading public.

Ingram is one of the widest know distributors in the country. However, they will not work with a publishing house that has less than ten titles in print. For a new publishing house, this can be a temporary obstacle. They do however have a list of associated distributors who will represent books from smaller publishers. The site address for the list is: Each of these distributors have their own standards and genres that they represent. Some of which require an exclusive contract for each book. For a fee, these distributors also provide a wide range of services from editing, promotions and marketing advisors.

Whereas there are limited amounts of distributors, the list of POD printers is rapidly growing. By Googling the “print on demand printers”, the writer can find an impress of list that varies not only in price but also in services. Lulu Publishing ( provides printing services without set up fees; however, their distribution is does not have the availability of Ingram, so it is more difficult to get into brick and mortar stores. Cafepress ( provides a similar service with equal distribution issues. However, if an author only needs a few copies or intends to sell solely online, both of theses services are inexpensive ways to get a book in print. Other POD printers are also available. The difference is that they not only charge set up fees, but they also provide other printing options. Lightning Press ( is only one such printer who will provide professional printing services for reasonable prices.

No matter which printer is chosen, the author will have to provide all their materials print ready. The cover needs to be at least 300 DPI and be formatted correctly to include the full cover including the spine. The text will have to be typeset for the for the appropriate size and margin settings. In addition, the author will have to provide his or her own ISBN number. The ISBN is the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally, however the standard has been update to a 13-digit number. No matter what some publishing house advertise, ISBN numbers cannot be legally transferred or sold to individuals. The number is permanently connected to the publishing house. However, there is an option to buy individual numbers. For those authors who are planning to publish multiple books the cheapest option is to buy a block. Ranging from 10 to 10,000, the cost per number radically drops as the quantity increases. When a writer provides the ISBN number, it remains consistent no matter which printer or distributor works with the book. R. R. Bowker ( is the exclusive US source of publisher prefixes and accompanying ranges of ISBN numbers for eligible publishers. They will also create barcodes for a fee. There are also barcode generator programs available; in addition, by doing a search on the net, the writer can find sites that will create the barcode for free.

Bookstores and chains are looking for quality books that are reasonably priced, with a good discount, and are returnable. These four qualities make it easier for a new author to find shelve space, which increases the probability for sales. Although online sales are increasing, the majority of book sales are still made in brick and mortar stores. Making the book returnable will not guarantee placement, but it will increase the number of stores who will be take a risk on a new author.

Whether traditional or POD, a beginning author does nearly all of the marketing and promotions. In order to be effective, the author has to not only find a niche market, but has to create brand name for her or himself. The niche market is the target market that you are seeking according to genre, age, gender and interest of the readership. Creating a brand name is creating a strong connection between the author and the target audience. In the past, traditional publishers placed ads and arranged for reviews. These are both still important venues; however, the internet has opened up many different options. Blogs, vblogs, and homepages are only three opportunities to attract readers. Online groups, chat rooms, and message boards are not only places to promote your work, but it is a great way to make connections with like minds. To just jump in to just do an ad, will annoy people. However, if you participate in the conversations, you will not only meet interesting people but allow them to see the author behind the words thereby creating an interest in you work. By creating cooperatives, such as blog rolls, you help other writers while increasing you readership. Dorothy Thompson of Pump Up Your Book Promotions ( is a full service online book promotion agency who can show you how to sell books without leaving the comfort of your home. They specialize in virtual book tours and video book trailers.

Valkyrie Publishing provides the technical support for authors who decide they want to publish their own work. Their services include typesetting and the creation of custom book covers. The author maintains all right and profits from the work. Valkyrie Publishing only provides the technical service to make the work printer ready. For more information, email