Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gun Nuts throw verbal rocks at The Wounded Warrior Project

"Wounded Warriors Project called legal scam as scandalous news spreads"

 Follow the link to read the article. http://www.gunssavelife.com/?p=10373

The title of this blog post on the surface sounds like a scandal in the making, until you read the article and research the organization behind it. It is in fact very defamatory and bias.

Taken directly from their website:

"Guns Save Life is a regional civil rights organization that works
to educate the public about the benefits of firearm ownership.

The group had its origins as a county grassroots committee of the
Illinois State Rifle Association in about 1995, initially meeting
in Rantoul, and later holding its monthly meetings in the Jolly
Roger restaurant in Urbana, IL.

GSL was later incorporated as its own non-profit corporation and
today represent gun owners in Illinois, Indiana and beyond in
proactive grassroots activism promoting and defending firearm
rights and the civil right of self-defense."

However, the only Civil Right they defend is their version of the Second Amendment.
From the article, it seems the GSL took offense when the Wounded Warrior Project didn't immediately support their organization. They are all about guns and the Bible. You know the type, "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition."

The Wound Warrior Project refused to allow the GSL to use their logo or to have their brand connected with them, so they threw verbal rocks at the salaries the WWP's officers and their fund raising events.
Just reading headlines can be very dangerous practice. It's easy to be mislead. But if you take the time to read and research with the first question being, "Who benefits?" you learn the truth about the who, what, where, and more importantly the why.

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