Saturday, June 30, 2007

What is a Family?

What is a family? Is it a man, a woman and their children? Or is it something more than just blood ties of the traditional concept? Do adopted children qualify? Do stepparents? The current administration is trying to carve in stone their definitions of marriage and family by using their own narrow concept of life to turn back the clock and to limit under what condition people may bond together.
The changes began during WWII, when women were called to serve outside the home. Suddenly they learned they were so much more than daughters, wives and mothers. They could be independent individuals, capable of making their own decisions about their lives. Suddenly they had their own money and careers. They didn’t have to marry to survive. When the war ended, the soldiers returned to a budding new breed of women. One who was more independent and unwilling to accept the traditional, subservient role. This is when the clash of wills and violence began to increase.
Traditional families of the fifties were patriarchies. The man led and controlled the household. The wife and children were subservient to his wishes and demands. He alone made decisions and controlled the household resources. He alone had all the power. In this traditional concept of the family, women’s only roles were that of daughter, mother, housekeeper and sexual toy. The children were considered property of the father. Their futures were determined by his expectations. Sons followed in their father’s footsteps. Daughters were daughters until they became wives and the ownership was transferred from the father to the husband; thus the cycle continued. Husbands worked outside the home. Wives were the housekeepers and nursemaids. These were the times when the family secrets were kept. Abuse was the wife’s fault and responsibility. Child abuses and molestation wasn’t talked about; it just existed. How could it be a crime for the father to use his property any way he saw fit? If the wife was unhappy, give her a pill. If the children protested beat them into submission. Life was good for the male part of the population. Bad behavior was excused, “as boys will be boys”. Abuse, neglect, and abandonment were just accepted. For young women, life was not as rosy. Young women who got pregnant out of wed lock were either forced to quit school and marry or sent away in shame until the child was born after which it was ripped from her arms. Job opportunities were limited and low paying. Women were confined to jobs that were beneath men both in status and pay; those who tried to step out of their roles were harassed and condemned.
The sixties, seventies and eighties brought new freedoms not only educationally but also medically, socially, politically and intellectually. Education was not only promoted, but higher standards were expected. It was increasingly no longer acceptable to drop out. High school graduation became the standard. New opportunities were created for those who chose to work for them. Technology brought new kinds of jobs and more challenges to the old lifestyles. Medical advances in birth control allowed women to more fully control their bodies, giving them more financial and educational opportunities. In 1973, the legalization of abortions gave women the freedom to compete on equal grounds. The political climate started shifting from the “good ole boys’ club” having total control to a more balanced system, which included women and non-whites. No longer were white men in total control of their families or their job opportunities. Suddenly they had to compete for jobs with those they considered beneath them. It was not as easy for sons to be accepted for employment because their fathers. In addition, jobs themselves became more technical and less manual labor. The old reliable manufacturing jobs suddenly became higher skilled and harder to find. Integration brought new understandings and new conflicts between cultures. Traditional values and bigotries suddenly were being questioned. “Because I said so” or “that’s the way it’s always been done” were no longer acceptable answers. Those who chose to take advantage found more similarities than difference between cultures. Interracial relationships and marriages became not only legal but also acceptable.
The tradition family found itself being redefined to include stepparents and stepchildren as divorce became more prevalent. With the educational system and the job market opening to them, women were no longer forced to stay in unhealthy relationships. In addition, the legal and legislative systems recognized a woman’s right to control her sexual life. Husbands no longer had a right to sex on demand. Nor did a woman need to ask permission of her husband to attain birth control. On a professional level, women still were not achieving the same status economically as their male counter parts. However more women were stepping out of their complacent roles and demanding equality it the work place. Sexual harassment laws protected women from the old tactics used to keep them in their “proper place”. In addition, women no longer accepted the glass-ceiling place on them and started businesses of their own. Instead of being assets to the established companies, they became resourceful competitors.
The children of the sixties and seventies questioned more of the old values and beliefs. They found that many of their family teachings about religion, cultures and lifestyles to be incorrect or lacking. The more they learned, the more they vocally challenged the old guard. Refusing to accept the limitations of their parents, they broke away. Demonstrations became common in the sixties as the young adults refused to blindly accept war and segregation. Advancements in educational opportunities gave them income standards far beyond the past generations, making them more mobile and flexible in their lifestyles. Birth family ties were no longer their prime focus and the clan mentally of the previous generations began to die. Individuals could now explore their own desires sexually and spiritually. Alternative lifestyles which started as subcultures, rapidly grew into mainstream realities as the new generations fought for their independence.
The social upheaval of the sixties, which turned into the time of the individual of the seventies, blossomed into a reemergence of social acceptance of the eighties. More people challenged the taboos of the past and more of the old traditions fell by the wayside. Men found they no longer had total control either in their homes or in the job market. Suddenly they had to compete with women and non-whites for jobs and resources that had been their exclusive domain. No longer could they slide by on whom they knew to find work. Skills and education became the qualifying factors in who was hired. Those who refused to update their skills were phased out. Domestic violence became more prevalent as men fought to retain control. However the legal system had also begun to change, giving victims of abuse more rights and options. Spousal and child abusers started to be prosecuted to the full extent of the new laws. No longer could men hide behind the marriage licenses to protect them from the legal system as law enforcement found itself under scrutiny for its past blind eye to the violence in the home. No longer could officers walk away without finding themselves in legal troubles themselves. Child molestation became felonies with long prison terms instead of misdemeanors with short to no jail time. Through these three decades families and society in general became more accepting and equal to all its members.
The nineties and the turn of the century found the definition of family including many whom had been excluded. Marriage no longer defines the concept of family. Loving couples no longer have to make the relationship legal to live together and have children. In addition, medical advances have given more options about parenthood. More accurate birth control, abortion, and the “morning after pill” have given women control over their reproduction. In addition, it has become socially acceptable for couples to remain childfree. Advances in fertility treatments give women more options of motherhood. Women can be implanted with sperm, either from a loved one or from a donor, to create children they couldn‘t have had naturally. Men have also gained the legal option of hiring a surrogate mother to produce a child for them. Adoption laws were changed to include qualified single men and women. Single parent homes, including those created by divorce, have become the norm. Day care has become a growing industry to accommodate the new demand for childcare from working couples and single parent homes. No longer is the wife expected to give up her career opportunities for motherhood. Care of the children has become a joint responsibility of the parents as is providing for the family. Fathers are no longer just a provider and disciplinarian, but an active participant in their child’s life.
Economically more opportunities opened to the individual as cottage industries and small business have begun to grow. Where once the large companies controlled the economic growth of the country, now small, more specialized businesses compete for a larger of the economic pie. More individuals chose to be independent both financially and socially. By doing so, they no longer have to conform to the cookie cutter mentality of the big business. Being able to work off their personal strengths and talents, they have been able to utilize assets that continue to elude the inflexibility of big corporations. The continuing advancements in computers and communications have expanded the individual horizons beyond the clan mentality. No longer are individuals limited to their birth culture, country, or social status. The internet has opened a world of new experiences and ideas. Again the old status quo has been challenged and has fallen by the way side.
In spite of the fears and prejudices the more “traditional” groups promote, today’s society has and will continue to become more accepting of differences within individuals; in doing so, the country has gained more than it has lost. It is this diversity and ability to grow though change, which has kept this country strong. As women’s role in society has become more open and flexible, so has the men’s role as well. Jobs that were considered to be “women’s” are now being filled by men. Just as women have found their place in traditionally men’s jobs. The individual’s talents and desires determine which path to take, giving not only more personal satisfaction but a more positive out look on life. The old saying, “do what you love and the money will follow” has become a reality for those who are willing to do the work and take the chances. Although jobs in manufacturing have been on the decline, jobs in medical and scientific research have been making great strides. No longer can a high school diploma guarantee a good job. The educational bar has again been raised to the college or technical school level. Today a high school diploma is the equivalent of Jethro of Beverly Hillbillies bragging he graduated from the sixth grade. Only by being open new industries, staying strong educationally, using our resources wisely, and playing to the diverse talents of our people can this country remain a leader economically.
As in the financial arena, the definition of family and marriage has changed. No longer is the family limited. With the controversy over same sex marriage, the concept has been expanded to include all those who love each other and wish to make long term commitments. For decades, definition of marriage has been moving away from having children and having someone to grow old with to relationships built on mutual respect and love. The old concept of “death do ye part” only applies if the relationship remains strong and healthy. If the relationship dies, the marriage ends. No longer do people stay with partners who do not satisfy or bring out their best and highest good. Separation and divorce no longer have the old stigma attached. Nor do the old standards apply. Custody of children is shared or given to the person who would be the best parent whether it be the mother or father. Spousal and child support has an equal chance to be paid by the wife as by the husband as economic standards have become more balanced.
Although the ending of a marriage can be stressful on the children involved, it is not as detrimental as staying in a family situation where the parents do not get along and where respect is a foreign concept. It is better to separate and remain supportive to the children, than to stay together and do more harm than good. Children are savvier and more technologically aware than in any previous generation. Growing up with access to computers and other electronic gadgets in their daily lives, they walk into the school system with a broader understanding of what is possible and with a deeper understanding that the whole world is connected. Having access to diverse cultures, lifestyles and religions, give the modern child new perspectives and challenges what they are taught by their parents. The age-old child question of “why” is not only being asked but answers are also being demanded. They aren’t afraid to the ask the hard questions or to challenge authority figures. Respect and honor have to be earned not just given because of age. Parents who bank on the traditional family hierarchy are more likely to find their accounts with their children in a negative balance. Children have officially become people, deserving of respect.
But as much as the advancements have separated family members, it has also brought them back together. The Internet and new communication devices have brought families, who had been separated by physical distance, into direct communication. Where as in the seventies and eighties, the extended family disbursed, they are now coming back together via the new toys. People of all ages are looking for the lost pieces of themselves by research family histories and communicating with older members of their family.
So here we stand a more open inclusive society. The more conservative members of this country would like to go back in time. They are so afraid of losing--but losing what? What do they lose? What does same sex marriage take away from them? How does including all of our population diminish them? If pre World War II, German hadn’t excluded Jews, they would have developed the nuclear bomb first. How different would our lives be if the balance of power and knowledge had shifted away from us?

Friday, June 29, 2007

Awakening the Dragon--Book One of the Dragon Clan Trilogy--Real Magic verses the fictional of the Harry Potter Series

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Wayside park in Gulf Breeze, Florida is just over the Pensacola Bay Bridge and for years it has been home to a colony of cats. People fish there so I guess that's what originally attracted the cats. And then people started abandoning their unwanted cats out there to fend for themselves. So for years these cats have been there, somehow surviving the hurricanes. But now the Gulf Breeze City Council has decided that they must go. So three weeks ago they announced that on July 1 Escambia County Animal Control will begin trapping and destroying these cats. They've been deemed "feral" so they won't be eligible for adoption through the shelter. So a friend of mine has been working very hard to find homes for them. So about a dozen of us have pitched in and I have temporarily dedicated my website for the cause. I bought a new domain name so you can find our site at Right now about 20 of them have been rescued, but there are at least 20 more out there. We have a City Council meeting next week and we're pleading with them for more time.

So I'm hoping you can take a minute to check out my website and take a look at these beautiful cats. And if you can donate a few dollars we will be so grateful and so will the kitties! 100% of the money we collect is going for vaccinations, feline aids/leukemia testing, spays & neuters and food. We want to be able to give these cats the health care they need before we relocate them to their new homes.

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KEEP DOG MURDER IN JAIL - GIVE HIM THE MAXIMUM SENTENCETarget:SUPERIOR COURT OF MARIN COUNTY, PEOPLE OF NOVATO & EVERYWHERENOVATO,PEOPLE AREOUND THE WORLD PEOPLECOUNTYANDCOUNTYAND EVERYWHERECreated by:OWNERS OF MURDERED LITTLE DOG NAMED "MIMI"Our loving, young pet Mimi, a very small, chi was murdered by a man named Frank on Tuesday afternoon. Frank took our little dog and slit her throat then threw her over his back fence. Thanks to the excellent, diligent work of the Novato Police Department, Frank was arrested and is in jail with a over $100,000 bail. This man took the life of our family member, a dog that gave nothing but love to all that she met. She made our family laugh everyday with her antics. Her best friend was Ty the big black Great Dane, who is now moping around the house looking for his little friend. When I found my dog with her throat cut, ants crawling on her body, blood coming out of her ears, my belief that every human being has some level of basic kindness, died in that moment. Who is this man, whatever reason he has for comitting this act, this is a sick person who does not belong in our society. He should be listed as a predator, just like sex offenders. Is any one safe anymore? GIVE THIS MAN THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE.

UPDATE: The grief is debilitating. It has been almost impossible for our family to get up everyday and do what we have to do, sleep, work, the kid's have moped around the house with the Dane, the house is a mess, laundry piling, I can't even imagine feeling light hearted ever again. WE ARE SO, SO SAD. 211 Kenwood Court was to be our home in a quite cul de sac, safe for the kid's and our pets, never did we imagine when we moved in that we would experience such crushing and painful actions of a so called "neighbor". Novato, California is a lovely rural town with great schools, friendly, animal loving people, one of the best Humane Societies in the Country and a wonderful Police Department. Everybody needs to know that there is someone here that is dangerous and we need your signatures to help to keep him off the streets in jail. We appreciate all of your support, keep signing and encouraging those around you to sign too. We want to do our best to make sure that this individual receive's THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE.

You can help make this petition a success - please share this petition
with your friends and family. Petitions will succeed only by word of
mouth, and every signature makes a difference! Forward our sample email
below, or simply send your friends this link:

Contact with your support by signing this petition and any advice, letters for the judges, (case#SC153949, Superior Court of Marin County, District Atorneys Office, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903) or email: GIVE THIS MURDERER THE MAXIMUM SENTENCE.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Police Abuse: Protecting Your Civil Rights
Theresa Chaze

With the rapidly increasing occurrence of the police abusing individuals and ignoring their civil rights, everyone needs to be aware of what their rights are and how to protect them. No longer do the First and Fourth Amendments provide the freedoms and protection the founding fathers intended. Freedom of religion, speech, to gather and engage in peaceful demonstrations are no longer protected rights, nor is the right to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures in your home, car, and place of business.
The best way to protect yourself and your civil rights is to know what they are.

The Bill of Rights

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Amendment II
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Amendment III
No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

Amendment IV
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Amendment V
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Amendment VI
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense.

Amendment VII
In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

Amendment VIII
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Amendment IX
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

Amendment X
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

The Patriot Act has begun limit and infringe on these constitution rights in the name of homeland security. However, in most cases national security is not an issue, but law enforcement's way of disregarding civil rights in order enforce their own style of justice. Whether it be disregarding the medical needs of a pregnant woman in Kansas or the murder of an elder woman during an unfounded search, law enforcement no longer serve and protects the public.
The ACLU has released a list of what you should to do or not if you are stopped for questioning by the police. It is not a definitive list, but simple guidelines to help you safely deal with law enforcement.

Police Abuse: What to do if you are stopped while Driving

1. Think carefully. Choose your words and actions with care. Remain calm. Avoid quick movements.

2. Don't get into an argument or loose your temper. Anything you say or do can be held against you.

3. Don't run. Don't touch the officer. It can be used as a reason to arrest you.

4. Don't resist. Even if you are innocent, resisting alone is a reason to arrest you.

5. Don't complain. Making a scene or threatening to file a compliant only makes the situation escalate.

6. Do not make any statements regarding the incident. Ask for a lawyer.

7. Write everything down and remember the officer's name, badge number and patrol car number.

8. Try to find witnesses. Get their name and addresses.

9. If you are injured, document the injuries with medical reports and photographs.

10. If your rights have been violated, file a complaint with the police department’s internal affairs division or civilian complaint board.

Although this is a comprehensive list, there are a few other things you can do to protect yourself.

1. Keep your information together and easily accessible. The longer the officer has to wait, the more likely he will find a reason to harass you.

2. If you have a cell phone, use it. Call a friend and have them listen to the exchange between you and the officer. Your friend could act as a witness on your behalf. If you don’t have a cell phone, a mini audio recorder could serve a similar purpose.

3. Some cell phones are capable of recording video or still pictures. By documenting the exchange, as much as possible you will be adequately be able to protect your rights.

4. If there are issues with the officer, you don't have to go to their office to file a complaint. Sending a detailed letter certified return receipt to the head of the department, the prosecuting attorney’s office and the state’s Attorney General will get your compliant filed without putting yourself at risk of immediate reprisals.

5. If you witness an officer abusing his or her authority document and report it. By being pro-active and getting involved, abusive officers will be held accountable for their actions and removed from positions of authority.

The public can no longer depend on the Bill of Rights to defend their personal liberties. The only way to curb and end the police abuse of power is for the public to hold them accountable for their actions. By knowing your rights and being prepared, an individual can more adequately protect themselves and their rights during encounters with law enforcement.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Grand Traverse Sheriff Department Sexually Assaults Local Wiccan

I want to share my experience with you in hope you will help me receive justice and let others know that they are not alone. I have been doing research and have learned the police abusing their power have become increasingly frequent, yet they are not held responsible for their action. Although repeatedly telling my story has not been easy, it worth keeping the wound open in order to reach out to the others it has happened to and to help it from happening again. I have documentation, which not only substantiates my complaints against the Grand Traverse Sheriff Department and Phillips Settles, but the medical documentation proving the physical and emotional damage it has caused me.

On October 18, 2006, I was driving home from my job at a small factory. I was pulled over by a deputy sheriff, who refused to tell me why he stopped me or to tell me his name. He ordered me from my car and began searching it. He dug my purse out of the back seat of my car and went through it. In the bottom of the side pocket, he found my athame set. Athames are ritual daggers used for directing energy in the Wiccan and Pagan religions. Mine were two small decorative daggers; the largest was 2 1/2 inches, including the hilt. They didn’t have an edge and were the equivalent of a toy cap gun. Without telling me why, he arrested me. At the jail, he told me I was stopped because I was swerving and I was arrested for felony-concealed weapon. He led me inside and turned me over the deputies behind the desk. Even though there were female deputies on duty, I was searched by male deputy. He asked me questions until the other deputy went out of sight. He then insisted on searching me again. Only this time, he groped my breasts and groin. When the deputy behind the desk came back into view, he immediately stopped and stepped away from me.

I was placed in a hallway. The stress of the situation caused an asthma attack. When it first started, I asked for my inhaler, which was in the pocket of my purse. They denied me access. The attack became severe to the point I vomited and urinated on myself. They ignored my repeated requests for my medication. Eventually, they gave me access, but not before damage was done to my lungs. Later, I was photographed and fingerprinted by another male deputy, who also groped my breasts and called it a search. He only stopped when another deputy came into his line of sight.

My bond was set, but when my representative called to find out where to pay it, the deputy who answered the phone discouraged him from immediately paying, saying that I would be going before the judge at 2pm and it would be reduced. My paper work was never processed and I didn’t go before the judge until the next day. When my representative didn’t hear from me by 3 pm, he went to the courthouse and searched for the proper place to pay the bond. Still I was held until after 5:30. The next day at the courthouse, I sat next to a man who told me he heard the deputies bragging that they were teaching me a lesson. His name is Timothy Jon Smith; the phone number he gave me is 231-258-1493. Why they would want to teach me a lesson I don't know; I have never really and any contact with them on or off duty. The only thing I could think of was that about a month earlier I was at the Pagan Pride Day in Grand Rapids. There was a rumor that the officers on duty were writing down license plate numbers. The deputies involve were very good about keeping behind me and concealing their names. This was not the first time they had done this to someone. Nor was I able to learn the arresting officer's name until after I received a copy of the arrest report. It was then that I learned that it was Justin Revnell.

I asked for a court appointed lawyer. Phillip Settles of Acme was assigned. From the beginning, he refused to push the religious aspects of the case and the civil rights violations, nor did he want to hear about the assaults or the medical neglect. His position was that it didn’t matter the size or the reason I had athame. Instead, he did his best to make me fear for my safety. I wanted to file a complaint against the Sheriff Department immediately. Mr. Settles told me that not only wasn’t it safe, but it would do no good. That the Deputy was the nephew of the Sheriff and had a history of making witnesses against him disappear. He told me that in spite my clean record and the fact had I even thought of hurting anyone, if the case went to trial, I would be convicted and sentenced to five years in prison. During the preliminary hearing, he got Revnell to admit he didn’t have permission to search my purse. In addition, my athames were never produced in court, nor did Mr. Settles ask for them to be presented into evidence at the hearing. Both were just cause for the case to be dismissed, yet Mr. Settles said nothing. Mr. Settles filed two motions on my behalf; however, they weren't well researched and were very superficial. There are two recent cases he could have used; one was not only directly on point, but was a Michigan case. Eventually he persuaded me to accept a plea bargain of a misdemeanor. I don’t know if Mr. Settles was incompetent, lazy or working for the other side, but he wasn’t working on my behalf. One thing I found puzzling. The only people I mentioned suiting to was the deputies, yet on our first meeting Mr. Settles immediately told me that he couldn't represent me in a civil suit.

If you compare the arrest report with the transcript of the preliminary hearing, you will find many discrepancies. First and foremost, I didn’t volunteer the information about my athames. I honestly answered the deputy's question. Secondly, I didn’t give him permission to search my car or my purse. There was no reason for him to do so. I was being cooperative. In the report, he photocopied my athames without anything for scale or perspective, because he enlarged them. The images shown in the report wouldn’t have even fit in the pocket of my purse. I have signed statements from friends with their contact information, stating the actual appearance of my athames. Revnell also stated under oath that they were easily accessible and that I used them for self-defense. My athames were in the bottom of the pocket of my purse, which was buried beneath two jackets and a blanket on the floor of the back seat of my car. In order for me to use them for self-defense, I would have to ask the attacker to wait until I search not only for my purse but for my athames as well. In addition, the blade was so thin, it would have snapped off at impact.

On February 17, 2007, I finally got the courage to file a complaint. Instead of going to the office, I sent it certified return receipt to Sheriff Fewins and Alan Schnerder. I never heard from Mr. Schnerder and it wasn’t until the first week in March that I heard from the Sheriff’s department. Captain Dave Meachum called me and said they were going to investigate my complaint either in house or through another department. Two days later, I received a phone call from Detective Kevin Gay of the Traverse City Police Department; his badge number is 299. March 5, he and a member of the TC police departments Internal Affairs interviewed me. I answered all their questions to the best of my ability, yet nothing has been done. I have asked many questions, yet they refuse to give me any answers. The incident report number is 781-7281-07. Since then I’ve heard rumors of a couple of deputies bragging that the “witch deserved it” and that investigation was taken care of. May 18, Detective Gay called and told me he could find no basis for my complaints. Since I had waited to file the sexual assault complaint and I didn’t stress it, he didn’t believe it happened. Many women not only wait, but some never report at all. In November when I talked to the councilor at the Women’s Resource Center, I talked about the sexual elements of the search. I also told several friends who are experienced therapists. I didn’t stress the sexual assault because it stemmed from the civil rights violations and frankly, it’s easier to heal from being groped than from suffocating to death from an asthma attack. Detective Gay has closed the case and once again the Grand Traverse Sheriff Department is getting away it.

After doing research, I realized just how inadequate my defense was. I sent a letter of complaint to Mr. Settles. He responded by repeating many of the same statements he made before, but never addressed my core complaints. I have also filed a formal complaint with the Attorney Grievance Commission and the Attorney General Office, but they have done nothings as well.

I have been physically, emotionally and financially harmed. The asthma attack caused damage to my lunge that is still causing me pain when I breathe. In November, I was diagnosised with PTS. The panic attacks were made worse by the continuing harassment. On November 30, I was pulled over for illegal beeping. On other occasions, I was followed from my job. On March 5, a patrol car followed me a car length and half for miles on the icy roads. If I had to stop for any reason, he would have rear-ended me. The harassment made it difficult for me to leave my home for months afterwards and I nearly became a shut in. For months, I was unable to function on anything more than a basic level. The moment I in October changed so much of my life. For months, I simply couldn’t function. I stopped promoting my novels. Continuing absences because of panic attacks and being unable to breathe nearly cost me my job and my home.

I am asking you to help me receive justice for the harm done to me and the others who have been harassed by the Grand Traverse Sheriff Department. Help me bring the blue wall down so that we can get ethical officers working in our community.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on 'donating a mammogram' for free (pink window in the middle).
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Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Participating verses Watching the Game
Theresa Chaze

To help or not to help? That is the question. Whether it is nobler to step up to the plate or to step aside and allow another to take a turn at bat...It seems that in so many instances the same people play the same positions in life. There are those who actively step up to the plate to help, while others just warm the bench and comment on the game. Like the sports fan, who claims a team as his own, yet doesn't participate, own it or have any active role in the decision making process, so do the same type of people criticize how others chose to make the world a better place. Yet there are others who chose to ignore the world around them; they are too busy or otherwise engaged to notice what is happening beyond their front door.
Whether human, animal or environmental issues, there are those people who are willing to put their time, energy and resources into speaking out and attempting to make positive changes. They get involved by writing letters, contacting governmental leaders, or physically demonstrating. Whether picking up trash along the side of the road or marching on the capital, they are willing to put themselves on the line for their cause, because they aren’t willing to be by-standers in the world. These people care what happens to others and to the world around them. They enthusiastically embrace change and continually look outside the box for new possibilities or options that will make the world a better place. Whether living green, animal rights or energy alternatives, these people work towards changing the how and why things are done for the betterment of all instead of a select few. These are the people who took time out of their lives to search for victims of Katrina. The same type that marched for peace. These people work with the environment by recycling and looking for responsible ways to live their lives. No one asked. It wasn’t legislated. They saw a need they could meet and weren‘t afraid of getting their hands dirty.
Yet on the opposite spectrum, there are those they are so attached to the status quo they reject all change. They criticize the individuals who do seek innovative answers, yet they refuse to offer alternatives to the challenges our country now are facing. Like the armchair quarterback, they attack the participants and their actions, but never really address the causes. By belittling the people, they down play the importance of the issue and make the individual the center of attention. To protect the status quo, they nit-pick the minor details in order to find fault with the person, yet ignore the validity of the issue. Like those who blame the high gas prices on the environmentalists and the politicians for refusing to allow drilling in ecologically sensitive areas, yet refuse to see how their own driving habits and the lack of development of alternative fuels have contributed to the situation. They complain about the actions of others, however they do little themselves to make it better.
There are others who do neither. They live cloistered existences, filled only with their own needs and wants. They do not get involved, nor do they commit. The world outside their little ponds simple does not exist. Some believe they can’t make a difference, so they don’t even try. It is their apathy that has lead to low voter participation and the extremes being brought to power. Others just chose not to be informed. They don’t take the time away from the fun of their life to read a paper or to watch the news. In some extreme cases, they don’t know who the leaders of the country are or the basic structure of the government. When confront with their ignorance, they defend themselves with anger or rebellion. They don’t realize that the only true ones they are cheating are themselves by giving away the rights and power that every individual in entitled.
But what would happen if the more nobler people became so burned out that they stopped stepping up to the plate? Would the game stop? Would the others start participating? Or would the status quo spiral out of control sending the county into stagnation and eventual death? How do you motivate people to get involved? You can’t force them--at least not without getting negative results. Integrating the schools proved that. The cultures were mixed, yet bigotry still continues. There are no quick fixes--no magic tricks or impassioned speeches, which will change the heart of another. The truth is you can only change yourself. As individual, we can only do the best we can and no more beyond. The magic happens when people of like mind find each other and share enough of themselves to make miracles happen.


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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Energy Reading for June 2007


Theresa Chaze

The energy for June 2007 will be increasingly chaotic. There will be more decisions, which will have to be made without full or proper information. On the upside, there will be more cooperation between different groups as they finally see that their goals are not as different as they thought. People who once felt isolated by their uniqueness will suddenly find that they are not as special as they thought. Spiritually, unity will be the watch word and the goal of all those who are reaching for the next rung in the ascension ladder. Whereas we were working alone before, after June we will be working together.

The energy we will be bringing in to June is the six of swords. It is the card of the releasing of old worn out patterns and behaviors. As we examine and heal through old injuries and pains, we find ourselves forgiving everyone involved and releasing the situation to the Powers of Justice. We no longer have the time, energy or inclination to seek out vengeance. Other challenges have begun to take our interests down more positive paths. Although we will still actively participate in the justice process, we are no longer emotionally personally involved. We are merely doing what needs to be done to complete the tasks at hand.

June is represented by the ace of wands. Many will be starting new jobs both on the spiritual as well as mundane levels. It the time to start new challenges with courage and faith. If you know from you heart and soul that you have access to unlimited possibilities that is what you will draw into you life. By opening and accepting, you will begin to see the new path in front of you as a reality, not just a dream. What we ask for and are willing to accept is what will be created for us quickly and unquestioningly. Love of others will no longer be a bumper sticker, but a way of life.

The energy we will take out of June is the four of wands. From the inside out we will feel more at peace with ourselves, thereby creating more opportunities to meet others of like mind. There will be more connections as many others will be celebrating the successful opening of their lotus. Those who haven't become spiritually aware will see this energy as romantic love; however, those who have raised their vibrational level will find there hearts opening to all beings. This will be the awakening of lights that has been foreseen by many. Enough have done the work that it will be happening ahead of schedule. As each person lights up on the from the inside out, the planet will become awash with healing and forgiveness. The time is now and we are ready.

The energy challenge we will all contend with is the six of cups. Special friends and wisdom of the past will be brought forward. Many of us left mystical cheat-cheats with wisdom from the past. We wanted to be certain that we would have the information we needed, when it was required. The problem will be remembering where we put them and once again gaining access. As we have started to come back together, so we have started to not only collect our notes, but to share the information; in doing so, we are finding ourselves blessed and our lives filled with miracles.