Thursday, August 30, 2018

Alternative Healing for PTSD and TBI

Horses and Heroes is an unscripted television series that will focus on healing and positive forward movement. With the help of Equine Therapy and Peer Support Therapy, every season eight veterans will be brought together to share their experiences and help each other heal through their core issues. We are seeking equity investors and a cross-branding partner to produce the first season.
The series will reach out to the 22 million veterans in the United States to give them alternative healing and coping options for their physical and emotional challenges. Secondarily, the production company will be hiring veterans for both in front of and behind the cameras. There are already many veterans working in the entertainment industry. Cosmos Productions will be giving veterans the training and experience they need to start new careers.

Visit the website to learn about our team and what we are offering a cross-branding partner by clicking here

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