Monday, November 24, 2008

The Ascension Process: Remembering Your Soul’s Name

The Ascension Process: Remembering Your Soul’s Name

The ascension process is much like a video game. Each level has its own rules, challenges and resources. At some levels helpmates are close; on others, they the ones initiating the challenges. Each level teaches the player more about the game, making her or him a wiser, stronger competitor. At each new stage, the player is given incentives to keep going--additional resources, wisdom or challenges. There are consequences for mistakes and rewards for successes. So it is with the ascension process, which begins with a name.

When a soul claims it's name, not only does it separate itself from the soul collective, but it also claims its individuality, thereby staking claim to its own power. When the soul incarnates it sends down a piece of itself, which is called the spirit. Whereas owning its name was the beginning, the spirit remembering it is acknowledging and accepting its soul's history, which is in itself a new beginning.

More than just labeling itself, a soul asserts ownership of itself. It is the declaration "I am, the I am." Finding the strength and the courage to leave the collective is the first step on the journey called destiny; deciding on a name is just the first step in the journey. Once decided, it cannot be changed and will identify the soul for eternity, which is why it is considered the most important decision a soul can make. With each step the soul takes away from the collective, it becomes more distinctive and independent. The lessons it learns and the wisdom it collects raises its energy vibration, giving it access to more information and more intense learning opportunities. With independence comes mistakes and missteps. Experience leads to imperfections; imperfection leads to regret. However, it is this winding road with its many side paths that prepares the soul for the ascension process, which eventually leads to forgiveness and unconditional love.

During incarnation process, the spirit is prepared for the lessons or issues the soul wishes to address. Part of this process is stripping away the knowledge and memories to create a clean slat. Although, the soul retains its personality traits, it doesn't remember the details or the motivating factors behind its actions. Amnesia is not a punishment, but a way to help prevent a soul from becoming stuck in guilt and regret. By allowing the soul to start a new chapter in it Akashic Records, the soul is allowed a fresh starts with old challenges. Called the formative years, the first three years of life are when the soul redevelops its connection with the physical plane. It bonds with others and establishes communication skills. In addition, it also decides what the focus will be for this particular life; in short, which karmic challenge or lesson will be the main focus. During this time, the incarnating spirit still maintains a connection with its soul, which is why many children hold on to memory fragments of their past lives. However, as the verbal and social skills develop, these memories are usually pushed into the subconscious for save keeping. It is more important for its attention to be directed out and forward, than inward and toward the past. Toward the end of life, especially for the aged, this process is reversed as the spirit prepares to be reabsorbed into its soul and the life's lessons evaluated.

Incarnating is the soul’s way of actively learning, clearing karmic debt and connecting with others. However, whether the entrance into body is done through the birth process or through walking in, its ability to remember its karmic history is severely limited. It is part of the learning and testing process that each soul must grow through as it learns tolerance and forgiveness, while releasing its fear. How a soul reacts to challenges is also a very important part of the education. However, as the soul gains more experience through the incarnation process, the connecting cord becomes thicker and stronger. This makes the transmission of information from the soul to the spirit easier and more accurate. For more advanced souls, the loss of memory is no longer necessary for they no longer need to be protected from their past. The amnesia is designed to protect the spirit from the backlash of previous self destructive behaviors and emotions. It is impossible to erase the errors made in previous lives; however, by learning and growing from them the karmic scales are once again put into balance. The memory loss is designed to help the soul again face the challenge with the negative baggage of the past safely locked in its subconscious.

The spirit remembering its soul’s name is a turning point in the soul's growth and learning process. Just like stepping away from the collective was the beginning of a new journey, so is the spirit remembering its name the inauguration of a new segment in its existence. It signals that the incarnated spirit and soul have achieved balance. In doing so, the soul not only fully accepts responsibility for its actions, but becomes opens to receiving blessings as well. The later is the most difficult part of the process. Not only does it involve facing old fears, but also forgiving oneself for past mistakes. Most souls of light forgive others easily, but themselves not so much. Guilt and anger blocks the healing process, which in turn delays development on all levels. This is why only highly developed souls remember their history while incarnated.

If the information is made available too quickly, it is detrimental to the spirit who is not ready to shoulder the burden of the past. However, remembering and being told is two completely different situations. It is the difference of being able to read the book and being told what it says. In remembering, the soul is given direct access to its entire past--the good, bad and the ugly. A psychic who disclosures the client’s name soul name gives her or him the keys to the kingdom without telling them where the gate lays. At best it means nothing, at worse it brings back a flood of memories that the person isn't emotionally or spiritually ready to deal with, which is not unlike when a kundalini rise prematurely. As with the kundalini, sudden a sudden karmic awakening can lead to madness and death.

When the spirit and soul are in balance, the awakening is natural, which makes the memories uplifting and healing. Instead of adding burdens, they release them and open new venues of growth. Forgiving of oneself and accepting forgiveness from others is the final step in this journey; it is the release of what could have been by accepting was and being grateful for the growth opportunity. The past becomes the present while the present becomes the past. . No longer hampered, the spirit’s vibration level rises, making it ready for the next leg of journey.



Joyce Anthony said...

Wonderful post, Tir!! I agree completely-once my soul was given its name, life took on meaning and direction.

theauthormike said...

Hey Tir, I found this to be very interesting and it goes along with the thinking that I came upon naturally. I would love to read more about this, any books I should check out?