Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Religious Discrimination: Christians Cry Fowl

Religious Discrimination: Christians Cry Fowl

I was flipping through the channels when I came across what I thought was a documentary on religious discrimination; however, it didn't take long for me to discover that I was mistaken. Instead of a documentary, it was a half hour infomercial for the website Silencing Christians (http://www.silencingchristians.com/), which is a website that proclaims that Christians are having the civil rights violated. However, all their claims of harassment and discrimination spring from situations or events where they were prevented from inflicting their religion on others or when public funds were used to promote their particular faith.

The premise of the site is that Christians are being discriminated against by the government. It gave several examples of how their civil rights, including freedom of religions, free speech and the right to assemble, were violated. Their seven videos list such things as:

* Activists pushing tolerance to such an extreme that the Bible is being labeled hate speech.

How many people have been accosted on city streets or have their day interrupted by a knock at the door by someone trying to save their souls? Christians, like everyone who chooses to be believe or not believe, have the right to follow their own life path as they see fit. What they don’t have the right to do is inflict it on others. I have been told that it is the Christian doctrine to bring the teachings of Christ to others. That’s peachy keen jellybean. Go preach to the choir. No one else wants to hear it. You don’t have the right to tell others what their truth is or to force them to follow your spiritual path.

Hate speech is defined by Wikipedia as:

Hate speech is a term for speech intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence or prejudicial action against a person or group of people based on their race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, language ability, moral or political views, socioeconomic class, occupation or appearance (such as height, weight, and hair color), mental capacity and any other distinction-liability. The term covers written as well as oral communication and some forms of behaviors in a public setting. It is also sometimes called antilocution and is the first point on Allport's scale, which measures prejudice in a society.

In the United States, the government is broadly forbidden by the First Amendment of the Constitution from restricting speech. Jurists generally understand this to mean that the government cannot regulate the content of speech, but that it can address the harmful effects of speech through laws such as those against defamation or incitement to riot.

When you degrade other faiths or lack of having a faith as being evil or spread lies about those following that path, you are guilty of hate speech. Every time you shout, “Thou shall not suffer a witch to live”, you are guilty of making a death threat, which is a felony and punishable by law.

* In Silencing the Christians” you’ll learn how this “sacred cow” of the liberal left only applies when it is being used to keep “Christ” out of school.

Schools are a place to learn the basic survival skills for life: reading, math, history, science, computer, etc. It is not a place of worship. The moral decay as you call it hasn’t been brought on by the removal from prayer from school. It’s not that simple. There are many reasons for the current chaos. The most important being that society is being force to deal with the violence and abuse that has been hidden within families. No longer are abusers able to safely violate their family members; instead, they seek targets outside the home. Lack of proper education--reading, math, science, etc--not religious teachings--leads to poverty, which in turn leads to violence, drug abuse and the many other social ills that Christians blame on the removal of prayer in school. The simple fact is that by creating an equal and balanced school system from coast to coast that provides the same resources and teaching quality, matter the social or economic structure of the area that the poverty and crime rates will decrease. In addition, the more education a girl receives the longer she will wait to have children as well as the number of children she will give birth to. However, this system is based on accurate, available information that is not based on the Bible, but on scientific and provable facts.

* Learn how legislation targets thought and freedom of speech that could make it illegal to believe in “Truth” or even quote the Bible.

The government has not made it illegal to believe in the Bible. It does however defend those who simply don’t want hear it. The only thing Christians have lost is the right to harass, bully, attack, defame, and forcefully convert others to their faith. Individuals have the right to believe or not believe, as they will as long it doesn’t harm or annoy another. This doesn’t included being offended by another following a different spiritual path. No matter what your doctrine states, you are not entitled to force it on other in word or deed.

* VA hospital neutralized its chapel by removing Christian symbols.
Military personal come in all sizes, shapes, ethic backgrounds and faiths, including those who have chosen to be religion-free. The VA and the branches of the military are extensions of the Federal Government, which is prohibited from establishing or enforcing religion. By making the chapel non-denominational, it is only complying with the Constitution. It doesn’t bar the doors to Christians, but establishes a safe haven for all who wish to seek spiritual solace. In 2007, Lady Liberty League along with other legal reform groups, sued and forced the VA to accept Pentacle as a religious symbol. No longer are Pagan and Wiccan soldiers deprived of their religious symbol on their memorial markers. It has changed nothing for Christians. Yet there are still those who cry foul as they are forced to share burial space with those of another religion.

* Lesbian couples sued a church for the right to hold a civil union ceremony.
This was part of the video I watched. New Jersey approved civil unions between same sexed couples; however, the dispute was over a publicly owned and operated area that was available to be rented by the public for events, including weddings. The women were denied access for their civil union ceremony and celebration afterwards. Even through the seaside pavilion received public funds, the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association refused to access to the couple, claiming the women’s Constitutional rights weren’t being breached. The Association was sued and lost in federal court. They were given the choice of accepting civil unions along with weddings or to no longer hold any religious ceremonies at the location. Their bigotry became the deciding factor and weddings were banned.

* A mother was told reading from the Bible to her son's class is against the law.
A woman attempted to read the Bible to her son’s Kindergarten class and was told that it was against the law to promote religion in a pubic school. She claims that the school told her she could read a book about witches instead; however, the book was not named, which means the school could have suggested Harry Potter. If she wants to read the Bible to children, she should go to her church and teach a Bible class. Public schools are not the place to promote religion. Schools are a place of learning, not worship. By reading the passage, she inflicted her beliefs on the children, who were of diverse beliefs and were too young to stand up for themselves. In fact, she was forcefully indoctrinating the other children of the class, which violated their civil rights. If the situation had been reversed, with a Pagan, Jew, or Muslim preaching their doctrine, people like her would be the first to protest. Yet, she saw nothing wrong with forcing her beliefs on others.

* A Canadian pastor faced a hate crimes tribunal for writing a letter to his local newspaper.
As a result of Dr. Darren E. Lund’s complaint to the Human Rights Panel of Alberta, they charged Stephan Boissoin, director of the Concern Christian Coalition with a hate speech/discrimination based on sexual preference after he published a letter to the editor titled, “Homosexual Agenda Wicked.” Lund claimed that Boissoin’s willful published ideas, which fostered and provoked violence and intimidation based on sexual preference. Shortly after the initial publication of the letter to the editor, a 17 year old was attacked by a man who he thought he was gay. In Boissoin’s own words:

Homosexual Agenda Wicked

June 17, 2002

The following is not intended for those who are suffering from an unwanted sexual identity crisis. For you, I have understanding, care, compassion and tolerance. I sympathize with you and offer you my love and fellowship. I prayerfully beseech you to seek help, and I assure you that your present enslavement to homosexuality can be remedied. Many outspoken, former homosexuals are free today.

Instead, this is aimed precisely at every individual that in any way supports the homosexual machine that has been mercilessly gaining ground in our society since the 1960s. I cannot pity you any longer and remain inactive. You have caused far too much damage.

My banner has now been raised and war has been declared so as to defend the precious sanctity of our innocent children and youth, that you so eagerly toil, day and night, to consume. With me stand the greatest weapons that you have encountered to date - God and the "Moral Majority." Know this, we will defeat you, then heal the damage that you have caused. Modern society has become dispassionate to the cause of righteousness. Many people are so apathetic and desensitized today that they cannot even accurately define the term "morality."

The masses have dug in and continue to excuse their failure to stand against horrendous atrocities such as the aggressive propagation of homo- and bisexuality. Inexcusable justifications such as, "I'm just not sure where the truth lies," or "If they don't affect me then I don't care what they do," abound from the lips of the quantifiable majority.

Face the facts, it is affecting you. Like it or not, every professing heterosexual is have their future aggressively chopped at the roots.

Edmund Burke's observation that, "All that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing," has been confirmed time and time again. From kindergarten class on, our children, your grandchildren are being strategically targeted, psychologically abused and brainwashed by homosexual and pro-homosexual educators.

Our children are being victimized by repugnant and premeditated strategies, aimed at desensitizing and eventually recruiting our young into their camps. Think about it, children as young as five and six years of age are being subjected to psychologically and physiologically damaging pro-homosexual literature and guidance in the public school system; all under the fraudulent guise of equal rights.

Your children are being warped into believing that same-sex families are acceptable; that men kissing men is appropriate.

Your teenagers are being instructed on how to perform so-called safe same gender oral and anal sex and at the same time being told that it is normal, natural and even productive. Will your child be the next victim that tests homosexuality positive?

Come on people, wake up! It's time to stand together and take whatever steps are necessary to reverse the wickedness that our lethargy has authorized to spawn. Where homosexuality flourishes, all manner of wickedness abounds.

Regardless of what you hear, the militant homosexual agenda isn't rooted in protecting homosexuals from "gay bashing." The agenda is clearly about homosexual activists that include, teachers, politicians, lawyers, Supreme Court judges, and God forbid, even so-called ministers, who are all determined to gain complete equality in our nation and even worse, our world.

Don't allow yourself to be deceived any longer. These activists are not morally upright citizens, concerned about the best interests of our society. They are perverse, self-centered and morally deprived individuals who are spreading their psychological disease into every area of our lives. Homosexual rights activists and those that defend them, are just as immoral as the pedophiles, drug dealers and pimps that plague our communities.

The homosexual agenda is not gaining ground because it is morally backed. It is gaining ground simply because you, Mr. and Mrs. Heterosexual, do nothing to stop it. It is only a matter of time before some of these morally bankrupt individuals such as those involved with NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Lovers Association, will achieve their goal to have sexual relations with children and assert that it is a matter of free choice and claim that we are intolerant bigots not to accept it.

If you are reading this and think that this is alarmist, then I simply ask you this: how bad do things have to become before you will get involved? It's time to start taking back what the enemy has taken from you. The safety and future of our children is at stake.

Rev Stephen Boissoin

In his letter, he inaccurately links homosexuality with child abuse and molestation, which is a proven falsehood. He makes blanket statements with out basis on the morality of individuals based on their sexual orientation, while fostering fear and violence against homosexuals. His message is that they are lurking around every corner, waiting to abuse your children, so parents you need to get them before they kidnap and rape your child. It was a blatant doctrine of hate, bigotry and violence.

The documentation of the case can be read at: http://www.albertahumanrights.ab.ca/LundDarren113007Pa.pdf

Although, Boissoin has every right to believe and say what he believes, he also must be held responsible for the harm that comes from it. His words were no different that if he has screamed fire in a crowd theatre and someone was trampled as the people rushed to escape. His words led to harm; he needed to be held responsible.

I am totally against censorship: however, I am even more opposed to people sticking their noses into other people's business uninvited. How a people chooses to live or what they believe is no one else's concern. Yet the Christians who are so quick to cry fowl and raise the Constitutionality are the same ones who violate others' civil rights. Each of us have the rights to our own beliefs and lifestyle, but each of our rights end at the tip of our nose. The space between us is neutral safety zone that should not be invaded. Christians if you want other to respect your civil rights, it is time for you to respect others’ rights.

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Dear Tir, Way to go and you know that I am completely on board with you. I will be publishing a paper that I finished two days ago before reading your blog but it runs along many of the same lines. Keep up the good work to keep the world free.