Friday, November 10, 2017

Are Veterans are More than a Marketing Tool for Veterans Day?

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day.  Once again, there are a rash of sales that have nothing to do with helping veterans or veterans' organizations.  They are merely using them as a marketing tool to sell their products. 

As a writer and producer, I honor military personnel and veterans in my work.  It's why I created Horses and Heroes and Operation Home Base.  Both TV series tell the stories of those, who have and continue to serve.

Horses and Heroes combines Equine Therapy with Peer Support Therapy as eight veterans per season support each other as they reclaim their lives.  Unlike most in the genre, it supports healing and positive forward movement rather than endorsing bad behavior.

The scripted series, Operation Home Base combines the best elements of MASH, The Waltons, and NCIS to create a family of man drama about forgiveness and second chances. By combining real life stories with a fictional international conspiracy, OHB  builds a bridge of understanding between civilians and those who serve.

Horses and Heroes is first on the slate.  We have two amazing hosts: Tim Abell and Craig Sawyer as well as a therapist/veteran coordinator, Dave Ferruolo.  All three are veterans as will be most of the crew.  

We need your help. We need introductions to investors and corporations that would like to market there product, while supporting those who serve, in socially responsible way.  But  even if you don't have wealthy friends, who invest or contacts within corporations, you can still help.  The proceeds from my books bought on the website will be used to fund Horses and Heroes.  You can buy the PDFs and recommend others do the same.  They are inexpensive, but every little bit helps.  If you have a little extra, you can donate it to the production fund on the website.  You have the power to make a the difference.