Friday, August 30, 2019

Not for Ourselves: A Karmic Romance

What do you do when life hands you lemons. Authors make lemonade by writing the challenges into their work. Theresa Chaze is no different. Written as a way to cope with and to understand the sexual assault, Not for Ourselves tells the tale of a woman, who is attacked and tormented by men she met for the first time at a Pagan Festival. Unable to comprehend why they chose her, she performs a magical ritual that was designed to help her understand why they would want to destroy a stranger's life. All though it is fictionalized story, it reflects how the assault and the months of harassment afterward shattered her life and nearly turned Chaze into a shut-in

Before October 18, 2006, Chaze was confident gregarious woman, who faced life with moxie and courage. Her writing career had begun to take off with the launch of her novels and screenplays. She sought out adventures and blazed her own trails through life. All that ended on October 18, 2006. The person she was died that night and she became someone she didn't recognize. Before, she forgave easily. At midnight her slate was wiped clean and everyone, including herself, had a fresh start for the new day. All that changed. The fear overshadowed her life. Leaving her home sent her into panic attacks that triggered severe asthma episodes. The fear became a rage that she turned both inward and onto others. There were many times in the next two years that she had the razor blade out and the note was written. Good friends keeping careful watch over her is the only reason she didn't follow through. Instead of asking for justice, she sought vengeance on those who had harmed her. When Chaze lost her ability to function, she sought help and was diagnosed with PTSD, After years of therapy, Chaze has glued the shards of her former self together to create a life that once again based on love, light, and hope. Writing Not For Ourselves helped her complete the healing process
Alyssa attends a local Pagan festival to read Tarot Cards as a way of raising funds for a local animal rescue organization. When a group of drunken men invade the festival, attacking the attendee and destroying the booths, she and others stand up to them only to learn that they are off-duty deputy sheriffs. Unwilling to let their bad behavior slide, they file complaints only to learn that the leader of the pack is the Justin Nevel, the Sheriff's nephew. Although she is one of many who complain, Nevel focuses his need for revenge on Alyssa. His harassment quickly escalates. When friends and co-workers stand up for her, his intimidation spreads to them. In an attempt to understand why she was singled out, Alyssa performs a magical ritual. But instead of receiving an answer, she is taken back to a Scottish parish and the life when she was known as Shannon Marie Cullen.

The granddaughter and heir of Jacqueline Marie Katherine de Medici, Shannon Marie lived both in and out of clan tradition. However, unlike their older sisters, she and her younger sister, Rachael, were spared the limitations and intrigues of court. Raised more like sons than daughters, they were wild and free. Both saw life as a challenge to be met and conquered. Yet there was one sadness that Shannon Marie was forced to accept or so she thought. Clan tradition stood between her and Michael being together, which led to him choosing the path of the Goddess. She loved him enough to honor his decision until the obstacles between them suddenly vanished. She selfishly agrees to the marriage. Instead of joy, their union brings about betrayal, bloodshed, and murder
As the memories of her past life awakened, Alyssa melds with her former self. Watching the events before her death unfold, she began to understand how the manipulation of others followed them through the ages until they are forced to again meet. In the past, one man loved her, yet her selfishness betrayed his trust. One man hated her for who she was and for what he could never have. Both have again entered her life. Have they learned enough to put finally put the past to rest or will they again make the same choices that led to murder and revenge?

Not for Ourselves is available on Amazon as a Kindle and in paperback as well as a PDF on the author's website.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Chalice Island: The Continuation of the Dark Shadows Legacy

In partnership with Kaleidoscope Film and Television, Cosmos Production announces the development of the Gothic Horror feature film, Chalice Island. Written by Writer-Producer Theresa Chaze, the project was originally conceived after a conversation with actor David Selby. A fan of both Dark Shadows and Selby, Chaze took his off-handed comment to heart and used plot threads left behind by Dan Curtis to weave a new feature. Combining new talent with the original actors, she continued the Collins' family legacy, However, when Chaze had been unable to attain rights to Dark Shadows, she edited out those elements to create an entirely new project.

Even after being off the air for nearly 50 years, Dark Shadows continues to have a strong and loyal fan base. It has launched several networks, including the SyFy Channel. The conventions continue to draw fans from around the world, More of a parody than a continuation of the Dark Shadows brand, the 2012 feature angered and frustrated the fans, which is why it failed at the box office. Yet the brand remains strong and viable in spite of the “movie that shall not be named.” Chalice Island cannot replace Dark Shadows. It wouldn't even try. What it will do both as a feature film and the pilot for a new series is stay true to the original Dark Shadows, buy continuing the tradition of Gothic Horror, Romance, and cliffhangers.

With characters ranging in age from 10 to 60+ with the primary age range between 20 and 50, Chalice Island will cross age demographics. It will attract the prized 18-49 year old demographic while enticing the fan bases with the original actors who have been cast fully developed and substantial roles.. The new characters include the 20-somethings Julia, Jonathan, Davy, Constance, and Katheryn's children, The list of 30-50-year-old characters include Susanna, Joe, Joshua, and Cheryl, Ethnic inclusiveness will be woven into the fabric with a strong Native American presence and the ethnic diversity of Katheryn's grandchildren.

Jacqueline's capacity to love is only exceeded by her need for vengeance after she finds her mother raped and murdered. When a source of evil offers both her and her brother, Jackson, the means to gain revenge, they enthusiastically embrace the dark arts. After 150 years of blood sacrifices, she meets Morgan. His love heals her old wounds. Hiding the chalice, she breaks the cycle of blood. Although Jackson could have stopped, them, he chooses to allow Jacqueline and Morgan to escape. His act of compassion costs him dearly. Decades later, Frank finds Jacqueline and Morgan on a small Reservation. Over the decades, she has earned grace. As long as she refrains from using her powers, she will remain untouchable. Yet, Frank knows her true weakness. His first attempt on her children only served to make Jacqueline more obsessive and controlling over their safety. Her smothering made her son, Jonathan, angry and vulnerable. As the clock winds down, Frank sends the vampire that he created to bring him to Chalice Island. Jacqueline and Morgan return to find their past has not been forgotten or forgiven. Frank demands that she return the chalice. If she returns it, he will release the ancient evil. If she refuses, her son will become a vampire that she will either have to kill or force him to live in eternal confinement. If she uses her power to save her son, she forfeits her grace, erasing her life with Morgan, their children, and all the good she had done. Jackson remains the wild card. Only Bailey knows he has returned. Which side will he take or does he have an agenda all his own.

Chalice Island, the series will continue the drama, suspense, and romance. The plot twists will create as many questions as it does answers. Will the vampire, Davy retain control over Jonathan or will the mysterious Constance steal him from her? Jonathan finds himself torn between the two women, yet he finds himself attracted to forbidden love. They thought they prevented Jon from becoming a vampire by performing the ritual and cremating his body. Yet Jackson's interference kept his soul from finding peace. As he reaches out to his wife, Katheryn, she becomes determined to bring him back by whatever means necessary. Will she reach out to the ancient evil? Or like Jackson, will she find another way? Did the ghosts of his victims take their revenge on Frank or did he find sanctuary? All these questions and more will be answered in the first season of Chalice Island.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Finding the courage to face your fears and achieve your dreams

A Butterfly is Born as a Caterpillar Dies tells the tale of how a caterpillar grows as she faces her fears and the anger that springs from them. Each time she encounters something new or frightening, her first instinct is to run away or hide. Yet with the help of others and her own inner strength, she finds the courage to face both the unknown and her own anger. When she does, she releases her fears and finds out just how amazing she can be.
From childhood through the end of life, change is inevitable. How we choose to react will open or close doors. But not always in the ways we expect or want. Even when we chose to make the changes, the excitement intertwines with apprehension as we walk through the threshold into unknown. Some people we meet will help and support you. Some will challenge you. But each of them will play an important role in helping you learn and grow. Chose to have the courage to believe in yourself and the tomorrows as they appear before you. When you make that conscious choice, who and what you need will appear in your life to help you meet your challenges and achieve your dreams. You are here at this perfect time and the perfect place for the perfect reason. When you listen to your heart and ignore your fears you will see the path before you and be able to understand the challenges in your life.
Available on Amazon as a Kindle and in paperback.

Horses and Heroes is a Reality TV series, which combines the highly effective Peer Support Therapy with Equine Therapy. Unlike most in the genre, it will focus on healing and positive growth rather than endorsing bad behavior. Each season will bring together veterans from WWII to the current conflicts. They will be sharing their challenges and supporting each other as they find new solutions to their physical and emotional challenges. They know the talk, because they have walked the walk. They see the dodges and will be able to call each other on them. Sparks may fly. Tempers may flare, especially when they force each other to face their ghosts. But there will also be laughter and fun as they rebuild the comradery, which kept them safe and strong. The snarkiness and practical jokes between the branches doesn't simply end. There is always room for just one more. This interaction will help them rebuild that sense of brother and sisterhood they depended on while serving, which will help them reclaim their civilian lives. When it airs, it will reach into the homes of the veterans, who need to hear that they are not alone, and give them information as well as permission they need to also heal. They will help each other find their way back to the world. Veterans can’t go back and make a brand new start; but they can start from now and make a brand new end.