Monday, December 31, 2018

Ritual of Protection

This coming year will be one of challenges as the light confronts and defeats the shadows. Trying to match negativity--anger, guilt, and fear with more of the same only empowers the shadows. Only light, truth, and love can bring about the needed change.

In order to keep your light bright and strong, you will need to practice self-care, patience, and ask for help when it is needed. Part of this self-care is having a strong defense system, which includes a deflection shield that banishes negativity either into to void or to the Divine as you know it (Powers of Justice) to be dealt with appropriately.

Endless light shield
Creating a shield of light is usually done with some form of fire, usually a candle. No matter how vigilant the candle eventually burns out. However, creating a spiritual candle solves this issue by creating a perpetual candle of seamless protection.

Create your sacred circle, calling in your guardians/guides, the Divine as you know she/he/it or the universal energy, and the elements. Visualize a rainbow candle with a loving flame. Ask all you have called to bless the candle so that the flame remains endlessly bright and seamless to deflect all that is negative both the seen and the unseen, both the direct and the indirect into the void or to the Bringers of Justice to be dealt with appropriately. Visualize walking into the center of the flame and say:

Forever candle your flame remains bright
creating a shield of love and light
you deflect all negativity with unending might.
Protect me now and until the end of days
with the power and might of the sun's own rays.
Within its flame I am blessed
safe and secure no matter what shadow does test.
When the darkness and negativity arise
no matter how it is disguised
the flame shall recognize it and its source
and automatically deflect its course
to the Powers of Justice to be judged
with my not needing to create a grudge.
I ask the source to be healed and guided with kindness
so they can see beyond harmful blindness.
Only wounded souls hurt others
when in fact we are all sisters and brothers.
So in this spirit, I do forgive
and go forth with my own life to happily live.
So here inside I do safely remain
the flame maintained without any strain.

Thank and release all you have called. When you feel afraid or unsure, visually yourself in the middle of the flame and simply say, "I'm safe and secure."

*Note; this is for spiritual protection.  If someone is threatening or harming you seek help to deal with physical threats.

Out of the Shadows and Into the Light has more original rituals

It is available as a Kindle and in paperback on Amazon and as PDF on the author's website.


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Become the Light and heal the world

One lite candle in the darkness is surrounded by shadows. Two keeps each other warm and protected. Ten begin is a beginning. A hundred starts to chase the shadows away. A thousand light the way.

We each are a candle. But during these challenging times, we begin to feel like the single candle all alone surrounded by shadows. It's not true. But the shadows want us to believe it because that is how they create the fear, doubt, and anger that empowers them. As long as we focus on the negatives, the shadows win. Only our light can banish the negativity that surrounds and attacks our world.

What if instead of focusing on what is wrong, we focused on what is good? What if for the first minute of the new year, we let go of politics and religion to focus on loving ourselves and the world? What if we let love light shine from our hearts and each of us become a beacon. We would see each other and know we are not alone.

That's what I'm asking. For the first minute of the new year, we focus on love and let our lights shine brightly. After the minute or however long you choose, then send love and light to air, water, and earth to heal them and all those they touch. Sharing our love and light empowers everyone and diminishes none. We are the light the chases the shadows away and heals the world. Please join me in this quest. Share this message and help the light chase away the shadows.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Out of the Shadows and Into the Light: A Book of Shadows for the Modern Day World

A review by CATE CAVANAGH 

Out of the Shadows And Into the Light is Theresa Chaze's personal book of shadows. I have read many books of shadow over the years and find Theresa's book the most comprehensive and educational thus far. For the beginner, it is a beautiful step by step manual which not only explains the religion of Wicca in the simplest terms but also presents guidance in the making of such items as holy water. How an altar is put together along with a comprehensive yet simple explanation of the elements is beautifully rendered. For the experienced or adept it is a wonderful refresher guide to keep on hand for those times when simpler magic is desired. She also gives guidance as to when to call upon older powers and offers cautionary advice as to when not to call upon them and when to call upon them.

Although it is important to understand the proper way in which to call deities and entities into the circle equally important is how to thoroughly release them which Theresa also provides. Integral to magic is the consecration of the circle and again, Theresa provides clear and concise instruction on the effective manner in which to achieve this.

The beginner may not have knowledge of holy days and what they embody and represent. In the section on Sabbaths and holy days, each of these are simply explained so that observances can be properly held. As she does this she correlates them with how society celebrations reflect original Pagan roots.

Rarely seen in the books of shadow that I have read is a listing of the esbats or days of monthly full moons as well as a break down of how to use full moon energy successfully. She also explains how to observe the new moon in ritual and what it represents when working magic on a new moon.

Theresa makes it very clear that Wicca is against harming anyone or forcing one's will on another that is, of course with the exception of self-defense. When necessary to defend oneself, Theresa explains how to do it without invoking the Rule of Three which would bring upon the worker three times the harm placed on another. She divides self-defense into two categories. One is a response to an attack that has already begun and the secondly, preventative measures. In the one case the maldoer's energy is reflected back and in the latter cleansing shields and reinforcing one's own energy is acceptable. Included in this subject are justice rituals for situations that are overwhelming. So important is this section Theresa gives actual rituals for whatever situation you may actually encounter.

The section I particularly enjoyed was Theresa's section on Dragons and dragon magic! This is the first book of shadows I read that actually addressed this topic! Once again Theresa wonderfully explains the magic of dragons and how to work with them. She details the different types of dragons as well as making this easily read section comprehensive in scope.

The section on prosperity is rich with the philosophy of magical thinking on the topic. It clearly outlines what and how to think and also offers some prosperity rituals that can get those bills paid. As Theresa points out prosperity is a state of mind, not a fist full of dollars. And herein lies the philosophy.

Of importance is the lesson on love rituals and what and how to work them with no consequence. What is wonderful about Theresa's book of shadows is the practical and cautionary approach to magic throughout.

From understanding Wicca to doing altar work to spells that cover just about every need we might have Theresa's knowledge and sharing of this knowledge is a gift to be gratefully accepted. There is nothing that has not been covered in this gem of a book! Out of the Shadows and Into the Light is a book of shadows that outshines many of the popular ones on the market. I highly recommend it.  

Available on Amazon as a Kindle and in paperback. Click here to go to the page

PDF with extras available on the author's website Click here to go the website.

With the Goddess' blessing, Sarah created a sacred space near the intersection of three minor ley lines. Everyone was welcome to come for healing and comfort. She was beloved by most for her kind and generous heart. But it ended in the dark of night. Most people thought it was an accident. Many suspected it was murder, but placed the blame where it did not belong. One knew for certain that Sarah died for greed disguised as religion. The cottage closes itself off to the world, allowing only a very select few to enter but only for short periods of time. It patiently waits for its new mistress to arrive to release the truth and finally give Sarah justice.

But Kevin will not wait. The secret, which killed his father and tarnished his reputation even into death, is slowly eating him alive. His father's death was listed as a suicide. People speculated that guilt forced him to pull the trigger. But the source of the guilt was for what he failed to do rather than what he caused to happen. Sitting in the light of the full moon, Kevin must face the same decisions. Will he destroy himself by silently allowing a murderer to go unpunished? Or will he expose her no matter what it cost? Kevin prays to the Goddess. But his prayer isn't for justice; it is vengeance.

Rachael also prays to the Goddess and she is given the means to create a spiritual bookstore, which will be a gathering place for people to learn and heal, She asks the Goddess to send her to where 
she would dthe most good only for the dart to land on the one place she doesn't want to go. Accepting on faith that there is a reason, she packs up her furkids and moves to Coyote Springs. She arrives only to become the newest target of religious extremists and the catalyst in exposing a murderer. As they surround her new home intent on killing the new witch and burning down the evidence of Sarah's murder, Rachael must prematurely awaken her dragon spirit. As the flames from within threaten to force her from this life, the flames from without threaten to kill her and those she loves

Cheyenne and Celeste came to Coyote Springs to use their psychic gifts to find a missing child. They find the girl and made a new friend, Jane. Tired of rootless life, Cheyenne prays for a safe, stable home. With Jane's help, she finds an abandoned farm and decides to stay. Reluctantly, Celeste also remains. The threesome creates a spiritual retreat that grows out of their shared wisdom, respect and sense of family. Cheyenne is happy for the first time since she awoke broken and bloody beneath the blinding desert sun. Celeste had saved her then, but soon after Dominic appears on their doorstep, Celeste once again turns to the dark arts. Instead of a savior, she becomes vicious enemy with knowledge of all her strengths and weaknesses. With the dragons' aid, she was barely able to ward off their initial attack. But with each dark soul Celeste and Dominic bind to them, their malevolence grows until they will not settle for less than destroying Cheyenne and all she loves. How do you protect yourself from someone knows exactly how to steal your soul?

Combining two concepts, Never Can Say Good-bye creates an innovative spin on the ghostly genre. With a tagline, “When love is forever, death is only the beginning,” it is comparable to Ghost and The Others.

Imprisoned in her family's home, the spirit of a murdered child waits for her parents to free her. But they have reincarnated as has her killer. Randi must bring them back together so that they can forgive themselves and make amends. If she succeeds, they will all heal and she will be freed to also reincarnate. If she fails, their need for revenge will damn them all.