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Paranormal Romance Film Crewing up in Northern Michigan

Never Can Say Good-bye is a paranormal romance reminiscent of the Reincarnation of Peter Proud and Fatal Attraction. Elizabeth arrives in Coyote Springs to help a friend. Instead she learns that love and hate survive death.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spirit Driven Events – Fascinating and Enlightening True Stories, by Mary D. Scott

Spirit Driven Events – Fascinating and Enlightening True Stories,
by Mary D. Scott

The book consists of 190 pages, including over 50 pages of pictures where real spirits were captured, including the spirit of Elvis.

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Everyone has Spiritual abilities and it is time for the world to WAKE UP to theirs!

The following things are NOT VISIBLE, yet we all believe them to exist in our world: Air; Calories; Cold; Taste; Thought; Trust, Love; and Whisper.

While these things cannot be seen, they may be felt, heard, smelled, or tasted. No one seems to have a problem with not being able to see these things. Yet when people say they can see, talk to, and/or sense spirits --- their skepticism kicks into gear! WHY??? Because it scares them or they were trained in their upbringing to not believe! Death, spirits, and ghosts are scary to people; apparently much scarier then air, calories, cold, etc. There are people who claim to believe in God and his son Jesus, yet they have a hard time believing in the spirit world. WHY???

After all, God is the Supreme Spirit and we are all a part of God! Sooner or later when one’s body dies, and their spirit lives on, they will know the truth. It is just a shame they prefer to live with their heads buried in the sand instead of waking up to God now, while they are here on earth. And, we are supposed to be doing God’s work.

About the Author

The writing of this book, in itself, is a “Spirit Driven Event”. I had a few reasons for writing this book, the two primary reasons being: (1.) God and my spirit allies wanted me to write this book (as well as others to come; and they can be very persistent); and (2.) My spirit allies and I want to enlighten people in order for them to become aware of their spiritual abilities. Everyone possesses spiritual abilities they only need to learn how to recognize and use them for the good they were meant to be used for. There are no coincidences and everything really does happen for a reason.

I have several spiritual abilities: clairsentience, intuitive, healer, and the ability to receive infused knowledge; just to name a few. And while I usually cannot see spirits I can definitely feel them and I can usually understand their message to me. I do not consider myself a psychic or medium; however all of the above mentioned abilities are “mediumship” abilities. I have had spiritual abilities as long as I can remember (most of my life). However, sometimes they frightened me and I would refuse to deal with them. Over the past fifteen years or so I was at a place in my life where I was forced to deal with them. The spirits would not leave me alone. I have been told by many people that I am a “spirit magnet”.

Over the years I kept a journal I call “Spirit Driven Events”. This journal does not contain all of my spirit driven events, merely the ones I consider to be “really cool”. My journal consists of hundreds of events. I have selected forty-one events to include in this book which is organized into two sections. The first section contains general Spirit Driven Events; and the second section contains Spirit Driven Healing Events. Because I selected certain events from my journal, this book is not in “Spirit Driven Event #” order. While the events in this book are all true the names used (in most cases) are fictional. Any resemblance to actual names of persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

My hope is for you (the reader) to learn from my spiritual journey and to be able to relate to some of these events in your own life --- by having an AHA moment and realize your spiritual abilities.

With love and many blessings.

Mary D. Scott
Spirit Driven Events – Fascinating and Enlightening True Stories,
by Mary D. Scott

SECTION I – Spirit Driven Events (SDE) in General

As I have stated before, everyone has spiritual abilities; they just need to learn what abilities they have and how to use them. God and other spirits like to communicate with us and let us know they are near. Sometimes they communicate in order to help us and sometimes the message is meant to help someone else. Sometimes deceased loved ones communicate just to let you know they are with you and thinking about you.

Spirits have many communication methods. Below are some of the many ways:
Moving objects
Dropping coins (sometimes the date on the coin is significant) or other objects
Turning lights on and off --- basically manipulating anything that is electrical --- radios, telephones, computers, televisions, etc.
Producing a smell, a thought, or song to you
Showing up in photos and videos
Talking and/or showing themselves to us
Knocking on doors and walls and/or ringing doorbells
Chirping a smoke alarm (the chirping is different than when a battery needs replacing)
Giving you infused knowledge
Appearing in your dreams to give you a message
Sending someone to help you or sending you to help someone

There are so many ways they try to communicate with us that it is difficult to list them all. You can set up ways to communicate with your loved ones who have passed. My Aunt Andrea has communicated with me in several different ways over the past thirty-four years. Over the last few years she has chosen to get my attention by chirping the downstairs bedroom smoke alarm (this is a bedroom where she seems to like to show up). She will chirp the smoke alarm until I receive and deliver her message --- then she will stop. My angels like to get my attention by chirping my smoke alarm in my bedroom. When I receive their message they too will stop chirping. Sometimes they just want to mess with me. This is when I tell them to “knock-it-off” and they do.

Just as the spirits have many ways to communicate they also have many ways to show themselves (orb, energy, partial manifestation, human, etc). The most common way is in “orb” form which you will see many on the cover and throughout this book. There are good / positive spirits and there are bad / negative spirits.

SECTION II – Spirit Driven Healing Events in General

Spiritual healing is a God given gift--- one that not everyone is gifted with. It is given to people with certain characteristics. There are many “spiritual healers” who have spent thousands of dollars on training to become healers (Reiki, energy, etc.). My spiritual healing gift is from God. My training was given to me by God and the spirit healers God sends to me. To me this has been an incredible learning experience!

The spiritual healings I perform are ALL about God, and are ALL up to God’s will--- I am merely a conduit. All the spiritual healings I do (or spiritual help I send to people) starts with “Dear God…. and ends with Thank You and Amen.” So when people thank me for the healing or spiritual help I asked to be sent I tell them not to thank me but to thank God.

Apparently I have had this ability all of my life. However, I never really knew what it was or much of anything else about this power. I know wherever I go and when I am near someone and I heat up ---I am meant to heal that person. The heating up was difficult to get used to. I would get so hot I would be dripping in perspiration --- and I certainly don’t like to sweat! People tell me how hot my hands were when I would touch them. They were amazed at the amount of intense heat that came out of me! My medium friend, Kara, would tease me that some day I was going to catch on fire!

I was lucky to have many medium friends who could see and talk to the spirit healers who came to work through me and they could tell me who they were. Apparently, at any one time six spirit healers work through me (I am assuming God sends as many as needed for the situation). While they may not always be the same spirit healers sent to me, I know my deceased aunt is always one of them. Through my trials and tribulations I have found Harry Edwards is also one who comes to work through me.

A spiritual friend of mine loaned me a book to read which was written by Harry Edwards. Apparently Harry Edwards was a spiritual healer and was acknowledged as being the closest-healer to Christ. Harry Edwards passed away in 1976 (as did my aunt). I kept the book for three weeks but never read it. I returned the book to my friend and decided to order a copy of the book for me to keep from the Harry Edwards Sanctuary in England--- this way I would read it when I had time. Meanwhile, God and my spirit healers were guiding and teaching me all I needed to know and accomplish.

On one of my trips to Michigan I tried to read the book (while on the airplane) I was able to get only about sixty pages into the book --- it kept freaking me out! While I was reading, I would find I had been guided by my spirits to do exactly everything in that book!

It took six hours to read those sixty pages because every time I found I was doing all those things I didn’t know why --- it freaked me out and I put the book aside! Sometimes as I was reading I found myself editing the book versus learning from it! To this day I still have not finished reading that book. I continue to just let God and my spirit healers guide and teach me everything I need to know and do.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lori, Runaway Wife; A Romantic Mystery
A spouse abuse victim stands a much better chance of surviving independently if they possess career skills and other life skills.

That is the central theme of the novel Lori, Runaway Wife (ISBN 1-60672-173-0, 2008 Publish America, Baltimore, 229 pages, $15), by Valentine Dmitriev, 92, a retired educator and author of several books.

Lori Becker, a nurse at a Queens's hospital, is a battered wife who is intimidated by her brutal spouse despite being professionally skilled. Lori lives in the fantasy world of romance mysteries, idolizing their handsome author Ian Damion. Yet she is trapped until the birth of Ian's son sets her free and her life skills mould the opportunity to build self-esteem and create a new life of independence.

The author spent 10 months writing and researching Lori, Runaway Wife. Part of Dmitriev's research was her experiences as a juror in the trial of a man arrested for attacking his ex-wife, torturing her all night, and raping her with the neck of a wine bottle.

"Education gives women as well as men greater freedom to make better and more desirable choices," says Dmitriev. "For women especially, an education that prepares them for a marketable skill gives them freedom -- the chance to leave a bad relationship with the knowledge they can support themselves and their children independently."

If Lori Becker did not have any skills, stresses Dmitriev, she never would have gotten a job as a nanny which provided the means of escape -- the first step in finding freedom, independence, self-confidence, and a new fulfilling life.

Born in Shanghai, China in 1918, Dmitriev moved with her family to Vancouver, Canada, and as an adult settled in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Dmitriev, was a pioneer in infant learning and early intervention for special needs children and received national recognition for her Model Preschool Program for young children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities.

Over a period of 15 years she traveled widely giving lectures and workshops in 40 cities in America and 11 foreign countries including Australia, England, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Russia and Spain.

Dmitriev has written numerous professional articles, seven books on parenting, education and child development, and three other romance novels, Wedding Belle, Five Magic Words and Stolen Bride.

Valentine Dmitriev graduated from high school at age 15, earned a BA from the University of Washington at age 19, and subsequently earned her master's in education and PhD from the University of Washington.

About the Author
Born in China and raised in Canada, Valentine Dmitriev settled in Seattle, Washington and spent 32 years working with normally developing youngsters as well as with the disabled and mentally impaired infants and preschool youngsters. A pioneer in special education, she published five books before taking an early retirement and moving to a retirement cottage in New Jersey where she has published two novels in the past two years.

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