Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Free Tarot Reading: The Energy Reading for the week of August 24, 2009

For the week of August 24, 2008, we will all be challenged in such a way that will promote the greatest amount of emotional and spiritual growth. The challenges will be unique yet follow the same pattern. How and what we learn will be in direct proportion to how willing we are to accept change both by receiving and knowing when to let go.

The Tarot card that represents the challenges is the ace of pentacles. Although most people think of pentacles as money, money is only one form of energy. The ace is saying that the new energy will be challenging. How we accept it? How we use it? How we release it? The image that I see is that of someone who had been holding a leash suddenly letting go and allowing the horses' training to be tested. Will they work as a team? Or will they run wild to self-destruction?

The Queen of cups represents the blessings. The feminine card represents not only our ability to receive, but also the unconditional loving force that has been protecting, providing and guiding us. It is her blessings that will create the miracles in our lives this week.

The end result is the four of swords. It is a reminder that if we don't take proper care of ourselves, emotionally, spiritually and physically, it will no longer be optional. It advises to trust and allow the blessings to arrive, instead of racing out to meet them or like a tomato that is picked too soon, the blessing simply will not be as sweet.

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