Monday, August 18, 2008

Tarot Energy Reading for Week of August 17

The energy reading for the week of August 17 will be a mixed bag of blessings and challenges. For those who have faced their past issues, the challenges will quickly turn into blessings. However, those who choose to continue to emotionally and spiritually follow past bad behaviors will learn that instead of blessings they will find increasingly intense challenges. The 8-8-08 door opening in combination with the eclipse of the full moon has shifted the destinies of those who have the courage to face their old behaviors and are willing to accept the changes.

As I was shuffling, the ten of pentacles jumped out of the deck and wanted my attention. Its message is that there will be new energy available. Some of it will be in the form of financial prosperity; however, the biggest gain will be in our ability to see and understand the energy currents as they flow around us. The clearer our understanding, the easier it will be for us to see new opportunities.

The energy challenges we will face this week is the two of cups. It is a card of partnerships and friendship. It is on this level that we will be challenged. For some it will be to create new bonds, while others will be forced to reevaluate existing ones. It is also a card of balance within each of us. Not only do we have to consider our needs but the needs of society as a whole. By being open to new possibilities, we can find alternative thoughts and actions that will not only help ourselves but others as well.

The blessings we will be given this week are the four of wands. The four is the herald of peace, satisfaction and harmony. For those who have completed this leg of the journey, it will be a time to rest on your well-deserved laurels by enjoying the benefits of your hard work. Partnerships that have become a challenge will eventually open new doors and reveal the next adventure. Yet those, who remain stuck by past behaviors or beliefs, will find the blessings eluding them as the get what they expect.

The ten of pentacles reappears in the end result position. It confirms it appearance during the shuffle. The two events have not only increased the energy available but have made it more accessible to those who seek it. However, wanting or needing doesn’t mean you will automatically receive it. For the most people, the challenge will be getting out of their own way by breaking behavioral patterns and feeling worthy or deserving to receive. The universe works on its own timetable; sometimes it will set up temporary fixes to until the permanent solutions can be put into place.

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