Monday, August 25, 2008

Kitty Dreams

Kitty Dreams
Theresa Chaze

Snuggled on the back of the over stuff chair,
comfortably snoozing in the sun.
Your ear twitches.
Your paw curls, but just end.
Your nose twitches.
The tip of your tail quivers, but just a bit.
What is that you dream?
Where does your magical slumber lead you?
Do you romp with your new siblings or chase the errant bug.
Or are you remember the time before you came to me?
The time of hunger.
The time of cold.
The time of fearing the dark night.
I remember that finding you cold and wet in the dark.
My heart wept to see someone so young, alone and toss out as trash.
You stretch.
Your eyes open.
You lick your lips and yawn.
Seeing me you purr and slip back into your kitty dream.
No more shall you hide in the shadows or feel the pangs of hunger.
Here in my arms you will always be safe.
Dream my little one.
Momma is here.
No longer need you fear.
No longer need you hunger.
No longer are you alone.

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