Monday, August 11, 2008

Free Wiccan Ritual: Cleansing of the Aura

Cleansing of the Aura
Theresa Chaze

There are times when everyone encounters negative or unproductive situations that leave traces on our auras. It can lead to illness or depression. By cleansing you aura, you release or banish negative energy and others’ energy sucking attachments. This ritual can be done as often as necessary.

What you will need:

Half a cup of sea salt
Half a cup of baking soda
A bath tub
Your favorite relaxing music
Your favorite incense
A white candle
A black candle
Time alone

At a time when you won’t be interrupted for about thirty minutes, cast your circle of protection around the bathroom; you can darken the room if you feel comfortable doing so. Use water as hot as you can tolerate and fill the tub, adding the sea salt and baking soda. Turn on your favorite music and light the incense. Keeping the candles handy in a safe place, step into the tub. Light the black candle, saying:

“I freely release all negativity on all levels to the Spirit of the Earth to be transmuted into a positive influence that will help myself and others grow in knowledge and wisdom.”

Visualize the light of the flame surrounding you, turning the negativity around you to ciders and nullifying its effectiveness. Submerge, allowing the water to cover you. With today’s smaller tubs, you may have to do this in stages. Light the white candle and visualize it transmuting the water to brilliant white light, saying:

“I ask that on all levels my life be filled with light, love, and wisdom so that negativity will be unable to touch me in a lasting way. May I find the patience to see the beauty in others in spite of how they present themselves. Grant me the wisdom to forgive myself and others for challenges that were not met successfully, knowing that they well again be presented. I ask that my life be filled with all that is for my best and highest good.”

Submerge again, after which relax in the tub, allowing the heat and the mood to relax you. Stay in the water until it starts to cool, approximately twenty to thirty minutes. During this time, visualize the remaining ash being washed away and being transmuted into particles of white light. When the water starts to cool, , step out of the tub and say a prayer of gratitude for the healing. Visualize the water going down the drain as white light restoring the earth and replenishing all who it touches. Release your circle.

No matter how careful you may be, there will be times when you simply cannot avoid negative situations or people. By keeping a regular cleansing routine, you will be able to limit the chaos others are able to create in your life. However, it's not always strangers who do the send us the most negativity. Frequently, it is the people we love who are the source of the energy sucking attachments. If you are experiencing a reoccurring energy drain, if might be beneficial to seek a psychic councilor who is experienced with not only sensing energy attachments, but who is capable of helping your resolve the situation in a loving way.

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