Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Delegates yet to Vote: The 2008 Presidential Election not Preordained

The Delegates yet to Vote: The 2008 Presidential Election not Preordained

For months, the political pundits, the candidates, and the media have all been declaring that the elections are a done deal. The conventions are still weeks off. The election is months in the future; yet each side is claiming victory. However, there has yet to be one ballot to be cast, one vote to be counted in either on the convention floors or in the ballot boxes. Both McCain and Obama are the presumptive candidate nothing more. Nothing has been written in stone for either party nor will it be until after the conventions. The delegates are not required to vote for any one candidate, but have the ability to change their minds and their vote.

There is so much more information available about McCain and Obama not only through the vetting process, but also through their words and deeds, which calls into, question their motives for wanting to be President as well as their ability to lead. Neither man has been forthright. McCain courts the women voters, while time and again voting against bills that support women’s issues, needs and civil rights. Obama claims to be the candidate of change, yet every time the tide started to turn against him, he opened the good old boys club’s bag of dirty tricks and made full use of them--creating just more of dirty politics as usual. So much for change.

McCain’s comments today only reinforce this belief that we can keep indiscriminately flying like hawks around the world while our nest is crumbling. His economic, social and political policies are out of date, out of touch with reality and out only to benefit the oil companies. Drilling off shore and in protected nature zones only benefit the oil companies by increasing their already record-breaking profits. Alternative energy is not only viable but also available, yet it is being kept from used by obsolete zoning regulations and misleading information. The Pickens Plan is only a good start to new energy sources that are not only efficient and cost effective, but also totally renewable. However, by giving individuals energy freedom, it would shift the power away from the large corporations and put it back in the hands of the people. Socially, he is just one of the good old boys who support white men knowing what is best for the rest of us poor dumb slobs. From Pro-life votes to Immigration reform, McCain voted for the best interest of big business without even a vague thought for what is good for the people of the United States.

Obama was the first to use race when he subtlety threatened the Super Delegates, declaring there would be riots in the streets if the Super Delegates ignored the will of the people and took the vote away from him. Clinton narrowly won the popular vote and it was Obama campaign who usurped the will of the people. In addition, he was part of the whole system that devalued the voters of Michigan and Florida into less than slaves. Slaves were considered 3/5 of a person, while the voters in both states became half persons. Since Clinton conceded, he as chuckled and said just kidding; you all can cast your full vote for me in August. Gee, mighty white of you Bubba. In addition, in those states where he polled badly, he gave them as much attention during the primary campaign as Bush did as he flew over New Orleans. Instead, he focused his attention on bolstering his lead in states where he was already popular. After all small town voters are just hicks are too attached to our religions and guns to know the way of the world. He might be a big rock singer with golden fingers whose loved every where he goes, but he doesn’t know jack about what women want and need or the small town voters who are the backbone of this country.

Both Obama and McCain are more flash than substance. Neither of them have realistic or substantive plans to help the country climb out of the deep hole Bush shoved us into. If you voted for one or the other and now regret your choice, contact your delegates and persuade them to change their vote at the convention. If you are a delegate, know that you are not legally bound to vote any other way than your conscious. Just because a candidate suspended their campaign, it doesn’t mean they are out of the race. They can still be nominated and voted for at the convention. If you haven’t been liking what you are seeing or hearing, speak up to not only your party but also those who represent you at the convention. Let your voice be heard, even if you have to write in your candidate of choice.

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