Friday, June 05, 2015

Veterans: It's time to tell your story

Although the recent attention has been placed on military personnel and veterans from the current conflicts, there are still many veterans from previous wars that have yet to deal with their emotional and physical traumas. The cultural standards forced these veterans to ignore their pain and pigeonhole their lives. However, in the years and sometime decades since their service, they have started to loose their ability to bury the pain. Horses and Heroes will be particularly helpful for theses veterans. With television's ability to reach into the privacy of individual homes, it will breakdown the walls that have kept them isolated and prove to them that they are the rule not the exception. It will give them permission to seek the help they need to heal the rest of the way home.

Horses and Heroes is highly relevant not only to military personnel, veterans, and those who care about them, but also to anyone who has experience a traumatic event in their lives. Additionally, alternative healing methods, such as Equine Therapy, have proven their effectiveness in healing both physical and emotional challenges. Yet there is very little information about the programs available through traditional venues.

Horses and Heroes ability to tell the personal stories of healing without censorship, while supporting the veterans as they find their way back is what makes it unique and without equal. Therefore it is very likely to again an audience that will include military personnel, veterans, and civilians.


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