Sunday, November 06, 2016

Heritage Videos: Sharing a Lifetime

Fun, sad, touching, snarky, and emotionally healing, Heritage videos are all that and more. More than just honoring your loved ones death, they also celebrate achievements and the special events of your family's lives.

Heritage videos can be a digital obituaries that can be used in online newspapers and at the memorial service. Additionally, they can enhance memorial websites as well as being shared on blogs and on social networking sites to help family and friends console each other. More than just the plain facts of a traditional obituary, the videos celebrates their uniqueness and achievements by showing and telling more about their lives. The messages, pictures, and music reveal their personality and tells their life's story. These testimonials to the person's life need not be limited to just celebrities. Every person's life has a story to tell that is uniquely theirs. Everyone has moments of greatness and moments that leave a lasting smile on those who love them.

Momentous occasions as special birthdays, graduations, and marriages can be enhanced with pictures and videos from the past. However, the video need not limited to those that are already digital. Scanners make even the oldest picture accessible in the digital age. The technology has made it possible to transfer 16mm film and VHS/Beta tape into the digital format. It preserves the footage, while making it possible to make corrections and organize the content. With nearly everyone having access to cell phones that record video, personal messages can be added to the montage to blend the past and the present. These times of joy and celebration need not end with the event. Footage and messages from future events can be keep being added. The birth of your child can be celebrated through her or his school years, graduation, marriage and birth of her or his own child.

Multi-functional digital picture frames gives easy access to your wonderful memories. Instead of static pictures on the wall, these frames bring your loved one alive in sound and images. Once the video is produced it is upload onto the frame to be set out or to be given as a gift that keeps on giving.   It is a simple and cost effective way share the video with those who are not computer literate as well who a major computer geeks.

Theresa Chaze is a writer, producer, and editor, who crafts innovative messages. Using your visuals and stories, she will help you tell your or your loved one's story. Call her at 231-943-3298 to learn how she will bring your memories alive.

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