Monday, October 03, 2016

Finding your destiny

The Awakening

She awoke and squirmed a little. But only a little for there was very little room. She looked around. She saw no one and nothing. She was alone. Frightened, she began to cry.

“What is it my child?” A soft voice whispered. “Why do you cry?”

Even more frightened, she tried to look around, yet she could not move. She still saw no one. “Who are you?”

“I've been known by many names.” The voice replied. “Most call me Mother.”


Mother chuckled. “Because Little One, from me all life comes. To me all life returns to rest until it is once again time to be born to learn and grow. Just you are doing now.”

She pondered. “Who am I?”

God saw a Butterfly is a transformational parable of one soul's journey into awareness. Proceeds will be used to fund the TV series Horses and Heroes. It is available as a Kindle as well on Horses and Heroes' website.

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