Sunday, September 18, 2016

God Saw a Butterfly: A transformational parable,

Every soul has a purpose.
Every soul has lessons to learn.
Every soul is both a teach and student.

God Saw a Butterfly is a transformational parable of how one soul awakens and learns her destiny.

Shylon awakens in her egg. Alone and frightened, she cries. Mother comes to her and calms her fears. Yet, the comfort remains short lived as her fears and guilt force her to doubt herself and those who love her. Each step of the way, she is drawn closer to the truth of her soul. If she finds the patterns of her past and reclaims her ability to love, she will become an Divine messenger, who helps others ascend. If she fails, her anger and guilt will lead her to the one place God cannot go.

Many people are suspicious of funding campaigns. They have received so many requests from projects that never get produced so they receive nothing for their donation. By buying God Saw a Butterfly not only will you get an amazing story to read, but you will also support our efforts to produce a TV series that will help many veterans. Everyone wins. Those who buy off the website will receive the PDF file of God Saw a Butterfly long with another ebook of your choice.

Please go to the website to purchase  God Saw a Butterfly  and learn more about Horses and Heroes by clicking here.

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