Tuesday, June 07, 2016

What is the best way to market yourself and your product?

What catches your attention faster and holds it longer? A static picture or a video in which your message is combined in both images and sound?
Here is Horses and Heroes logo with its tagline. How much do you know about the series by just looking at it?

The video keeps your attention longer and gives so much more information.  The music sets the tone for the video.  Together they enhance the text by giving the message context.

Here is the cover for for my fantasy novel, Nict for Ure Selfe. Eye catching,but you would need to read the description on the back to know if if was something you would want to read.
Alyssa learns there is a reason that birth wipes away the memories of the past from the conscious mind. When a chance meeting opens a karmic door, she must quickly find a way to remember before the hatred from another time once again cause her tragic end. http://cproduction5.wix.com/cosmos-productions-#!theresa-chazes-novels/ci60

Here is its book trailer.  The music enhances the visuals and voice over by changing the tone from light and fun to suspenseful then to magical.  

The longer you can keep your customers' attention the more likely they are to buy your product or service.  I can give you that time.  As a writer, producer, and editor can bring these talents and skills together to promote you and your work. I have the solutions for your PR and marketing challenges. Please email me at C_Productions at AOL.com to learn how I can bring you more attention to your and your product.

The ghost of a murdered child bring his parents back together after they have reincarnated. He needs them to remember their lives together so that they can forgive themselves and others. If he succeeds, they will all heal and he will be freed to also reincarnate. If he fails, their need for revenge will damn them all.

Elizabeth was asked by her mentor to teach a writing course at a small college. Since she never forgets a kindness, she reluctantly agrees. Arriving in town, she instantly regrets her decision. She wants to run, but she is honor bound to stay. Even as the ghost of a small child begs her to forgive, the memories of another time arouse feelings of hatred that she doesn't understand and cannot control. When she meets Shane, all of their lives are thrown onto a dangerous collision course from which they can neither run, nor can they hide. The question is, "Can they overcome their tragic past or will they be doomed to repeat it.

Never Can Say Good-bye is a Paranormal Thriller, which is comparable to Ghost, The Others, and the original Dark Shadows TV series.

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