Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Days of our Lives: Thank you for not hiring me

A few years ago, I wrote alternative storylines for Days of Our Lives and posted them on the NBC fan boards.  I was just being snarky, because the writing was so bad.  It was only suppose to be a one or two time deal. However, it turned into so much more.  Suddenly, there were people from around the world, loving what I wrote and wanting to read more.   Many promoted me the show's producers as a replacement for the head writer.  I did clean up the scripts and contacted them.  Luckily, they said a resounding "No!"  If they hadn't, I would be back writing and producing my own work.  So I am very grateful for the show's horrible writing and being turned down.  If they hadn't I would be in this amazing place in my life.

Nearly all the of the previous links to the Days' script no longer work.  Below is most of what I wrote.  However, please be aware that it is not in submission format.  There are typos and many mistakes.  I'm just sharing it for those who might be interested.

To read the storylines click here.

Here are links to my current projects.

Never Can Say Good-bye

The ghost of a murdered child bring his parents back together after they have reincarnated. He needs them to remember their lives together and forgive. If he succeeds, they will all heal and he will be freed to also reincarnate. If he fails, their need for revenge will damn them all

Elizabeth was asked by her mentor to teach a writing course at a small college. Since she never forgets a kindness, she reluctantly agrees. Arriving in town, she instantly regrets her decision. She wants to run, but she is honor bound to stay.Even as the ghost of a small child begs her to forgive, the memories of another time arouse feelings of hatred that she doesn't understand and cannot control. When she meets Shane, all of their lives are thrown onto a dangerous collision course from which they can neither run, nor can they hide. The question is, "Can they overcome their tragic past or will they be doomed to repeat it.

Never Can Say Good-bye is a Paranormal Thriller, which is comparable to Ghost, The Others, and the original Dark Shadows TV series.

Love can be a blessing or the curse that destroys an entire town.

When love is forever, death is only the beginning from Theresa Chaze on Vimeo.

Horses and Heroes

Horses and Heroes is a Realty TV series that focuses on healing rather than glorifying bad behavior.  Working with the horses helps veterans find new ways to cope with their physical and emotional challenges.  Peer Support Therapy will give them the safe, supportive environment to face their ghosts head on.   Horses and Heroes can’t get them back what they lost.  War took that person. Yet it doesn’t have to be the end of their story.  They can’t go back and make a brand new start, but they can start from now and make a brand new end.  Horses and Heroes will help veterans find the strength and courage within themselves to rebuild their lives and create that brand new end.


Operation Home Base: A scripted TV drama comparable to M.A.S.H, The Waltons, and NCIS.

Spirit of a Nation: A talk show/documentary TV series about the past, present and future of horses.

Coyote Springs: A action drama feature, which is to the Magnificent Seven what the Magnificent Seven was to the Seven Samurai.

Riding Fences: A modern Day western.

There will be so many more projects.  I invite you to join our amazing ride to find adventure and love as we bring innovation, originality, and profitability back to the entertainment industry 

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