Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Crowd Funding: It's more about the politics than the money

Sylvester Stallone and Spike Lee both using crowd funding has been a mixed blessing. They have given more credibility to crowd funding, but they have also changed the expectations of donors. With so many projects seeking different levels of funding, donors have begun to feel overwhelmed. How should they decide which film to support? Which film has the best chance of being made?

When choosing a project supporters need to decide what is important to them. Do they want to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond? Donors, who support large films, will be nothing more than an anonymous name in a long list. Small Independent films are more heavily dependent on public support and small investors. Unlike Stallone and Lee, more often than not they don't have access to traditional funding venues, therefore they are more grateful and offer more to those who support them. Those who enable independent films to be produced, not only give themselves more options at the box office, but they can legitimately take credit for launching careers and changing the entertainment industry.

Although the amount raised is important, the number of people supporting a project is far more of a game changer. Like the Nielsen Ratings, each donor represents a level of interest, which translates into box office receipts. The more people who back a project, the more likely the film will be produced. Each donation is an endorsement. The number people endorsing a film is what investors, studios and distributors look at when making their decisions.

One person donating $100 helps the producers short term, but four people donating $25 or ten people donating $10.00 proves there is a greater support for the film. The multiple small amounts actually make a great impact even thought the total remains the same. It is the difference between a single vote of confidence and ten votes. The only exception is when the amount reaches investors status, but that is an entirely different situation.

Those who support independent films have the power to create change for everyone involved. The only question that remains are you one of those who want to make a difference?

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