Saturday, March 08, 2014

Horses and Heroes: A Healing Documentary for Veterans

People have asked me what we need for Horses and Heroes. What they are really asking is how would helping us benefit them. The answer is very simple. We are offering excellent opportunities to embed products/services in a family friendly documentary that will appeal to a very diverse audience, especially those who are in the military and their families. The paperwork was completed to grandfather H & H into Section 181 of the Jobs Act, which gives investors a K-1 tax deduction equal to what they invest. Our connection with the cable channels make potentially very profitable.

Horses and Heroes will be formatted for cable networks, such as the Military Channel, other Discovery networks, History Channel, AMC, and A & E. We also have a foreign television distributor interested in presenting Horses and Heroes to their European networks. Our director, Larry Wilcox, has a strong connection to a distributor, who has connections with universities, colleges, and medical facilities. However, we will also be sponsoring a very limited theatrical release, which will act as fundraisers for veterans’ organizations such as Wounded Warrior Project, Military Warriors Support Foundation, Coming Home Project, and Operation Second Chance etc. Documentaries and films, which are shown in theatres and in film festivals, receive better network leasing contracts as well as greater DVD/download sales. In addition, the expenses connected to fund raising events would be considered a donation to the non-profit group and thereby they will be tax deductible.

The package would cost approximately the same as one national ad. However, we have broken the time into five segments the three 30 second bumpers and the two the 10 second billboards to make it affordable to smaller companies.

To  learn more about our team, please go to our website at!page3/cee5. If you would like to know more what we are offering sponsors and investors please contact Theresa Chaze at 231-943-3298.

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