Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Help for Veterans

It has been known by many names. During the Civil War, it was called “Soldier's Heart”. During World War II they called it "Shell Shock". It has also been called "Combat Fatigue". The current label is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PSTD.

In the past, it was down played. Sufferers were told to man up. They were medicated, but instead of healing the medication turned them into zombies and never dealt with the core issues. Many have tried Talk Therapy. Results were limited. Most military personnel thought that only one who had walked the walk could possibly understand the emotional and physical toil of war. Buddy therapy is effective, but it is also limited by location and the number of veterans available to help.

Animal Assisted Therapy has been extremely effective for those who are physically and emotionally challenged. It has become more widely used in cases of PTSD, especially for veterans. Although almost any animal can be a healer, dogs and horses are the ones most commonly partnered with veterans. Dogs have the advantage of being accepted in both cities and rural areas. However, horses are known to better reflect the mood of the person handling them. This ability helps the PSTD patient to learn how to recognize their own feelings. In this way, they learn how to retrain their mind and body reacts to stressers.

A semi-scripted documentary Horses and Heroes has a personable host, who has a diverse military background as well as experience working with horses. She will be chatting with the staff of Charity Hills Ranch as well as with some of the veterans,who have gone through the program. They will be sharing their personal physical and emotional challenges as well as how working with the horses helped them heal.

Horses and Heroes focuses on the human element It gives an alternative option, which can heal the whole person instead of just focusing on symptoms. It is a non addictive way to get their lives back. Horses and Heroes fills a void and need, because it helps those grappling with situations brought into their lives due to traumatic events find new ways to cope with them. It puts emotions back into documentaries and will leave the audience with alternative answers to their physical and emotional challenges.

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John Lennon

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