Thursday, March 01, 2012

Help for Wounded Warriors

Until You Walk The Path, You Won’t Know Where it Goes is hosting Founder and spokes person for Wings for Warriors Anthony (Doc) Ameen on March 1 at 1 pm eastern. We will be talking the needs and challenges of wounded warriors.

Proudly served as an U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman for 8 years as a non commissioned officer with a vast experience in a variety of lifesaving medical techniques and specialties including emergency medicine, women's health, and advanced combat surgical techniques. He performed his duty under severe time constraints and in hostile conditions. His excellent networking, communication and public speaking abilities gave him the ability to help veteran outreach programs and the wounded warrior community.

Wings for Warrior’s mission is to provide necessary tools, insights and resources for wounded veterans as they go through the recovery process and transition into new realities. Among the services and activities we support include:

Guidance and counseling in dealing with military and government entities to secure healthcare, financial and legal benefits.
Financial assistance for immediate family members traveling to visit wounded loved ones located at military and hospital facilities around the nation.
Public awareness events and programs to highlight the unique challenges our wounded warriors face and to ensure that they receive strong community support.

Wings for Warriors website

To learn more about how to help wounded warriors tune into at 1 pm eastern on March 1. The phone lines and chat will be available for those who wish to participate. The phone number is (347) 838-9927.

To listen to the show in the archives to go

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