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Interactive Radio Show: Until You Walk the Path

Until You Walk the Path, You Won’t Know Where it Goes is an interactive internet radio show, which takes a broader look at the topic of spirituality. Instead of focusing on the religious aspects of life, it delves into how our spirits inspire us to be our best and highest selves. The goal is to give a venue to those who wish to share their inspiration, their wisdom and their courage. By sharing our experiences, we not only give encouragement others to reach for their dreams, but to also help them find new alternatives and possibilities in their lives.

Until You Walk the Path, You Won’t Know Where it goes airs 5 pm eastern Sundays on Blog Talk Radio. This interactive radio show encourages its listeners to actively participate through the chat room or by phoning in. Free calls can be made through Skype by clicking on the “Talk” button on the home page The call in number is (347) 324-3745.

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Selena Fox Interview

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Tarot Energy Reading for March 29-April 4, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for March 29-April 4, 2009

In spite of what is being broadcast on radio and TV, the week of March 29-April 4 will be one of creativity, prosperity and fertility as the prolonged struggles come to an end. The last details are tied off, ending the old challenges. The new ones have already begun to manifest. No longer anchored to the old tapes and behaviors, those who have the courage to try new paths will find those things, people and energies that they have been dreaming of. This is a week of new beginnings and endless possibilities.

Before I get to the actual reading, I’ve been drawn to two animals. After doing research, I realized that their energy and guidance will be helpful to many. The Moose represents the balance between strength and gentleness. She teaches that self esteem is built by doing things, which will use your talents, creativity and your inner wisdom to find new possibilities. By finding the balance between silence and sharing, we not only learn the most, but also find what and who we seek. Last night one of my baby skunks from last year reappeared on my back porch, only he isn’t much of a baby any more. Twice during the evening he wanted my attention. He represents our ability to find the courage and the strength to defend ourselves by using our wisdom and self-confidence to see people for who they really are, not for who they wish us to see.

The energy we bring in from the past is the ace of wands. It represents new work, new business and new opportunities. At some point in our past, we said yes to the right person or situation. This week what we had been seeking and working toward will be offered; however, this only applies to those who had the strength to clean out the back emotional closets. By clearing away the old and tying up loose ends, we have cleared the path for the new to enter our lives. Sometimes the best miracles come into our lives dressed as tragedies. With time, patience and perspective, we are able to see just how some challenges are necessary in order to prepare us for the blessings that follow.

The energy this week is represented by the nine of cups. Also called the wish card, the nine gives the advance notification that a wish will be fulfilled; however, it doesn’t say when or where the universe will be listening, so it is also a warning to be careful what you wish for; you could very easily get it and have to deal with the consequences from it. A wish is a request from each of our hearts; it is what we desire on the deepest level. It reveals who we are from the inside out. By looking at what we wish for, we see our true face.

The energy we take out of this week will be the ten of swords. It is a card of loss, separation and legal situations. On the surface, it seems to be a negative end to a happy week. However, these feelings come from the looking backward as old issues are addressed. Would-have, could-have and should-have are good theories in a 20/20 hind sight world, but they have no practical value in the real world. Every experience, every challenge, every person we have met in our lives appeared for a reason. Second guessing the whys and wherefores doesn’t change the fact they happened for a reason. By accepting and releasing the need to understand every detail, we allow ourselves to see the whole picture of our lives, not just the small moments.

The energy we will all be challenged with is the ten of cups. Dreams shared are miracles created for ourselves and others. The wish we made with the nine will be the challenge or opportunities we are able to share with others. The question we need to ask ourselves--is our dream or blessing big enough to include the others, who have yet to find their own. By opening our hearts and lives, we become the miracles that help others heal. The ten is also a reminder to say “thank you” for the happiness and love that has been brought into our lives. It is also reminder that we need to have the courage to believe in and accept the good things that are offered to us.

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Wiccan/Pagan News: Selena Fox Interview

Until you Walk the Past, You dont know where it goes is proud to announce the appearance of Selena Fox on March 29 at 5 pm eastern at to learn more about the earth based religions as Selena Fox answers questions and shares her wisdom.

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BuzzWorthy Radio: Michael Fairman!

BuzzWorthy Radio: Michael Fairman!

On Air On Soaps' Michael Fairman comes back to BuzzWorthy Radio! Hear him speak about what is right and what is wrong in daytime. We will take the time out to talk with callers about how they feel about their shows, as well as promote Michael's Soap Break, which can be heard on XM Satellite Radio's The Pink Channel! Visit for more information on everything Michael Fairman and soaps.

Tierra y Vida: Project of the Aztlan Mexica Nation Harmony Circle

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Days of Our Lives: The Wedding

I promised the fans at the NBC boards that I would finish with a storyline that most of them wanted but the show denied them. Tony and Anna's fans will particularly enjoy it. It's called the Wedding and will be in two parts.

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Crazy Ladies by Michael Lee West

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Avon Books presents Michael Lee West's southern drama, Crazy Ladies. Born in Tennessee Missy Guissie is a practical woman, who takes a no nonsense approach to life. While her husbands job provides for the family, she is unwilling to give up the security she found growing up within the traditional lifestyle. However, it is her husbands foresight that provides for the family after his death. Although she loves her daughters dearly and wants them to be happy, their views of the world are very different. More like her mother than she would like her eldest daughter Dorothy finds that she both loves and dislikes her. Marrying a man more for security he can give her, she frequently battles depression. Missy Gusisies youngest daughter, Clancy, lives outside the rules. A high school cheerleader, she becomes pregnant at age 15 and marries, but her husbands untimely death leaves her alone with one child and another on the way. The death of her newborn infant temporarily sends Clancy into her brother-in-laws arms. However, when childhood friend reenters her life, she leaves her daughter behind to join the psychedelic hippy lifestyle of peace, love and drugs. Like Dorothy, Bitsy dreams of being popular and rich, yet as she grows up she see the pain those desires have caused her mother; instead, she finds her own dreams to follow. Violet, Clancys daughter, fantasized of a normal life with parents who love and support her. However, it is not love she seeks but a good education and a doorway to independence. From Tennessee to New Orleans to psychedelic San Francisco to a remote Southwestern desert ranch, three generations of woman learn the true definition of family in Michael Lee Wests Crazy Ladies

Days of Our Lives 3-21-09

Okay, I just finished the ghost story. There will be the final posting with the special event then I'm done unless I am hired as head writer. I have many more stories to share and adventures to send the characters on. I loved doing it and I'm grateful that you enjoyed reading it. Again the posting is at

I will be editing what I have into episodes and submitting them to the other soaps. There has to be one of them out there who still wants a writer who can create suspense, drama, romance and comedy, not just soft porn for teens and tweens.

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Update: Debra Gainey Interview

I recently had the opportunity to sit down to chat
with Debra Gainey about her situation with the police department in Greer, SC and was appalled by the actions of Officers Stewart and the Greer police department as a whole. Religious discrimination is never okay, as the Greer, South Carolina police department should be well aware, and I think it is safe to say that religious discrimination describes Debra and Tony's encounters with the P.D. to a tee. Fallon

The interview can be viewed at:

What happened? (Background)

"My Husband, Tony, and I were on our way home from Wal-mart. While shopping I had begun to experience joint pain (I have Degenerative Joint Disease), so my husband, in a kind gesture, offered to drive the five miles home. Halfway home we were pulled over by the Greer Police. No reason was given for the stop and when I asked, I was told there had been none. My husband had failed to get his driver’s license reinstated five years ago, so when he was asked for his, he handed them his old one. We had documents in
the glove box verifying insurance coverage from the time the car was purchased until the beginning of this year, but we had insurance, the papers were just at home. After the Officers checked our ID’s and found nothing, they then checked the plate on the car. We were told that the plates were the wrong ones. They would not tell us whose they were, only that they belonged on a Chevy. They searched the car and found nothing (although they thought they had found something when they came across a geode in the glove
box), and then called a tow truck to take the car
overnight, even though we only lived three minutes away. My husband was hand cuffed and arrested. I was not arrested, but taken to the jail with my husband, along with our frozen food. At the jail, my husband had to show them how to use their new fingerprinting machine (he is in school majoring in programming). He was released on a signature bond even though he never saw a judge.

The interesting part of this incident happened at the back of our car. Officer Stewart asked us if we had put the bumper stickers on or if the car had come that way. I, of course, told the truth and said I had put them on. The officer wanted to know what they meant so I explained that I was an ordained minister of the Emerald Sanctuary Druidic Church. The conversation continued and then Officer Stewart asked me if my church supported me. I asked him to explain what he
meant by support and he clarified it as meaning
‘spiritually fulfilling’. He then begins witnessing to
me and my husband. As they were putting my husband into the police car, and I was getting the bags of groceries out of the back seat, Officer Stewart came over to me and handed me $40.00 to help get the car out of impound and told me he would be writing the letter (exhibited below). At the police station he continued to witness to me.

They never offered to report our tag as stolen. They left the tag on the car and did not hold it in impound until all proper documents were produced. They had plainly stated that there had not been any reason to have stopped us in the beginning, “but it doesn’t matter, the plates are wrong.”

Granted, my husband should not be driving, and he doesn’t, except this one time when I was in pain and we needed to get home. He was in the process to reinstate his license at the time this occured. We have bought new plates for the car, since our old plates are gone. And, thankfully a family member is the Chief of Police in another location, so we were able to find out who the plates belonged to. " (Debra Gainey)


DB: Good morning, Fallon.
FG: Good morning, Debra. How are you?
DB: Sinus headache.
FG: Those are always a joy.

FG: Were you ever given a reason for being pulled
DG: I asked Officer Lozada "Why did you turn on the 'blue lights'?"
His reply was 'That's how I get people to stop."
I then rephrased my question as "Why did you want us to stop?"
His answer was "No reason, but it doesn't matter
because your plate is wrong."
This occured after my husband was in handcuffs, in the patrol car, and as they were placing me in the patrol car with him.

FG: Wow. Has he admitted to that as of yet?
DG: I do not know, but I doubt it as he is claiming he did not know that Officer Stewart was witnessing to me. He says he was in the car with my husband. This is strange since he was going back and forth from our car to the patrol car. Tony (my husband) had not been arrested as yet. Stewart began the conversation about
"faith" with my husband at the back of our car.

FG: Why was your husband arrested?
DG: He is not sure why he was arrested. They did not give me a reason, just told me that I was 'being transported'. My husband assumes it was either for the license or insurance but he is only guessing as he was not told. It is common practice here that you do not have to be told why or have your rights read to you on something like a traffic ticket. He also never saw a
judge to be released.

FG: How long were you held before you were released?
DG: We were at the station about an hour and half to two hours. We were pulled over at 11:15 PM and got home right at 2AM.

FG: What was the mix up with the tags exactly? I read that they belonged to another car, but I'm a little confused about that. Was there a mix up when you guys were sent the tags?
DG: The tags belonged to a Chevy truck. This was all the Officers would tell us. We have also been told that we were negligent in not checking the plate on the car everytime we get in it to be sure it is our plate. As far as we can tell, they were switched by someone who wanted different plates for whatever reason. (A retired officer has told us this happens when someone needs to conceal their identiy for activities such as bank roberies, drug deals, etc.)
The City Attorney is claiming that there is a major
problem in South Carolina with people going and buying plates from vehicles that they know are good when they can't renew their tags. To buy plates here, you have to prove ownership, payment of taxes, have insurance and a valid ID. To replace lost/stolen tags you have to have all that plus your birth certificate. (I guess there must be a lot of identity theft too.) But it
would seem easier just to renew your plates than go through all this. So, the short of it is... our tags were stolen. We did not know it until that night. We have bought new tags (and still have the one that was on the car that night too).

FG: Ok, I can understand that. My mother had her tags stolen when I was a kid.

FG: Where there any other officers involved in the
DG: He (Lozada) called for back-up and they arrived about the same time as the tow truck, right before we both were taken to the police station. (I was NOT arrested but was detained and transported to the Police Station.) One of the cars that responded as back up took us to the station. My husband was not placed in Lozada's car as he claimed. He says that he was unaware of Stewarts conversation because he was in
his patrol car with my husband in the back. (Tony was never in Lozada's car.)

FG:So, you and your husband were pulled over and
Officer Stewart started a conversation about faith
with your husband. When did he start witnessing to you?
DG: As soon as we reached the trunk of the car (which was his suggestion). He asked us if the bumper stickers came on the car or if we put them on.

FG: I've been witnessed too, so I can imagine what was being said. But, for those that may not know what you mean when you say witnessing, could you give me an idea of what he was saying to ya'll?

DG: He told us that he is a Baptist minister (which
his church was not aware of) and that he had been put in our path to tell us we are not doing what God wants us to do. He asked if our church supported us. I asked him to clarify what he meant by support and he said "spiritually fulfilling". We told him yes, most certainly.

FG:Was he asked to stop?
DG:I have usually found that when someone is informed that you are the minister at your church they realize this means to stop. But to directly say stop, no. After all, he is a Police Officer that has detained you.
FG: I can understand that.

DG: One of the things I have recently learned about SC is that the volunteer/reserve officers here have the SAME privilages and authority has a regular Officer. They just don't get paid. The uniform is the same, the badge, the gun, etc.

FG: Was anyone else involved in the witnessing other than Officer Stewart?
DG: He was the only one who spoke...other officers at the scene and at the station were present when he was witnessing to us, but no one involved themselves except to listen.

FG: I understand he wrote you a letter later on. What was his reason for this?
DG: I guess because he had told me he was and he wanted to make sure we 'heard' his message and knew exactly where to come to repent. "I mentioned to Deborah that I would be sending something that I wanted you to respond to." the letter says.

FG: Has the PD done anything about the letter?
DG: Not that we are aware of.

FG: When was the police station first contacted about his actions?
DG: This happened on June 10th, I first spoke with
Chief Reynolds on June 20th by phone and then email, sending the letter to him. I followed up with a certified/return receipt on June 24th, to be able to verify our contact about this. We also have the voicemail recording from him when he first received the email from me. The letter was to place in writing our concern about the situation.
DG: OK...excuse me...I am going back and forth between this screen and the word documents...the first letter was sent June 21st with a second letter on the 22nd after receiving a phone call from Lt. Pressley that everything had been taken care of. He could not tell me what had been done since it was "police affairs" and the public was "not allowed" to know.

FG: Has the police department been any help?
DG: They are still investigating why the stop was
made. They are now saying our car drew attention
because of a broken window. We have no broken
windows. We have one window that is either up or down as the motor for it burned up, and one that the driver can put down but not up (can only be put up at the button on the door). Niether are something that you see. And both of these windows were up that night. DG: They had a two hour interview with us about the end of June. They went over the car with us to make sure all lights and signals worked to rule that out as
a reason for the stop. The interview also included
them wanting to know where and when I shopped, who and where family members lived in Greer, where my son works (he was with us as a witness for the interview). We gladly answered all of their questions about the stop but refused to answer these questions about our personal life and family. We were told we needed to
write a detailed statement about that night and get it to Lt. Pressley.
DG: We have not done this as the interview should have generated our statements, per what we were told when we agreed to the interview. At the interview we were also told that Stewart was claiming I started the conversation by saying "Why is God doing this to us?"

FG: What has happened with the case thus far? (Has Officer Stewart been relieved of duty? Was an apology ever given?)
DG: The voluntieer program has been discontinued, because of the costs of the program they say. Officer Lozada's employement with Greer PD ended on June 28th (same day we had the interview). The evidence that we have requested has not been supplied. Only one item
has been released from the 6 that we requested. Since the ACLU announced their involvment, the city attorney has offered to let us 'off' with the minimun fines and fees ($1000), if we plead guilty and drop everything. No apology has been made.

FG: Whats next? Are you going to take the department to court for religious discrimination or do you just want an apology and a close to the entire ordeal?
DG: We have asked from the beginning for an apology, not just to us, but to all the others that he (Stewart) has done this to for the last 14 years. We have also asked for a training program to be initiated for all city employees, so that they will have an understanding of what is and is not allowed while at work or in any sort of official rellationship with a citizen. (We recently had a thing about a calendar that was published by a city department that was Christian and quoting scripture).
DG: It looks like Greer will force us to go as far as
needed to accomplish this. If it takes a lawsuit to
establish that these sort of actions are not American, then I guess that is what they will force us to do. I don't suppose I will ever understand why some people will be so willfull and stubborn when it is so clearly wrong.

DG: My husband just spoke with the ACLU attorney and I wanted you to be the first to know what happened.
DG: As I told you, the city has offered to cut the
fines and fees in half. The ACLU has made a return offer. They've asked that we not discuss this publicly as of yet. We are waiting to hear back from the city attorney.
FG: Oh, good luck!

FG: What can the Pagan community can do to assist you and Tony?
DG: Please help us keep the facts straight and in the minds of those who feel it can't or won't happen to them. It can and at the rate things are going, will. If we allow our rights to be stripped away because of "that's the way we do it" or "it is common practice," then the fight that our ancestors have fought was in vain. Everyone has had someone who has fought for freedom somewhere at sometime. That is why we ALL are
here in America. And if we don't stand up for
ourselves, then who will? I can't think of another
country that will come here to help us win back our rights, so it is up to us to do it.

FG: Very well said.
DG: Thanks... I want to be able to go to the grocery store without having to look over my shoulder.) We don't intend on dishonoring our ancestors (my 7th great grandfather was a minute man directly under Washington's command) and the Deities, by not taking a stand. At PPD last year, I was honored with having written the closing ritual. It was called On Common
Ground and was to unify the community and encourge commitment from the communty. As a part of it, everyone was to silently pledge to their deity what they were willing to do. I guess this is what they want my husband and myself to do.

FG: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me this
DG: Thank you for taking an interest in the case.

The Letter From Officer Stewart:

"Tony & Deborah
I mentioned to Deborah that I would be sending
something that I wanted you to respond to. Although the timing and setting may seem unlikely, our meeting on Friday Night June 10th was actually destined to happen. Let me explain: As a law enforcement officer, I am a reserve, meaning that I am an unpaid volunteer.
The reason I have volunteered for the last 14 years is so that I can be at the places where God would have me to be and at the right time. You see, I have been a victim myself. I know poverty, alcohol and drug abuse and many of the other things my brothers and sisters know first hand. I felt your pain!

I can feel the pain of others when luck seems to
always be bad. I call it being a victim because, one piece of bad luck leads to another and soon, finding your way back to a place of peace is all but
impossible. Driving without the correct license or
insurance becomes a necessity. Then a cop steps in and enforces man's law and the hopeless situation only gets worse.

Sometimes, it feels like there is no answer. But there is hope. I know, because I fell further down than almost anyone I have ever met. And, slowly, I was able to come back. But, it was not without a lot of help from others. All along my journey, there were people that God sent to reach out to me and speak his wisdom to me. Often, I pushed them away. And other times, I made excuses for not responding to them.

My own free will became my worst enemy and
stubbornness and pride also worked against me. Thank God that people were continually sent to be in my crossroads. Last Friday night I was sent to be in your crossroads. You see, my passion is not to wear a badge and enforce man's law. Instead it's to be where I need to be for people like you. Yes, I do enforce Caesar's law, but I care far more about following Jesus Christ who came to make a way to him through faith and not by works or laws.

In your case, Jesus has reached out to you through me to say that he wants your attention. Chances are that he sent this intercession after hearing the prayers of someone for your welfare. Maybe it was your prayers, or maybe it was a loved one or friend who cares for you. But he did send intercession. Now, you must respond without delay and without excuses.

I see from your bumper stickers and from your
testimony that are a druid priest. I am not familiar
with the Druids enough to make conversation. But I am ordained in the Baptist church. And for whatever reason, God is calling you to listen to words from the Baptists. This is clear! If you deny this, then you are pushing away the hand of God and that would not be wise. Too many events were manipulated by God to bring us together to be a coincidence. Actually, I only police every 2nd Friday night, so just being on duty was rare.

You must respond to the words he wants you to hear. And you must be patient and faithful. It may tales weeks or month of obedience to learn the steps that it will take to get you back on the road to prosperity. One visit, a few prayers and an occasional opening of his Bible will not be enough. You must be prepared to make some serious changes and do so now! You may not
get another intercession. Who knows? But you must admit that you've been contacted by God! And you must respond. What's your next step?

I lead a bible study class on Sunday mornings at Mt. Lebanon Baptist church. It's a unique class where jeans and t-shirts are normal and many of those who attend are in some sort of crisis or toting burdens of some kind. There is no pressure to speak, pray or answer questions. God does bless us with miracles and wisdom. And there is no pressure to attend worship across the street afterwards. You are free to attend worship afterwards when and if you are ready. The
class is very small and is the next thing God wants you to do. He will speak his wisdom to you while you are there. And be prepared to come more than once. To get there: From HWY 29 in Greer, Go up HWY 14 north about 4-5 miles to Mt. Lebanon Church road on your right (look for our church sign). Turn right and go to the 4-way stop and go straight thru. We are on your left across the street from the church in the Gymnasium. 9:15 Am-10:15 AM

(*Addresses of Officer Stewart Removed) Your brother -
Tony Stewart ,_ "

Breaking News:

The City of Greer have officially apologized to the
Gainey's. The following is an excerpt from the letter of apology the Gainey's received in September of 2005:

"It is the policy of the Police Department that its
policing be unbiased and that officers respect
individuals' religious beliefs and right to free
expression. I understand that you were offended by the religious comments made by the reserve officer and that you felt intimidated by the uniformed reserve officer and were, therefore, reluctant to speak up. Whether the reserve officer was well-intended or not, I express to you my sincere regrets. I also regret that you subsequently received a religious letter sent
to you by the volunteer reserve officer while
off-duty. You have my assurance that we have brought the Department's policy to the attention of all of our Police officers to remind them of the importance of respecting the right of citizens to their own religious beliefs and that an individual's religious beliefs should in no way influence an officer's conduct. We have in the past, and will continue, to insist on unbiased policing by our law enforcement personnel."


From: Pagan Unity Campaign South Eastern Region and Pagans United
Date: August 18, 2005
Subject: It's a Police Thing?
Contact: Fallon Glenn ( , Laura Wandrie (

On June 10, 2005 Tony and Debra Gainey saw blue lights in their rear-view mirror and pulled over for what they thought was a routine traffic stop. They were asked to get out of the car by the Officers and were taken around to the back of their car. Officer Stewart then pointed out the bumper stickers (It's a Druid Thing amongst other Pagan related stickers) and asked if they had come on the car or if they had been placed there. Debra Gainey told the truth and was rewarded by being forced to listen to over 2 hours of witnessing by Officer Stewart both on the roadside and then at the jailhouse.

Days after the stop. Debra Gainey was surprised to see a letter from Officer Stewart in her mailbox. Even more surprising was the contents of the letter:

"I see from your bumper stickers and from your testimony that are a druid priest. I am not familiar with the Druids enough to make conversation. But I am ordained in the Baptist church. And for whatever reason, God is calling you to listen to words from the Baptists. This is clear! If you deny this, then you are pushing away the hand of God and that would not be wise. Too many events were manipulated by God to bring us together to be a coincidence. Actually, I only police every 2nd Friday night, so just being on duty was rare." (Officer Tony Stewart's letter to the Gainey's)

Pagans United and the South Eastern region of the Pagan Unity Campaign, in a joint motion, would like to remind Officer Stewart that his job as a police officer is not to seek converts to his religion but to serve and protect. Officer Stewart did neither of those things when he willingly engaged in ignoring the First Amendment rights of Tony and Debra Gainey by witnessing to them repeatedly.

We would further like to remind the Greer, South Carolina police department that it is their duty to ensure that complaints from citizens are answered in a prompt and professional matter.
It has been 2 months since the original incident occurred and the Gainey's have yet to receive the evidence they requested, a reason for being pulled over, a reason for Tony's arrest, nor the complete cooperation of the Greer police department into investigating Officer Tony Stewart's behavior.

We encourage you to take a stand against religious discrimination by demanding an apology to the Gainey's from the Greer, South Carolina Police Department. We further encourage you to call, write, email and fax your media outlets and tell them Tony and Debra Gainey's story. It is imperative that the Greer P.D. know that the American citizens will not tolerate such behavior against persons of ANY faith.

To lend your support please contact:
Debra Gainey (
Fallon Glenn (
Laura Wandrie (

(Feel free to send the following letter to your media outlets:)

ATTN: ________ (Editors name here)

Sometimes police officers go to extremes and the rights of citizens are trampled. I recently learned of just such a situation in Greer, South Carolina and wanted to tell you about it.
On June 10, 2005 a Druid couple, Debra and Tony Gainey, were on their way home from Wal-Mart when they saw blue lights in their rear-view mirror. They immediately pulled to the side of the road, wondering why they had been pulled over. They were not speeding, and everything on the car was in order.

The were asked to step to the back of their car and complied. One of the officers, Officer Tony Stewart, then pointed out the bumper stickers on the back of the car and asked Rev. Gainey if they had come on the car or if they had placed the stickers there. Rev. Gainey told him the truth, that she and her husband had placed the stickers on the car.

They were then forced to listen to witnessing by Officer Stewart.Tony was never read his rights, they were never given a reason for being pulled over, yet Tony Gainey was arrested and Debra Gainey was "transported" and held for 2 hours. During this 2 hour period, they were again witnessed too by Officer Stewart and other officers did nothing. Tony Gainey never went before a judge for bond, the officers themselves set his bond.

Several days after the incident, they were surprised to receive a letter from Officer Stewart. Even more surprising, however, was what the letter contained.

"I see from your bumper stickers and from your testimony that are a druid priest. I am not familiar with the Druids enough to make conversation. But I am ordained in the Baptist church. And for whatever reason, God is calling you to listen to words from the Baptists. This is clear! If you deny this, then you are pushing away the hand of God and that would not be wise. Too many events were manipulated by God to bring us together to be a coincidence. Actually, I only police every 2nd Friday night, so just being on duty was rare." (Officer Tony Stewart's letter to the Gainey's)

As you can see, Officer Stewart over stepped his authority and the Gainey's are paying the price. They have reported the incident to the Greer police department to no avail. The evidence they have requested has not been released to them, they still have not been given a reason for the stop or for Tony's arrest. They have been blocked at every turn in demanding something be done about the actions of Officer Stewart.

This entire incident was uncalled for and the Greer police department, most especially Officer Stewart, should give the apology that the Gainey's have requested. Officers are meant to serve and protect, and as is obvious, Officer Stewart did neither of those things. Instead he chose to use his position to seek converts to his religion, ignoring the rights of the Gainey's in the process.

The Gainey's can be reached via email at: and by telephone at: 1-800-253-7011

I hope you will take the time to talk with the Gainey's about their story and report on it. Incidents like this are something the American people need to be aware of. Religious discrimination is wrong, plain and simple.

Brightest of Blessings,
____________ (sign your name)
____________ (email address or phone number)

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Days of Our Lives 3-20-09

In spite of the deep hole the current writer have dug, I still want the gig. For the newbies, I've been writing alternative storylines for Days. For those, who have been following, Here is the newest post. Sorry it has taken so long. I'm almost done with the ghost story. For those who love and miss Tony, you will be pleased

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ostara: Free Wiccan/Pagan Ritual

Ostara Ritual

Whether you call the celebration Ostara, Passover, Easter or one of the many other names it is known by, the spring Equinox is a time of renewal and fresh beginnings. Based on the harvest season, Ostara is the time for Wiccans and Pagans to bless the field and the seeds. Although most no longer so closely to the land, it is still a time for planting seeds for the future.

This ritual is designed to help you attract you needs, desires or goals. Remember that no matter how much you desire something or someone, free will is still the highest law; to infringe upon another is to create a negative backlash for yourself.

What you will need:
A black two hour candle
A white two hour candle

On this day of equal dark and light
I call upon the earthly might.
With the help of the Goddesses and Gods of old
So I ask that a new future may unfold.

(Light the black candle)

I gratefully release the (poverty, loneliness, illness, etc) need
And ask that it leave with grace and speed.

(Light the white candle)

As I light this candle of pure hope and love
So I ask for blessings from above.
Opening my life to (prosperity, love, healing, etc) starting today
Ask that it arrive with out delay.
With gratitude and love from my from my soul and heart
So now a new future I do chart.
The worn path that I have always taken
I now gratefully forsaken.
With faith and trust, I change my course
And do so without remorse.
Within the dreams of this night,
So am I shown the path which is right.
As my eyes are opened to the new way,
I claim (prosperity, love, healing etc) on this day.

Let both candles burn out and release the need to control way what you ask for arrives. The key is to remember to you will receive what you expect. The Divine provides us with whatever we have the courage to ask for and are open enough to receive.

Tony Gainey and D.J. Gainey: Religious Discrimination by Police Officer

Officer Promoted Religion During Traffic Stop
Druid Couple Said They Were Targeted Because Of Their Beliefs

GREER, S.C. -- A volunteer police officer in Greer is under investigation after a Greenville County couple accused the officer of promoting his religion during a traffic stop.

Tony Gainey and D.J. Gainey said reserve officer Tony Stewart pulled them over because of the bumper stickers on their car. One of the stickers read, "It's a druid thing."

To watch the video and read the rest of the story please go to this site

[NEWSVINE: Officer Promoted Religion During Traffic Stop] [DELICIOUS: Officer Promoted Religion During Traffic Stop] [DIGG: Officer Promoted Religion During Traffic Stop] [FACEBOOK: Officer Promoted Religion During Traffic Stop] [REDDIT: Officer Promoted Religion During Traffic Stop] [RSS] [PRINT: Officer Promoted Religion During Traffic Stop] [EMAIL: Officer Promoted Religion During Traffic Stop]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading Week March 15-21, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for the Week of March 15-21 2009

The messages surrounding us are designed to create fear and doubt; the sole purpose is to make us forget our purpose for being here at this time and this place. There were no accidents. There were no mistakes. Everyone is here for a reason. That reason is to create the change needed to for the ascension process to be completed. When we doubt what we know about ourselves and the world around us, we give away our power to those who are more than willing to use it for their own agendas. The key phases this week will be self awareness and acceptance; it is time to have faith in ourselves by taking back our power. So many of us have been caught up in the rapid acceleration of the cleansing and clearing process that we have lost sight of who we truly are on a soul level. We have forgotten what it means to be us. Now is the time of remembering and reclaiming our true selves.

The energy will bring from the past is the Queen of Swords. A karmic shift has taken place and a new energy has entered our world. Being both old and new at the same time is has stabilized the basic foundation of both the physical and spiritual realms. In many ways justice has already been enforced; however, the fall out will continue for several more weeks. No matter what the situation develops in each of our lives, the question that must be asked first is--who benefits? When that question is answered the path ahead will become clear.

The energy of this week is represented by the eight of swords. This week will be marked with confusion and indecision as the physical and spiritual realms become in conflict. Many of us will be asking what is reality? Those who have the courage to ask and expect to be given a straight answer will find what they seek. Those who give into the fear and self doubt will find themselves in a maze without a clue of how to find the exit.

The eight of wands is the energy that will come out of this week. It is a rapid and seemingly uncontrollable advancement. Seemingly so because it will take a higher perspective to understand what is happening. Later in 20/20 hind sight, the reasons will be very clear. But now as we move through the process, life will be as clear as mud. By understanding and allowing the situations to unfold as they need to will allow the water to settle, which will bring about the needed clarity.

The challenge we will all be working with is the Knight of Wands. New ideas and possibilities will be offered as the loose ends are tied up. As the old is cleared away, room is been made for new adventures and challenges to be brought into our lives. As the light and dark is balance on the Equinox so will we be given the opportunity to create balanced in our lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. Old questions will be answered only to give way to new questions.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Standing The Watch: The Greatest Gift was awarded First Place in the 2008

Big River Press proudly announces
Standing The Watch: The Greatest Gift was awarded
First Place in the 2008
Reviewers Choice Awards
Memoir/Autobiography Category
Standing The Watch: The Greatest Gift
R. J. Brown
Big River Press (2008)
ISBN 9780979874437
Reviewed by Danelle Drake for Reader Views (10/08)
Standing the Watch by R. J. Brown

I will start by saying that this is one of the most beautiful books I have ever read. The writing brought me to tears with the loving way this leaving was embraced. As with many touchy subjects; death is not often discussed until it is upon us.
As written in Standing The Watch, "There's something about caring for our parents in their last days that's more spiritual than all the religious words any holy man could say. More rewarding than the fruits of any other work." This simple phrasing says it all. David and RJ Brown dedicate their lives to allowing his father, Lincoln, die at home with honor and peace.
Upon his death, RJ writes; "We quietly speak to Poppa's Spirit as we take care, for the final time, of his earthly remains and I sing songs for his departure, while Buddy-dog sleeps beneath the bed. David turns off the heater, opens the door so Poppa's Spirit is free to leave and lets in cool, clean, moist air."
Not only is Standing The Watch somewhat of a guide to home death with many informative, educational pages at the end for those who will be embarking on the journey, it is filled with compassion for those caring for loved ones regardless of their location. I highly recommend this loving book as I feel those who read it will grow as a person and open their eyes to all of the beauty that surrounds us.

If you haven't joined our readers before,
check out one of our books.
I know you'll enjoy them!

R. J. Brown
Big River Press
Author & Essayist

TITLE: Standing The Watch: The Greatest Gift
Paperback - $13.95 - ISBN: 978-0-9798744-3-7 buy here from Amazon
Order a autographed copy using your Order HONOR DEFENDED by clicking this link.

Big River Press, P. O. Box 371, Clallam Bay, WA 98326

Watch for The Dead Husband by R. J. Brown. A Sally Sees Cozy Mystery. Cleaning up dead husbands is not in SALLY COLLIER's job description so when she finds one half-buried at the bottom of his garden, her Monday morning schedule gets seriously derailed.

A warm-hearted, down–to–earth memoir of children honoring a parent's choice to die at home.

Are you facing the death of your parents?

Rebecca Brown has been there, done that. Standing The Watch is the story of her journey and will help you face your future.

“Love It! Love It! What a wonderful tribute and I wasn’t at all offended!” May Tracer, email friend.

Does the idea of dying worry you?

"Standing The Watch is truly wonderful, evoking images and feelings that are visceral and real. I have attended a number of home deaths, your book will be a great help to people who are afraid. There is so much goodness there. Many, many people will cherish your book." C. J. Macgenn, author of A One-Legged Cricket.

Are you undecided about taking care of your dying loved-one?

"Whether you intend to care for a loved-one as they die and are looking for comfort, wisdom and help, or whether you doubt that you will ever be at the bedside of a dying person, there is much to gain from Rebecca Brown's book." Lynn Lott, author of Do-It-Yourself Therapy.

4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars a chance to do it right, July 25, 2002
By Rebecca Brown "rebeccasreads" (Clallam Bay, WA United States) - See all my reviews
STANDING THE WATCH grew out of the logs I had to keep for the State & the home health nurses, emails with my friends who gathered around me, & essays & memories of when I took care of my beloved father-in-law in the last years of his long-lived life.

You know how death can be a conversation-stopper! It came into my adopted family's home in London, England, when I was 15, & my father died after a long illness, at home in his bed. While my mother told me I was too young to participate, I thought much about dying & death. I learnt it was a taboo subject, as if dying was like getting an F in life.

In the early 1990s on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, I married a man who had promised his father that he would take care of him for the rest of his life. As we homesteaded in the rainforest, I felt I was being given a second chance at both having a father in my life again, & being gifted with participating in Standing The Watch for a loved-one.

STANDING THE WATCH takes you gently into my world as my elder lies dying. You will read about my fears & joys, anger & affection, as well as precious funny moments. Day by day, memory after memory, you will be at my side during one of the most difficult & thrilling times in the life of a family.

"Soon more people will have matured into eldership than ever before. No matter our ethnic roots, our age will make us a majority. No one gets out of life alive, so how then will we choose to die?"

I have written STANDING THE WATCH as if you have come to tea to listen to the memories of Poppa's enjoyment of living in a cabin he helped build, relish his companion Buddy-dog, & enjoy his golden years until he begins to experience dramatic & painful "heartburn" episodes.

If you are facing the death of your parents, or a loved-one. If you are undecided about taking care of them. If the idea of dying worries you - then reading STANDING THE WATCH will give you some comfort & some idea of what you will face in the future. It will answer many of your questions about death, dying and what a home death is like.

While STANDING THE WATCH is about Poppa's final thirteen days, it is also my tribute to all parents. I hope it brings you tears, laughter & comfort when your time comes to step forward & Stand The Watch for your parents.
Comment Comment | Permalink | Was this review helpful to you? Yes No (Report this)

3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Great story of a deathing experience, August 23, 2002
By bjrburns (Port Townsend, Wa. United States) - See all my reviews
Helping a friend or loved one through their final transition is one of life's most rewarding treasures. As a hospice nurse I consider midwifing death a challenge with a payoff in unmeasurablly rich emotional & spiritual experiences.
Rebecca takes us on her journey thru her deathing gift to "Poppa" and lets us see the healing, the insights & the blessings a Home Death can be. She artfully weaves her history, Popa's story & current bedside happenings. The humor of willful equipment balances frustrations with the medical system and the clergy. The long hours keeping watch & the fearfulness of managing cardiac pain are authentically detailed from her journal.
This story is very timely with so many families taking on the challenge of a Home Death and Rebecca's articulate and folksy writing style make for a very readable and fascinating tale.
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Standing The Watch- Memories of a home death, October 1, 2002
By Kate Holmes (Somewhere in the North Country) - See all my reviews
During a recent online search, I met Rebecca Brown, who offered me the opportunity to review Standing The Watch. I approached Standing The Watch with great interest, and was immediately drawn to this tiny family, a husband and wife, and his elderly father, sharing a piece of land with a dog who is more like a family member than a pet. This wife is Rebecca Brown, and these are her memories.

As we accompany Lincoln Brown in his journey through the Shadow of Death, his daughter-in-law shares the wisdom gained from the experience of Standing The Watch for her much loved Elder. A vivid sense of humour is evident in the liberally scattered and light-hearted ancedotes. This is surely a tribute to a tradition that is sadly lacking in much of our modern day society.

The author is as honest in her assessment of the professionals in modern society as she is fiercely tender in her regards toward her much loved Poppa, her husband David Brown, and the supportive online friends who stuck with both her and her husband through this troublesome and exhausting time.

I was able to look back upon sitting with my own elder and sharing with her this part of her journey. I was blessed to know that she left with no remorse, or regret.

"By attending death with the same seriousness as birth we learn how to die. We gather around to welcome new life, yet disappear when a loved-one signals it's time to die. This is why you must make space in your schedule for writing Standing The Watch", said one of the women in her support system. What a gift we have received, and what a lesson we can take from the experience of Rebecca Brown and her husband.

Standing The Watch is a compelling endorsement for home death, as well as a lesson in the social, financial and psychological impact of death, providing a list of books that deal with many of life's more difficult issues including grief. A short, but fascinating eulogy pays tribute to the life of this most endearing man who's epitaph reads, HERE LIES A GOOD MAN.

SOURCE:, P.O.Box 371, Clallam Bay, WA 98326

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Interview with Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley

Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley will be appearing on Until You Walk the Path on March 11, 2009 at 8 pm eastern.

Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley are writers, authors, spiritual teachers and intuitives who have both survived near-death experiences. As Dannion's first New York Times bestseller, Saved by the Light, was being published and made into the most successful made-for-television movie of all time (by the Fox Network), Kathryn was busy leaving her own footprint in the literary world as the author of Jewels for the Soul: Spiritual Reflections for the Heart and Soul. At the same time, she was a cutting edge journalist with the very popular column, "Conversations with Kathryn" where she dedicated her interviews to the global/spiritual views of the world’s leaders in the consciousness movement. Later Kathryn produced, and co-hosted, a radio show designed around those interviews. It was during that time that she conducted a telephone interview with Dannion. They now refer to that interview as their “date with destiny” as it led to Dannion marrying Kathryn, a mother of six children, in June of 2000.

Dannion will be talking about:
The new book and our tours to Mexico in search of the truth regarding 2012, the blue/gray place, the four-fold path and lessons from heaven. He will also be doing psychic readings on air.

The show address is

Date / Time: 3/11/2009 8:00 PM eastern

Call-in Number: (347) 324-3745

The chat room will also be available as will calls through Skype.

Tarot Energy Reading Week March 8-14, 2009

Energy Tarot Reading for the Week of March 8-14

There are two words that everyone needs to remember this week, faith and miracles. The former will create the later, but only when we come from the place of love. Everyone of has the opportunity every day to be a blessing to ourselves and to others. When we chose to be so, the miracles radiate out from us and expand exponentially. Small kindnesses become miracles for others that float back to us in unexpected ways. It just takes the courage to speak the truth and to let your voice be heard. The old saying--all evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing has been never so apparent than this week. If you think outside the box, you will find or be lead through the six degrees of what separates you from what you seek.

The energy we bring in from the past is the Queen of Swords. Strong and out spoken this is the feminine energy that has been building and waiting for the right time to be released. This applies not only to women, but the creative element within every man. This energy seeks to create the ability to alter our own reality with truth, wisdom and balance. By allowing ourselves to release the fear and anger of the past, we open the door for this energy to create new opportunities and possibilities. Sometimes we will be the receiver; sometimes, we are the ones who will deliver the blessing. Which ever role we play initially, the circumstances will rapidly turn around so that we will play the opposite role. The message of this card is to live with an open hand. Accept what is offered and release what is no longer needed. In doing so, we become the messengers of divine inspiration.

In the present is the six of swords. It is a card or release and healing. Those who choose to do the healing cleansing and releasing will find that life becomes a series of coincidence that lead to major miracles. Those who remain stuck in the past will claim only fear. Again, the image of living with an open hand. Hanging on too tightly chokes off opportunities and frightens away those who are sent to deliver miracles. However, by releasing our judgments of ourselves and others, invites what we seek to find us.

The six of wands is the energy we will take out of this week. It is a gathering of energy as we accept the challenge to have faith in ourselves and in others. A single doubt at the wrong time could delay the arrival of who and what you seek. It is time for the courage to wish upon the star and truly believe that dreams become a reality. Not all dreams will arrive in the time or manor we expect, but with this energy anything is possible for those who don’t listen to the sensible people- it’s possible. Miracles are happening every day. So Cinderella a plain yellow pumpkin can become a golden carriage. It just takes the courage to believe that someone loves us.

The energy challenge we will all face is the Queen of Pentacles. We need to keep moving forward. Everyone makes mistakes; it’s what you do afterwards that is important--learn from it, grow from it, do your best to make amends then move on. Some mistakes can’t be fixed with that particular situation; in these cases, the challenge will come around again in the future. The next time around you will be better prepared to meet it head on as long as you don’t get stuck in the guilt and fear. Guilt is the anchor that causes self-destructive behaviors and self-doubt. You can’t undo the past, but you can change the future. There is an old saying--You can’t go back and make a brand new start, but you can start from now and make a brand new end. If you remember this when depression and regret comes knocking on your door, you will find the strength to banish it from your door and life.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Days of Our Lives 3-8-09

I just added I just added to my Days of our Lives script. It's for those who miss the good old Day

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Interview with Lorelei Shellist

Lorelei Shellist will be stopping by to talk about her new book, Runaway RunAway, along with her amazing life. Her website is Rebellious, headstrong and independent - a runaway at age 15 - Lorelei Shellist has lived a life full of gritty and glamorous extremes. While working as a coffee shop waitress in the evenings, going to school in the mornings and calling fashion photographers in the afternoons - she dreamed of traveling the world as a model. A chance meeting with a 70s SoCal Rock Star opened the A-list Hollywood doors to a wondrous world - as well as a full blown romance. Pounding the pavements of L.A. and New York taught her the hard knocks of being a working class model. Sheer will and determination jetted her off to Europe where she proved her critics wrong and strutted the catwalks of Paris as a top model/muse to Chanel, YSL, Ungaro, Bob Mackie and Christian LaCroix; and where she met the doomed love of her life, her fiancé Steve Clark of Def Leppard. With humor, pathos, and a world map of insight, Runway RunAway takes readers on a breathless journey around the globe with a backstage pass to high fashion, true romance, and rock and roll from some of the biggest names in the business.

Lorelei Shellist

Theresa Chaze

Date / Time: 3/4/2009 8:00 PM

Category: Entertainment

Call-in Number: (347) 324-3745

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading Week March 1-7, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading Week March 1-7, 2009

The energy for the week of March 1-7 will be that of completion. The last minor details of the challenges from the past have been met and the loose ends tied up. This week will be the brief instant between the old challenge and the new. It is a time of satisfaction for some, while regret for others. Which emotion each will feel will depend solely on their perspective and how willing they are to release the negative behaviors of the past.

The energy from the past we are bringing into this week is the six of swords. It is a time be open to change, healing and release. The universe has pushed play on the old tapes as each of us are once given the choice how will are to respond to them. If we sing the same old songs, we will get the same old messages. However, if instead we choose to listen the positive music that is playing in the back ground, soon it will drown out the tears and become the new lyrics of our life. No matter what the genre, music contains energy vibrations that are able to heal or hurt. This week pay close attention to the music that stirs your soul for it will show you the way to your new path.

The energy of this week is represented by the five of pentacles. In the Connelly books, the poem for this card is--Head so low, you cannot see just how good life can be. For this week this card is saying that you will see what you expect. If you expect hope, the messengers and omens of hope will find you. If you expect to experience despair, then heartache you will find. Those who have the courage to speak their truth will find they have more power to create change than they imagined. Facing fear brings clarity of thought, vision and will. For those who need confirmation of their inner power need only to look for the clear blue vision of the unusual, like a blue butterfly suddenly appearing in your life for one brief moment only to be gone the next. Seeing is to believe, but only for those who have eyes who are willing to see. You can be the miracle in another’s life by stepping forward and speaking out.

Justice is what we will be taking out of this week as karmic debts are called for payment and karmic rewards are paid… By Friday, there will be a major balancing of the scales that will help many regain their faith in the judicial system as well as the fairness of the universe. Three karmic debts will be called for payment in a very public manor. Yet it will be only be the beginning. By the end of Saturday there will be many others who will be bargaining to save themselves by sacrificing others. By the first light of Sunday and the new week, many blessings will have been bestowed and miracles will have manifested.

Two cards wanted to contribute the spot of describing the energy we will all be challenges with. The High Priestess says there is much going on that we cannot see, understand or sense. It is time to have faith and allow the future to unfold in its own time. Blessings and change will happen it the proper time and in the proper way. The World reminds us that we have to power to choose our direction, but not the way it is presented. We may ask for a new job or for love, but we can’t control the specifics of place or person. The two cards together remind us that life is an equal partnership between us and the Divine. When we work together miracles become the norm not the exception.