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Energy Tarot Reading for the Week of July 5-11, 2009

Energy Tarot Reading for the Week of July 5-11, 2009
Theresa Chaze

The week of July 5-11 many will find themselves placing unreasonable demands on themselves and others. As the summer heats up, so will tempers have a tenancy to flare. The incoming energy will cause our thoughts and our attention to become chaotic and scattered as we attempt to reconcile the past, present and future. Healing the past will create new possibilities in the future; however, it will be building the bridge between the two in the present that will be the challenge.

The energy from the past is represented by the six of swords. The old behaviors, beliefs and energy is being released or transmuted into positive healing blessings. Although letting go and allowing change to happen can be very scary, it has been never as important as it is now. Change doesn’t mean an end, but new opportunities and beginnings. Those who stubbornly hang on to what is familiar but no longer beneficial will be only causing themselves more pain and fear than is necessary. Abundance on all levels is freely provided for those who are open to receive it; it’s just that sometimes it arrives in unexpected ways.

The nine of swords represents the energy of the week. It warns that we will be challenged to have courage and faith. Both are easy to have when times are good; the tests will be to keep the positive outlook when the future is not so bright. This week will be filled with sorrow and loss along with all that comes with it. For those who chose to focus on the blessings, miracles will appear. For those who choose otherwise, they will create what they fear. Like Dorothy clicking her heels together, we all have the choice to where this week will lead us.

Out of this week we will take the nine of wands. Holding on to faith and hope will help us maintain control over our own destinies. We do have the strength and knowledge if we choose to use it. The question will be how many will choose to take back their own power? Holding on to tightly to those we love or our resources, will only cause us to loose them. Yet if we have trust and faith, in ourselves and others, what is truly ours will freely stay or return. That which moves on does so as a way of making room for the healthier new beginnings.

We will all be challenged with the page of cups. It is a card of new people, fresh beginnings, and novel experiences. It is a card of births and rebirths as each of us find new paths to follow. The challenge will be to let go of the tried and true, in favor of the undiscovered country known as Change. Sometimes taking a wild chance and being a little less responsible will take you to and where your heart desires to be.

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