Monday, June 22, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for the Week of June 21-27, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for the Week of June 21-27

The combining energies of the Solstice and the New Moon have created chaos in most people’s lives. The feeling of being out of control has brought up old fears and trust issues. It’s is not a lack of faith that has cause us to doubt ourselves, others and our perceptions of both, but the heightening of all our senses, including the ones connected to our spiritual gifts. Even those who have been spiritually and emotionally balanced find that they are reeling from the increasing energy waves. However, it is this influx of energy that will give us the motivation and ability to make the needed changes in our lives. The challenge will be to stay sane, balanced and positive while we are being upgraded from the inside out.

The energy we bring in from the past is the ace of wands. This card represents new business, work or ways of doing both. The economic challenges can be seen as punishments or blessing, depending on your point of view. Those who choose to think outside the box will find new opportunities to change the life by improving their skills or changing their path all together. It is energy of new beginnings and expanding what already exists. It is a time to be open to connecting with others to share information and resources. A blessing shared is a miracle earned.

The four of cups represents the energy of this week. Dissatisfaction or disappointment will make us to want craw back into our caves to wait until it is all over. However, this is the very last thing we should do. Instead of hiding in the dark, we need to seek the sun and the company of others. Running and hiding will only cause us to see what we lack. However, if we have the courage to be open, we can find new possibilities for both ourselves and others.

The energy we take from this week is represented by the three of swords. Sadness and separation will prevail as fear of change will cause clashes within families. Tears could be shed. Angry words could be spoken. True feelings and needs will be revealed as we are forced to face ourselves and our true feelings. No longer will we be able to hide behind polite conversations and half spoken truths. Feelings that we had have buried will continue to dig their way back to the surface. However, this time we will not be able to ignore or dismiss them. The harder we try to run from our inner needs and desires, the more power we will give them to disrupt our lives.

The energy challenge we will all face is the ace of cups. We will be challenged to accept love, joy and happiness from the inside out. Although we can share our happiness with others, we can only find contentment from within. The challenge will be for us to change our focus from being fulfilled through others to that of healing from within. When we build our happiness from the inside out, not only does it make us more stable, but it also gives us something to share with others, thereby being a blessing for all. It is also a time of new beginnings and possibilities for those who are open to them. When we share our love freely with an open hand, we create miracles for ourselves and others.

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