Monday, May 18, 2009

Energy Tarot Reading for the Week of May 17-23, 2009

Energy Tarot Reading for May 17-23
Theresa Chaze

With Mercury remaining retrograde until the end of the month, the week of May 17-23 will continue to be a time or reflection and reconsideration. Frequently we will find ourselves standing in the moment, looking backward toward the past and forward toward the future. From the past will come old unfinished lessons and challenges. However, what we see for our future will depend on how willing we are to learn from the past. Traveling the same path will take you to the same destination, yet those, who have the courage to learn from the past and release it, will find the strength to journey into the undiscovered country and find a new destiny. Letting go doesn’t mean surrendering. In fact it is just the opposite. Releasing beliefs, relationships and behaviors takes faith and trust. Change is inevitable. How well we accept the transformation is completely up to each of us. Those who seek to find love and happiness will find it when they choose to release the past and embrace the future.

The energy we bring in from the past is the five of wands. It is a time of testing of beliefs, boundaries and behaviors. We are being asked to challenge our ability to accept change and trust that the path will come up to meet our steps. People and situations will appear in our lives as tests on what ever lesson we had difficulty passing before. This will be a week of spiritual pop quizzes. Whether it be angry, trust, self love etc, we will find those buttons being pushed in the most unexpected ways. The harder we attempt to deflect or ignore this particular growth process, the more difficult the test will become. Sometimes the best thing we can do is let go of the wheel and move to the passenger seat, while the Divine drives us where we need to be.

The energy this week is represented by the World. It is a card of new beginnings and fresh possibilities. Those who are willing to see will be able to find what they seek; however, it might not be packaged or be found where they expect it to be. Miracles will be found on doorsteps, arrive by snail mail and through phone calls. Prayers have been heard and answered, but only for those who have the courage to challenge the status quo and bend the rules. Opening ourselves to others completes the blessing circuit. When we have the courage to share from our hearts, we become the miracles to others just as others become miracles for us.

The energy we will take out of this week is the Hanged Man. We will have opportunities for new perspectives of not only ourselves but the world around us. Although it will sometimes feel that our live are standing still, there are spiritual changes happening from both within and without. As each person ignites their inner glow, they become a beacon in the darkness, making it easier for us to see ourselves and each other for who we truly are. This inner light will also show us that the limits we thought were set in stone were merely illusions; like the fog at the coming of a new day, they dissipate, leaving us with a clearer sight of the path before us.

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wiccanivy said...

Hello Theresa,
As always,,your readings blow my mind! You hit "me" right on target again this week, and I am sooo ready for these changes in my life!
Thank you for your enlightening words as always, have a very Blessed week!
Tina (aka wiccanivy)

Joyce Anthony said...

Thanks for these readings, Tir--I always enjoy reading them. I have found them very accurate and helpful!