Monday, April 13, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for the Week of April12-18, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for the Week of April12-18, 2009

The week of April 12-18 will be filled with surprises and upsets as many have the courage to release the past and embrace their future. No longer limited by mistakes or expectations of others, they follow their dreams only to realize they are more wonderful than they imaged. By releasing their fear, they allow themselves to journey down a new path, thereby reaching a new destination. Blessings will be only as great or small as the courage and openness that we have to receive them.

The energy we bring into the week is represented by the four of wands. Peace, harmony and satisfaction are the keywords of our lives as we leave the past behind. It is time to enjoy the fruits of our spiritual, emotional and physical labors. Those who did their work to the best of their ability, as situational as it was, shall be blessed with a fine harvest. However, those who clutched to the past like a life preserver in a storm will find themselves alone in the water, waiting for the rescue ship that will never come. Making room in our lives, through trust and love, opens the door for others to enter.

The six of swords represents the energy of this week. The dark clouds of fear, misunderstanding and deceit are blown away by the karmic winds of change. Relationships will end; new ones will begin. Healing will be offered to all. Those who have the courage to trust and accept will find peace. This is the beginning of a new cycle. However, whether it is pleasant or challenge will depend on each person’s point of view and ability to see into her or his own heart.

The Queen of Pentacles is the energy we will take out of this week. Creativity, hope and fresh perspectives are the possibility we will take with us. Stepping back from our past actions, beliefs and ideals will light the way to a new path. In doing so, we will find new possibilities and fresh insights into our own hearts. What we pray for is not always what our hearts desires. Sometimes the object is merely symbolic of a greater need or desire. By stepping back, we allow ourselves to see the bigger picture, which in turns allows us to see the smaller details of our deepest desires.

The challenge we will all face is the three of wands. A card of partnerships and cooperation, the three tells us there are three sides to every situation: mine, yours and ours. When we understand that the ours is an intersection of mine and yours, not only will we more clearly define our own boundaries, but dramatically increase the energy channeled into where our circles over lap in the “ours.” Trusting ourselves and each other empowers all, not only for healing on all levels, but also in creating miracles.

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