Monday, April 27, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for April 26- May 1, 2009

Tarot Energy Reading for April 26-May 1, 2009
Theresa Chaze

Like the turbulent spring weather, the winds of change are blowing through our lives. The week of April 26-May 1 will be a time of transformation, revolution and new beginnings. The final spring festival and the time of planting, Beltane week will be a time of fertility, creativity and prosperity. It will give many additional reasons to celebrate. Passion will ignite new hope. Those who have chosen to ride the wave of positive energy by releasing the past fear and anger will find new possibilities in themselves and for others. Being courageous doesn’t mean you don’t feel fear, but that you choose to face it and survive it.

The energy that is coming into this week is the ace of wands. This card appeared in the same position last week as does the next card. The ace of wands represents new work or way of working. It is having the courage to walk a new path and seek a new destination. As the issues of the past are dealt with and old wounds healed, our vision clears to see new people, opportunities and fresh starts. There will be many opportunities to help others find the road less traveled, not with words but with deeds as we walk the walk ourselves.

Once again the eight of pentacles represents the current week. It is a reminder that some lessons take longer to learn or accomplish; however, they are well worth the effort. Although the immediate benefits may not be clear, in 20/20 hind sight all will be understood. The challenge is to trust and allow yourself to dream your dream. Just because you don’t see the way or manor it will manifest, doesn’t mean that it will not appear in your life in the proper way or time. This week doing your best will be enough if you allow the Divine to do the rest.

The energy we take out of this week is the knight of cups. Creative and practical/spiritual and mundane will come into conflict as those who are desperately trying to prevent change will say or do what ever is necessary to keep the status quo. Faith will be tested. Karmic ties will be highlighted as some will be severed, while others will become more secure. There will be high drama as the stage continues to be set for the cosmic transition. Sharing our hope, love and blessings doesn’t diminish us or what we have; in fact, it creates more abundance on all levels.

The energy challenge we will all face is the Queen of Swords. Like Lady Justice, this card represents the karmic scales within all of us. Some will receive bills that are past due; others will receive the long over due paychecks. What each of us receives will be determined by what is in our hearts. Sharing with strings is only disguised selfishness. Giving from the heart is what creates miracles for all.

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RMCotton said...

Thank you for this! I think it is a direct reflection for me of my professional work.