Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Energy Tarot Reading for the Week of April 19-25- 2009

Energy Tarot Reading for the Week of April 19-25, 2009
Theresa Chaze

The week of April 19-25, 2009 will be a week of exploration and discovery. The more we find, the more we will seek. This will be true on many levels. No longer will our curiosity and need to know be held back by fear or convention. Instead as in the 1960’s, rebellion and non-conformity will herald the time of great change.

From the past, we find the ace of wands. It is a card of new business, job or ways of approaching both. With the current job market, many are looking for alternative means to achieving their goals and meeting their needs. Whether it be using their talents as a source of income or bartering good and services, they are thinking outside the box. In addition, the sharing of information and contacts is creating a network that is accelerating the ascension process on a spiritual level. Every time one person helps another just because they can, they ignite another candle to push back the darkness. Sharing blessings and selflessly helping is the fuel that will power the age of change.

The energy of the week is represented by the eight of pentacles. It is a time of learning and personal growth that will set the stage for the Awakening. As each person realizes how unique they are within themselves, they are more able to respect and honor the same qualities they see in others. Those who are willing to share their gifts and help others cultivate talents will find their efforts will be reciprocated. As each of us grows spiritually, the whole is enhanced.

The energy we will take out of this week is represented by the eight of swords. There will be confusion and frustration as individuals seek answers only to find none. As long as the masses focus on the negative, instead of seeing the possibilities for change and growth, it will be difficult to keep the whole ascending. Fear blocks hope, which forces some to make rash and irrational decisions. By giving into their mentality we limit our possibilities and cut short our own healing process. However, if we instead send them love and hope, while continuing on our own path, we not only move forward ourselves, but give them the opportunity to do the same.

The energy challenge we all share is the six of cups. We are looking to the past to find not only lost dreams, but we are also reconnecting with people, places and things that we left behind on our learning journey. As we metaphorically come back around to the beginning we have a discovered a more accurate ruler to our life’s progress. Hopes and dreams from the past that we thought were mere fantasies are becoming a reality. They are manifesting on the horizon, just not in the way we expected, but in the Divine’s own time and way.

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