Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Energy Tarot Reading for August 2007
Theresa Chaze

August 2007 will be a month of miracles, blessings and the courage to accept them. Many of us in the past have been afraid to follow our bless; instead, we have kept to the secure path, no matter how unfulfilling. In the first full week of August, that will change for many people. No longer will their dreams be held back by society's expectations or their own limitations. Those who have the courage to take the chances will find that they are the ones who will receive the most blessings and universal support. Like the little train who thought he could, so will those who chose to follow their bliss find themselves at the top of the hill.

When I do the monthly reading, I always ask the Goddess to speak through me for the first paragraph. By allowing her free reign for a few moments, she is able to share her wisdom without interruption. Afterwards I tossed the cards. This particular reading startled me. The odds of getting four major arcana in a row are rather high. For me it is sign for me to pay more closely attention to not only the message but to the world around me. The major arcana represents the more direct messages or warnings from the Divine. It is the Goddess or God influencing the energy and wisdom that is given to every individual. By being open and trusting, your own intuition you will lead you to what you need the most.

The energy coming into August is Temperance. It is a card of stability and balance. This card warns against being rash or rushing into projects before you are fully prepared. Patience may be a dirty word, but it is also an important to get the details right so your ducks will be waddling in a row and quacking in time. By building a solid foundation, you will avoid the many pit falls that will cost you time and energy later. Do it right the first time and you will not have to make repairs later. Patience doesn't mean inactive; it is a way of pacing yourself to meet your goals while still being able to enjoy life. Temperance also teaches the balance between trust and caution. By walking out of your comfort zone, you will find new adventures, challenges and new paths, which lead to achieve long time dreams.

The Sun represents the month of August. Not only will the temperatures exceed the normal range, but also the energy levels will surpass expectations as the vibrational level of the planet rapidly increases. Toward the middle of the month, there will be a sudden upsurge of planetary energy, that will cause the earth to shift, but it will also instigate the awakening of long dormant gifts and spiritual talents without warning. One morning you will wake to find you have access to a new talent; only the talent fairy will have forgotten to leave the manual. No one will be given more than they are capable of dealing with, but that doesn't mean there won't be embarrassing or frightening situations. This doesn’t mean people will be able to leap tall buildings at a single bound or fly like a bird. This will be a spiritual awakening as the heart and upper chakras are opened and people gain access to what was always there. It will be gaining access to you soul’s past lessons and universal wisdom, which will create the mass opening of the heart chakra. The 15th will be a day of healing as life is put into perspective for many.
The energy coming out of August is the High Priest. This energy represents the coming clash between the individual and “society”. For too long the individual has forgotten that society’s power comes from the one. When one and one and one more come together for support, society looses power while the individual becomes stronger. In the 1960’s this was the bases of the great cultural civil war. “From the Hell no, we won’t go” to the sit-ins and demonstrations, individuals came together proved who was the stronger. One by one, people came together and changed society by demanding their rights. Whereas in the 60’s appearance herald change, the August energy change will come from those who ask questions and demand answers. The venues for disseminating information will be changing nearly as fast as the profiles of the protestors. The ones who are being forced to risk the most will once again be the ones speaking out. In the 60’s they were the younger generation who protesting the war; now they are the parents who are making the same demands they made as teenagers. Those who step up will shine. Those who dodge will suddenly no one is asking questions, because they have stopped listening.
The energy challenge we will all face is the Chariot. This is a card of self-discipline and focusing on goals. By directing our energy on what is important, obstacles will be removed and ground will be retaken. This is self-esteem building energy that will heal old emotional and spiritual wounds. Those who thought they failed to make a difference will suddenly realize that the sacrifices they made were not in vain. Instead, they were the foundation builders, as the changes that began in the 60’s will gain new life and energy.

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