Friday, February 06, 2015

The Art of Self Promotion

You published your book. It's wonderful. Everyone says so-even those who don't know you. The reviewers love it. It's released to the public and you anticipate the many sales. But nothing happens. It's a wonderful book. Everyone says so, including the reviewers. Why aren't people buying it?

The tracks have been laid. The CD has been compiled. The music video has been produced. People love you when play locally and travel to attend your concerts. Your music is available on many sites as downloads and as a CD, yet it isn't being bought.

Your business has an amazing website. It's easy to navigate. You have quality products and a great reputation, but your website isn't getting traffic that you need to make the sales.

Your non-profit social advocacy group has a great platform, which actively makes a difference for others. Your board includes well respected experts in your field, passionate advocates, and volunteers, yet your fund raising efforts don't reflect the time, energy, and resources that your team has expended.

Why have your efforts and resources paid off? Simple. There are thousand of others vying to gain the same attention. Your message has gotten lost in the promotional and marketing din. If customers don't know about it or can't find it, they can't buy it. A PR firm could change that, but they would cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Promotion raises awareness. Marketing creates the need. They both are only effective they create enough positive buzz to gain both the attention and interest of your customers. It's more than just declaring to the world you have a fabulous product. You have to show why you are different and better than the rest.

But to do that you need to get their attention not only once but at least three times. That's what it takes to motivate consumers. Once to see. Once to remember. Once to buy.

I will be talking about low cost, yet highly effective ways to gain the attention of the search engines, which will bring you the customers and sales that you want.

Topics will include:
Developing your brand
Effective promotions and marketing as opposed to spamming
Cost efficient marketing tools
Effective use of keywords

The Art of Self Promotion is a one hour teleseminar, which will be held on February 18 at 9 pm eastern.
I will be talking about the importance of being able to effectively promote and market yourself as well as your work. I will help you create and strengthen your brand. 

As a writer and producer, I have helped individuals, PR firms, publishers, and non profit organizations reach their target audiences with press releases, videos, and business platforms. Even if you have a PR and Marketing firm representing you, you still need to put time and effort to supporting your brand. You will always be your best advocate. I will show you how to positively represent yourself and your work.
The official length is one hour. But I have a tendency to run over. The cost for the seminar is $10.00. Please contact me for details.


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