Thursday, January 08, 2015

Will the Curse Heal or Kill?

Sara Jane's soul was locked away until the sacrifice of another frees her to incarnate. She created a new life free of the old ties until the manipulations of another brought her back to the place where she was trapped and betrayed by the man she loved.    Will she find the way to forgive them all or will she take the revenge that she was denied in the past?

Never Can Say Good-bye is a paranormal thriller, which is much like Ghost, The Others, and the original TV series Dark Shadows. We already have cast and crew attached, including Sally Kirkland, Conrad Goode, Kimberly Estrada, Bill Hayes, and Sharon Smyth Lentz as well as the amazing A-listers of the future: Lillian Lamour, John Thomassen, Niki Cipriano, and Sean Harmon.

I have been communicating with a distributor. Although she can't give us a commitment at this time, she is very interested in our progress and has repeatedly asked to be kept up to date.

Though the weekly notifications that Slated sends out I know that that last week we had 30 investors worth $96 million USD tracking Never Can Say Good-bye. Horses and Heroes has $31 million USD tracking it. I suspect they are waiting for first money in or a distribution deal. This is the reason we are willing to give an extra percentage point for the first money.

Although we can't guarantee anything financially, I can say will confidence that we will make our investors proud as well as it is very likely a good profit,  To learn more about the who and what of Never Can Say Good-bye as well as watch our videos and listen to our music, please visit our website!page2/cjg9

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