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Love Can Be a blessing or a curse

Much like Dark Shadows (the original), Ghost, and The Others, Never Can Say Good-bye is a ghost story about suspense, love, and betrayal. It poses the question, "If you were given a second chance, would you choose love or revenge?" Most people say love, but would you be strong enough to forgive the person who murdered your child or would you seek revenge?

Have you ever met someone and suddenly felt love or hate? Did you wonder why? What if you had forgotten the reason? Would you want to remember if it could save you life?

Elizabeth was asked by her mentor to teach a writing course at a small college. Since she never forgets a kindness, she reluctantly agrees. Arriving in town, she instantly regrets her decision. She wants to run, but she is honor bound to stay. Even as the ghost of a small child begs her to forgive, the memories of another time arouse feelings of hatred that she doesn't understand and cannot control. When she meets Shane, all of their lives are thrown onto a dangerous collision course from which they can neither run, nor can they hide. The question is, "Can they overcome their tragic past or will they be doomed to repeat it?"

Love can be a blessing or the curse that destroys a town.

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Reviewer Roy Sexton read Never Can Say Good-bye's script and review it for us.  His review was insightful and amazing.

Never Can Say Good-bye reinvents the reincarnation conceit (Somewhere in Time, Ellen Burstyn’s 1980 film Resurrection) in the guise of gothic paranormal psychodrama (Nicole Kidman’s 2001 film The Others, Julie Harris’ 1963 film The Haunting, Deborah Kerr’s 1961 film The Innocents). The plot concerns two families united by a doomed marriage in the 1950s and explores the dissonant legacy that familial discord has had on subsequent generations. (See the Stephen King/John Mellencamp musical Ghost Brothers of Darkland County for another take on this thematic concept.)

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"Unexpected, clever, moving, frightening, twisted, fast paced... All words that easily describe the Script for Never Can Say Goodbye. Yet even as I write them I am not sure they do the story justice. We all love a great ghost story. Undying love, the idea that a love can be so strong as to transcend death. Or a hatred so deep it can do the same. This film touches on all of these ideas while carefully not detracting from the interesting relationships between the well thought out characters. It's ambitious and that draws you in as a performer. The role I will be playing is that of Jefferson. Jefferson is intriguing because the character both displays bravado,confidence and insecurity. Blinded by love he doesn't see what everyone else does. So in essence he is written very human. There is no need to guild the Lilly here. I think there is definitely aspects of myself in the character. I genuinely look forward to getting to know him better. It will be my honor."

John Thomassen

Some souls will stop at nothing to reclaim a lost love, including reincarnating and returning to the home that they shared together.

"I will portray Shane, Michael's new wife. Shane loves him and wants to create a good life for them. But a crazy possessed woman, who has traveled across time, wants him back. Shane doesn't know if she can stop her from taking revenge on the man she loves. It's so exciting to be able to play Shane in this film, as it is such a complex role that touches on so many human emotions like love, jealousy, narcissism, passion, anger, and nonhuman things like possession and feeling haunted.

As an actress, to have the chance to be able to explore these emotions, along with portraying someone who is possessed, and express this on film is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It has been a dream of mine to play a role where I get to sing, and this character is a singer in a bluesy band, which involves another element of challenge as an actress to train and sing well as part of a film.

If you can contribute a little something to make this film come alive, you'll increase your good karma and help produce a quality film that you will be very proud to be associated with."

Lillian Lamour

"I've always loved ghost stories as a genre. The "Never Can Say Goodbye" screenplay came to my attention via writer and executive producer, Theresa Chaze and Cosmos Productions. The idea of an epic love story that transcends the physical boundaries of life and death - and crosses the boundaries of inter-dimensional time and space really caught my eye. I am excited to be on board and involved in the project as Director and Producer. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to bring this exciting and imaginative love story that is full of ghostly thrills and chills to life as a feature film."

Director & Producer




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