Sunday, January 26, 2014

Equine Therapy: Helping Veterans Without Using Drugs

Horse and Heroes will be filmed at Charity Hill Ranch in Rapid City, Michigan. This semi-scripted documentary will provide dual benefits for military personnel and veterans. Not only will it share personal stories and raise awareness about the effectiveness of Equine Therapy, but it will also be give job preference to veterans. 

Animal Assisted Therapy is extremely effective for those who are physically and emotionally challenged. It has become widely used in cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Closed Brain Injuries. Although almost any animal can be a healer, dogs and horses are the ones that are most commonly partnered with veterans. Dogs have the advantage of being accepted in both cities and rural areas. However, horses more accurately reflect the mood of the person handling them. This ability is helpful for the PSTD patient to learn how to recognize their own feelings. In this way, they learn how to retrain their mind and body reacts to stressers.

Founded in 2001, Charity Hill Ranch specializes in Traumatic Brain injury and PTSD. Christine O'Connell, the owner and manager, has been a PATH International Certified Instructor of 10 Years, and specializes in Traumatic Brain Injury as well as being a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Sarah Wilson is a Mental Health Specialist with Degrees in Psychology and Education. Charity Hill Ranch has been certifed as a Premier Accredited Center of Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (P.A.T.H.). It is also a member of Horses 4 Heroes Inc.

Horses and Heroes will be hosted by veteran, Barbara (Bobby) Kilgore and will be directed by Vietnam Veteran, Larry Wilcox. These are only two of the veterans, who will be part of the production team. Horses and Heroes LLC will be hiring veterans, who are already in the entertainment industry as well as opening the door for those who are looking for a new career. 

A semi-scripted documentary, Horses and Heroes will create a greater awareness of Animal Assisted Therapy for civilians, military personnel, veterans, and their families. The goal is to create an understanding of how and why the therapy works, thereby giving those suffering from PTSD another therapeutic option. To learn more about goals of Horses and Heroes and watch the video presentation go to Horses and Heroes' website at!page3/cee5.

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