Sunday, September 01, 2013

Creating Jobs In Michigan

I am the Executive Producer at Cosmos Productions.  We are based in Traverse City.  However, we will be filming our paranormal thriller Never Can Say Good-bye in several locations around the north west part of the state.  Nearly all of of crew will be from Michigan as well as some of the cast and nearly 200 hundred extras.

The No Where Else Like it Campaign is part of our marketing strategy. Unlike the Pure Michigan campaign, which uses the same generic message over stock footage, we will be showing the unique wonder of Michigan, the companies that are based here, and the diversity of our population.

We will be creating 89 fully time jobs of which at least 44 will be filled by Michigan natives. The products and services we will be embedding the film will also be featured in the No Where Else Like it Campaign and our other marketing venues.

The issue we have been running into is that Snyder's policies have turned away investors from Michigan.  When they think of Michigan the images that come to mind are those of the Detroit which have yet to recover.

Detroit is rebuilding.  It would have recovered so much faster if the film incentive had been attacked and limited.  The film industry was bringing hundreds of millions of new money into the state and thousands of good paying jobs that would have helped Detroit as well as the state as a whole financial recover.

Never Can Say Good-bye is a low budget film that will bring good paying jobs and great PR to the state.  We will be creating a positive interest in Michigan much like what Some Where in Time did  for Mackinau Island.

Please share our information with your connections and introduce me to those who have the means and the will to help us produce Never Can Say Good-bye.  Here is the link to our video pitch.

When you call me at 231-943-3298 I will tell you more about Never Can Say Good-bye and how the No Where Else Like it Campaign will showcase the wonder of Michigan.

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