Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Saving Our National Treasures: Protecting the Yellowstone National Park Wolves

Timber wolves were hunted into extinction They no longer exist in the wild. Gray Wolves are the nearest species in size and temperament that is available. They are also native to the North American continent. The Canadian subspecies became known for the colder climates. The same people who are claiming the Gray wolves are invading the country are saying the same thing about the wild horses and they are genetically the same as the horses who lived here before man arrived.

Wolves were reintroduced to recreate ecological balance. Wolves and other predators kill only the sick, old and weak, leaving the resources for the healthy and strong. They also keep the herds moving, which also also strengthens the individual animals and keeps them from over grazing an area. Keeping the herds moving makes the environment stronger and more able to feed more animals. Unlike hunters, they kill only what they need to survive. The only thrill killers are trophy hunters.
You talk about families depending on hunting to survive. That is the 50-50 of living off the land. It makes you no different than the wolves. You have a 50 percent chance of eating and 50 percent chance of going hungry. Don't like it, then change your lifestyle.

Hunters take the biggest and best, which genetically weakens the species. They also prefer an easy kill, which means they don't want the herds to moving. As I said they are the thrill killers, who are more interested in bragging than actually hunting.

Some people claim that the reintroduction has hurt the local  economy, They say that the wolves have reduced the income from hunting, thereby costing people jobs and businesses income.   Eco-tourism is a hundred times more profitable than hunting. Tourism has increased by 30% since the reintroduction of wolves. The study done on Ontario proved that hunting was a 2 million dollar a year industry. Eco-tourism brought in 70 million. As a whole a families spend more and have a tendency to return from generation to generation because the experience is positive. An endless number of people can enjoy watching the wolves and the other animals. But only one person can kill and then it's over forever.

The herds have not declined as much as hunters claim. They are just spread out over a larger area. Hunters actually have to hunt, instead of going out for a quick kill so they can get back to the bar to brag.

From 1995 to 2009, there was also a dramatic increase of Elk licenses sold and animals killed, which doesn't include those illegally taken off season. The increases of elk killed causes a drop in the breeding stock. It takes time for the numbers to recover.

Ranchers have also been increasing their usage of public lands. Cattle and sheep are in direct competition for the same food as the herd. Since their teeth are so far back in their jaw, cattle rip and tear the plants up, which destroys the root base of the plants and limits the herds ability to feed.
The oil and gas companies have also been given access to public lands. Their pipelines have contaminated the waterways and altered the migration patterns.

Nation wide predators, not just wolves but all predators, kill less than 1% of the livestock. Ranchers are compensated for the loss of their animals, so there isn't a financial hardship for the ranchers.
There has been more disease spread by abandoned dogs, than wolves. Domesticated dogs don't survive well in the wild, because they can't take care of themselves. like wolves can. They are more likely to attack livestock and people. There has not been one substantiated case of a wolf attacking a human in the entire history of this country.

All these negatives were caused by man, not the wolves. Wolves are part of nature. If you want to live in the wild, they come with the turf. By hiring themselves as  out as eco-guides, locals would create income by showing people the wonder of their area that only a native would know. A math question. What adds up to more income? Taking one hunter out to kill that can only be done once or taking families out repeatedly?

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