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The Importance of Editing

Until You Walk The Path, You Won’t Know Where it Goes is hosting author Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D on March 8 at 1 pm eastern. We will be talking her novels and the important qualities of an editor.

Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D. ("" ), is the author of Secret Lives, a new novel about crones and other magical folks, and Pagan Every Day, a unique day book of daily meditations. Her other books include Finding New Goddesses, a parody of goddess encyclopedias, and an earlier novel, Quicksilver Moon, which is realistic … except for the vampire. Her day job is freelance editing for people who have good ideas but don’t want to embarrass themselves in print. To date, she has edited more than 250 books, both fiction and nonfiction, on a wide range of topics. Barbara, who is well known for the ri she creates and leads, lives in Long Beach with her two rescued Maine coon cats, Schroedinger and Heisenberg. She is a CERT volunteer and has been an AIDS buddy.

To learn more about Ardinger’s novels as well as the importance of editing t into at 1 pm eastern on March 8.. The phone lines and chat will be available for those who wish to participate. The phone number is (347) 838-9927.

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In her latest novel, Secret Lives explores woman’s journey through time, culture, sexism, spirituality, aging, and even death. With artful skill and meticulous Neolithic detail, Ardinger’s characters across time show that the ancient feminine journey isn't that different from the modern one.

It is a rare author that can create characters that are so memorable that you hate to see the book end; characters that live on inside your head and your heart; characters that you can actually learn from…. Barbara Ardinger is one such author and her newest offering, Secret Lives, is one such memorable book. Like, Terry Pratchett, Ms. Ardinger has a gift for creating lovable and eccentric crackpot personalities that live on long after you've finished reading the book. The pages of Secret Lives are peopled with a circle of little old ladies who are Witchy eccentrics reeking mischief on those who deserve it. … If you are an older woman you MUST read this book and consider it as a great instruction manual for becoming an outrageous old lady. In fact, if you are human you should read this book. If you aren't human you should still read it because you'll still thoroughly enjoy the read. This is a great book to lift your spirits in these trying times.

Author and goddess-worshipper Barbara Ardinger celebrated the publishing of her eighth book, Secret Lives, last month. The novel depicts witches as real women with real-world issues; what’s unique is that those women are endowed with magical powers….

What a remarkable novel this is! … Though it is at times extremely humorous, Secret Lives isn’t a light “fluffy bunny” type novel. Its themes are serious; some passages are grim, strong, written with appropriate toughness. Its character description, use of symbolism, and other authorly techniques, including comedy, are dexterously done.
—Judith Laura, MEDUSA COILS

It is a true gift when the reading public receives a book with wit, charm, and adventure all wrapped up in a plot that speaks volumes about friendship, the twilight years of your life, the power of women, and the way this world looks at its senior citizens—the most powerful guides on the planet who are being treated unforgivably.

Secret Lives is a collection of short stories, woven together to form a larger, overarching narrative. That makes it a great bedside table book; it’s possible to pick it up, reach a chapter, set it down, and go to sleep—or, as happens as things begin to escalate, one can read on and on without feeling the lurching stop/start that often results from reading a collection of short stories.
The women in Secret Lives became like family to me, and I’ll miss reading about them and their antics. I hope when I’m their age I’ll be as active and can work with a wonderful group of Crones. This is a book for all women. It reminds us life doesn’t end when we become Crones. It just gets better!

[Barbara Ardinger] presents a massive spectrum of themes and issues that impact a coven whose members include a Rainbow Coalition of ages, colors, professions, backgrounds, and sexual preferences. The storyline threads are spun as social and community issues are juxtaposed with personal and spiritual concerns. Chapters resemble sequential episodes in a top-notch television series… [and] small interpersonal storylines act as a counterpoint to overarching group storylines and themes. The challenges faced by the elderly are central to the book’s overall plot, but are by no means exclusive.

This is not a light novel, although it has plenty of wit. In her beautiful prose, Barbara Ardinger tells a magical story of wisdom, both ancient and modern, celebrating life, death (and beyond), and the life phases in between, from menarche to menopause.
—Miriam Robbins Dexter,
Editor of The Living Goddesses by Marija Gimbutas

Secret Lives is a totally wonder-filled, thought provoking, moving, fun ride…. Get this book! Give it! Read it! You’ll love it! You won't want to keep it a secret!

Night after night I savored Barbara Ardinger’s newly-released novel as a comfort and a treat. The women of the circle welcomed me in as I shared their concerns, their joys, their friendships, and their wild and practical magic. Full of wit and warmth, deftly explores a host of timeless and timely issues and in particular gives us an original and compassionate view of older women.
—Elizabeth Cunningham, MAEVE & ELIZABETH

I keep a small shelf of novels I know I’ll want to read again when I want to be entertained, inspired, or sometimes just for comfort when stuck indoors. Among others on that shelf are and There’s so much to like here! Many of our heroines are old, but the word “feeble” never comes to mind; these are powerful women, with incredible resources and friendships. It’s an inspiration to read.

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