Friday, April 30, 2010

Operation Home Base Seeks Product Placement Partners

When you turn on the tube, are you enjoying what is being aired? Or do you channel surf until you settle on the least offensive or boring program? When is the last time you actually looked forward to watching a new program or went out of your way to make time in your busy schedule to watch a series? If you are like me it has been a while. Most new shows simply aren’t willing to put the time, talent or the money into creating programming that is unique and creative. Operation Home Base goes back to the basics by creating characters that actually have personalities, instead of just sex appeal. In OHB, cliff hangers are the norm not just accidental exception.

OHB is looking for product placement partners. Whether it is home repair, telephone service, restaurant or in the case of the pilot episode, emergency support in the form of prepaid charge cards after a family who looses everything to a home fire, OHB will be able to effectively promote a diverse number products and services, while still being able to produce quality entertainment.. By making the product or business a natural part of the scene, it not becomes an effective marketing tool, but also it becomes permanently embedded into the episode. No matter what time slot, network or products slotted for the official commercial breaks, every time that episode airs the embedded products will once again be marketed without any extra cost to the sponsors. Sponsors will not only gain effective marketing for their products, but they will also gain the additional benefit of showing public support for the military, veterans and their families.

Reality shows are cheaper. But sponsors get what they pay for. Scripted programming has a reliable and consistent storylines. In addition, both the actors and the genres have loyal fan bases that reality shows cannot compete with. Reality shows might cost less initially, but scripted shows are a more effective marketing tool.

Whether civilian, military or governmental, there is good and bad in every organization. Most people will be able to tell the difference between fact and fiction?  The conspiracy was added solely to capture the audiences attention. Like MASH, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Saving Grace, the CSIs and every other quality drama, there is an underlying storyline that keeps the viewers coming back.  In OHB, that is the "conspiracy".  Why did the soldiers disappear?  Who is trying to cover it up?  How far are they willing to go to keep their secret?  While the audience is trying to figure out these simple questions, they are learning about how important therapy dogs are to wounded warriors.  Why are some veterans homeless?  They will learn why PTSD is so devastating not only to the individual, but the family and society as a whole.  OHB will give those who serve not only faces, but show why they put it all on the line.  By getting to know and caring about the characters, the audience will not only gain a clearer understanding, but also a new compassion. 

Remember in MASH when Henry Blake was killed?  Who wasn't affected right along with the Hawkeye, Radar, and the rest of the characters?  The truth is good people go to war.  The truth is also not all of them come back.  And those that do come back are never the same.  OHB tells their stories.  Sometimes the viewers will laugh.  Sometimes they will cry.  But they will also begin to see those who serve as real people.

OHB has been receiving support in and out of the military as well as from veteran’s organizations. The rapidly growing list can be found on OHB’s site-

When I created Operation Home Base, my intention was to go back to the basics by creating a series that is well rounded and broad based when it comes to character and plot. Like the early TV shows, I wanted to create a multi-generational show that was not only entertaining, but also made a difference. The major differences between OHB and the previous shows is the ethnic and lifestyle diversity that was lacking before. Although the shows will be focusing on the challenges and issues connected to the military, civilians will also be able to identify with the same life tests.

The characters are multi-dimensional with their own personal issues and fears, yet they have found ways to either over come them or function through them. They all have their individual strengths, yet they remain vulnerable to old wounds and fears, most of which they simply don’t understand. They are flawed people, and yet they choose to step up and help others even if they are unable to help themselves.

OHB is not a reality show or a simplistic T & A. Sometimes it will make the viewer laugh--sometimes cry. Sometimes the viewers will get angry at and with the characters. But unlike most new shows, it will make them feel again because they will be able to identify with the characters enough to care about them. The viewers will also love or in the case of Walter love to hate the characters simply because they will see their own grandparents, parents, siblings, friends and even themselves mirror in them.

I invite you share the journey that characters of Operation Base will take as they learn to heal themselves, while protecting and helping others. It will be an adventure that will make you laugh and cry, but more importantly at the end of day make you feel as if you have made a difference. Not only will you help create an amazing show that will not only entertain, but also help heal old wounds, some of which have been ignored for decades.

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