Saturday, May 02, 2009

Nationally Known Intuitives Talk About Their Psychic Gifts

Until You Walk the Path, You Won’t Know Where it Goes is an interactive internet radio show, which takes a broader look at the topic of spirituality. The topic will be what does it mean to be psychic. Intuitives will be talking about how their gifts manifest and how they develop them.

Raven from Tarot Talk will be one of my guests. "Tarot Talk" is a thoughtful, laid-back weekly chat of all things esoteric with your Tarot-reading hosts, Raven & Georgianna. Raven Mardirosian of Matarot Intuitive Wellness is an intuitive counselor in southern VT. She specializes in Tarot, IChing, Runes, Animal Medicine Cards & Crystal Dowsing. She is a Level II Reiki practitioner. Georgianna Boehnke of The Tarot Room is an artist & intuitive who works exclusively with Tarot. She is based in Toronto. Join the conversation every Sunday @1pm EST as we talk with the most fascinating Tarot readers, psychics & intuitives in the Universe!

Elizabeth Rose is a Medium/Healer/Pyschic.
Being who I am .. hasn't always been easy till the last few yrs.
I have known things about others since I was a very young child. Was told to hide those gifts... and I did. Opened again as a teenager... and I hid. Later married at young age to an abusive man... they opened at least 3 times. Now .. on my own.. for the past 6 yrs.. I can practice and be who I am.

Healer.... dealing with Energy.. Reiki Master, Mediumship, Pyschic Intuitive, Hypnotherapist. I call myself an * Integrated Therapist*
I have been studying Quantum Touch Healing.... having used touch therapy for yrs in what I do. Crystal healing is a love of mine also.
I have been blessed to have done many radio broadcasts, appeared on Tv, Speaking Presentations. The Universe is now lifting all of us to be the strength that is needed to help others in this time .. that is hard for many.

Contact information:
Cell# 602-512-5337

There will also be others So stop in and learn more about what it means to be a psychic.

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